Saturday, December 22, 2007


Want to buy clothes for your man but he won’t tag along to the shops with you?

Try a Shoppenboy!

Les Shoppenboys (they’re French) wander around the store in red boxer shorts until a customer asks them to try on an item of clothing.

Customers select the Shoppenboy who best fits their man’s body type and the Shoppenboy will model the clothes for size.

Here’s a video clip for those of you wishing to see a Shoppenboy shakin’ his stuff. Readers most likely to view the clip of Shoppenboy Laurent dancing in his knickers include IVD, CyberPete and Smunty the Cabin Boy.

The rest of you may opt instead to go about your preparations for the holidays.


  1. I can so see myself making them try on string bikinis and thongs.

    Yes, that would be fun.

  2. I was hoping that picture of me would never make it onto the Internet - you PROMISED MJ!!!

    Don't send pics you don't want shown to MJ. She's ruthless...

    Merry Christmas to all Infomaniac fans!

  3. Well at least he looks like he is enjoying himself

    Good idea though. So the French are good for something besides wine, fashion and potatoes then

  4. Je préfére Monica Bellucci en Rouge.

    Only in 'Frrahnssss'(or do you prefer the merkin 'Frants')
    would they allow such RUDE, TACKY, UNHYGENIC eeeewww behavior in a store.
    git avay..
    'shoppenthis' muthaf*cker ((BAM))

    HEY! That there video feller dancin' in his red gitch ain't no regular Nascar-watchin', beer-swillin', dirt-bikin', deer-huntin', trailer-trashn' feller..
    'cause he dances way too good fer a regular guy...
    he dances as good, if not gooder, than a stripper!
    Sumpin's a-goin' on?

  5. I would pay CASH to see Geo dance like that. But good cash, like pounds or euros. None of this weak American crap.

  6. Ha!!

    They would not have one my shape as I am enormously fat and old...

    So I win again....oh.

  7. I found myself almost hypnotically transfixed by Laurent's dancing. How peculiar.

    I was very disappointed to see that Jerome's viseo has been deleted. Bah! He looked hot, too.

  8. AWA: And then you’d leave without buying.

    NWT: Says the man who bared his arse on Infomaniac for all to see.

    Merry Christmas to you in the frozen North.

    Ski nekkid!

    CYBERSLAG: You just can’t compare the French and the Danes, can you?

    Wasn’t it Rogers & Hammerstein who penned the show-tune, “There is Nothing Like a Dane?”

    HE: I see England, I see Frants
    I see HE’s underpants!

    MAIDY: Geo’s your private dancer.

    "Deutch marks or dollars
    American Express will do nicely, thank you
    Let me loosen up your collar
    Tell me, do you wanna see me do the shimmy again?"

    Don’t toss Canadian loonies or toonies down Geo’s Y-fronts. Bills have more staying power.

    MUTLEY: They have XL models!

    IVD: Why do you think they deleted Jerome’s video?

    I’m sure you watched all of them, didn’t you?

    Are you off to France now?

    I was just about to chastise you for not posting the Christmas Story but I see you’ve been a busy boy. I’ll be right over!

  9. Actually, I started to watch Thierrault's (or someone), but as he was only half-heartedly dancing on a table, I gave up.

    As for Jerome's deleted video: I think he's saving himself for me. He's probably going to use his tips to make a trip to England this Christmas and be my very personal shopper.

    * exits deluded fantasy land to say: *

    Tickets to france all booked. However, I'm not going until the new year. I've got to finish the ruddy panto. Not to mention the yearly review.


  10. What an ugly bunch of cunts!

    *thanks fuck we're linkable once again*

  11. IVD: Once again you’ve penned a masterpiece over at yours.

    I’d like to know, though, what mischief my bustle conceals.

    LINKABLE PIGGY: Yay! You’re back!

    Don’t stop here. Spread yourselves around!

  12. What? No Shoppengirls??

    Do you use Shoppenets?

  13. I'm with SID. Bring on the hooches! Preferably ones with huge jugs, no morals, and a bit drunk.

  14. *Hands Maidy a big big glass of Jameson's*

  15. I hereby christen him LICKABLE LAURENT!!! what a dorable cubber bear! he can shake that stuff around. my goodness!
    *fanning self briskly, drinking ice water*

  16. Errr FN

    Are we watching the same video?


  17. SID: I'll send over a Chopin-Boy to tinkle your ivories.

    MAIDY: Dirty slut.

    FN: Sit on a block of ice.

    CYBERSLUT: What happened to your linkability?