Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blogger’s Blunder

Type your complaint to Blogger today! has changed their comment forms.

Non-Blogger account holders can no longer comment on Blogger blogs leaving their URL.

So if you are a blogger (e.g. WordPress or TypePad), Blogger has disabled your ability to leave your URL when you leave a comment.

You can type in your name, but your URL won’t appear unless you open one of the following: an OpenID account, a Google account, a Blogger account … or take the time to manually type in your URL in the comment field.

And if someone new (say their name is “Joe”) comments on my blog without a Blogger account, I can’t check out Joe’s blog because there’s no link to his blog. So I’m left scratching my head wondering if I already know “Joe” or if “Joe” is a psychopath who has decided my blog is the place to be.

This new unsolicited feature could cause many of us to lose readers and prevent new readers from commenting.

Case in point: Yorkshire’s favourite poofs, Tazzy and Piggy.

Tazzy and Piggy are two of Infomaniac’s oldest and dearest readers but they don’t use to host their blog.

Taz and Pig are no longer leaving comments on my blog (or IVD’s blog or Frobi’s blog or Kaz’s blog or several others amongst us) because if they do, their URL is not attached.

For a clearer picture of this issue than the one I’m relating, read Tazzy and Piggy's stance on it here in “What the fuck is up with Blogger?”.

Needless to say, this breaks my heart as Tazzy and Piggy are an important part of Infomaniac’s community and without them, blogging will not be as pleasurable.

Sure, I could switch to a Wordpress account or I could change my comments to use Haloscan but I don’t want to.

This new feature will alienate our friends who are not bloggers and we’ll all suffer a loss of community.

Long story shorter, Blogger needs to hear from any and all of us who have issues with this latest change.

Please join me in voicing your opinion to Blogger here.


  1. Yayyy! I'm first. And as far as making a complaint on behalf of piggy...I say keep him locked out.

    Unless he promises to kiss me...then 'of course I will complain to blogger!' the filthy buzzards!


    President of the 1 Member Piggy Fan Club of the U. S. of A.

  2. I can't understand why they've done this, I will complain.

  3. We can't have Bloody Blogger breaking your poor little heart.

    As you know I've already complained and I've done it again this morning. NiC(non blogspot)has also left his comment - of course he had to open an account to do this.

  4. The "G" gods can do what they want, there isn't an ounce of care in my eyes.

  5. My opinion has been voiced: Bloody Blogger!

  6. Soppy arsed bitch. Not as tough as you make out are you? You do have a soft spot after all.

    *prepares hammer in case she needs a soft spot arranged*

  7. Okay, I left my long winded opinion.

  8. Yes it sucks

    I'm glad I stayed with blogdrive then

  9. I'm congratulating Blogger. These Wordpress types are hoity and self satisfied.

    SID used to be normal (sort of) and look what happened to him.

  10. AWA: Isn’t Maidy the one other member of that club?

    FROBI: Give ‘em a rat bite.

    KAZ: Twice? Nice.

    The Kaz chutzpah rules.

    WAITRESS: Chacun à son goǔt.

    IVD: Could you arrange for your 3 other personalities to leave comments?

    CONNIE: No soft spot for you, though.

    *shoves Haloscan up Connie’s arse*

    MAIDY: You gave them a good bitch slapping, I see.

    Well done.

    CYBERPOO: What I don’t like about Blogdrive (and some others) is that it doesn’t have a “preview” button before you submit your comment.

    GARFY: SID was never normal but point taken.

    SPIKEY: Read Tazzy and Piggy’s account of the issue.

    It makes more sense than my rambling.

  11. "or if “Joe” is a psychopath who has decided my blog is the place to be."

    ...Umm...wait, I thought the majority of your commentators were either psychopaths or sociopaths...the rest just can't turn away--like passing by a car wreck...or seeing clips of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee's home vids ;)

  12. does it now say there's a thing you can install that will circumvent it? i need this explained. all i noticed was the new 'nickname' dealie.

    but it sounds like more of Googles Borg-style imperialism to me. "resistance is futile; you will be assimilated!"

  13. You need to preview your comments??

    Take yourself too seriously whydoncha


  14. i think its a good idea!

  15. Why what happened to me??

    Oh I know.

    It all went down hill since I visited here.

    Now shall I be totally stupid and return to Blogger?

  16. it's been a pain in the willy all week......I've had to put up with a few people winging at me.....who am I the google lord?.....and what's with the nickname thingy? now we have nicknames for our fake names?

  17. BINGOWINGS: I knew after I pressed “publish” that one of you would come after me for that.

    Of course it had to be you.

    FN: You want to circumsise Blogger?

    Go for it!

    CYBERPOO: As spelling champion every year during my so-called education, I take it seriously.

    So no “preview” button is your chance to watch me slip and fall.

    JOE: Go fuck yourself.

    SID: Yes, it’s been a slippery slope since you washed up on my shore.

    Grab your snorkel and make the best of it.

    MANUEL: You mean Manuel’s not your real name?

    Next you’ll be telling me you don’t speak with a Spanish accent!

  18. BITCHES: Thanks to all of you who took the time to make your opinions known to Blogger.

  19. It is retarded.
    Talk about insecure.
    One small step for the corporations to completely f*ck up the Internets.