Monday, December 17, 2007

Burberry Gone Bad


  1. I can forgive Burberry for most things but dressing Katie Holmes ins not one of them

    kill it before it dies

  2. Its like ghey Irish tartan,its fagulous©.

  3. the ultimate in working-class contraception! i lurve it!

  4. Isn't working class contraception an oxymoron...I took a small survey here at the Club and the unanimous concensus was that passing out was the only means available to the lower classes to prevent pregnancy.

    Judging from the smile on your face you are obviously delighted with your new set of "chin nuts"...
    and rightly so.

    I guess all of those pushups are really paying off...however at your current gravity defying level of development I suspect that doing pushups is no longer an option.

    I now pronounce you the Irish Dolly Parton!

  5. IVD: Why don’t you get out your needle and thread and sew us all a pair of Burberry Elf Shorts?

    CYBERSLUT: She has a Burberry bump.

    GARFY: Chavmungous?

    Best used to describe SID’s Burberry-clad arse.

    KNUDSEN: Fagulous© ? Fabulous.

    Let’s all start using the word now and by this time next year the OED will add it to their list of new words.

    Do we have to pay you every time we say it?

    CB: That condom could be the ultimate in working class contraception as long as the fingernails pictured above don’t pierce it.

    HE: Do you have a sudden urge to play bongos when you look at that pic?

    Passing out wouldn’t prevent certain individuals from having a go at someone.

    Especially in Knudsen’s case. He likes it when the weemen lie still.

    Dolly, like most hillbillies (and Knudsen), is of Scots-Irish descent so you’re spot on.

  6. whats worse than katie holmes in burberry?

    katie holmes in burberry with a burberry bump

  7. Why do I want to go to Tittmanstrasse?!!

    She needs help holding them up.

    I hope she’s in no hurry
    To produce another Suri.

    NWT: Because you’re a tit man?

  9. It all depends on what it says in the marriage contract she signed when making a deal with the devil (Tom Cruise)

  10. I like burberry. Of course, I had no idea that THAT's what that is called before now.

  11. CYBERSLUT: After watching Tom on Oprah, the wedding contract stipulates that he not jump up and down on the furniture.

    RIMMER: You see?

    My blog is educational.

  12. Wait, we ARE referring to huge knockers when we say Burberry, right?

  13. Looks plaid to me...the clothes, not the knockers...

  14. Earthangel 2 brought home a Burburry flat cap once.

    I wept until he sold it.

    You obiously like Burberry MJ,I could have sent it to you.

  15. I know, and if it isn't it should be

    that guy is bloody obnoxious

  16. RIMMER: No, not knockers.

    Nor knickers.

    Although I have seen Burberry boxer shorts.

    BINGOWINGS: Yes, it's plaid.

    Although it's not tartan.

    Not all plaids are tartan but that's another discussion.

    SID: I don't want anything to do with the fabric, ta.

    Perhaps I could interest you in a crate of Queen Size Burberry nappies to swaddle your huge arse?

    CYBERSLUT: Well you're just lucky Tom didn't choose you as his bride.

  17. I would probably have done the same Katie Holmes for a lot less money than he is paying her. As a devout Catholic she had to renounce Jesus and take L Ron Hubbard as her leader

    I don't really believe in anything anyway

  18. that poor little doggie. as if being a pug weren't bad enough.

  19. Particular vasticular artichokes.

  20. Christ, those are mammoth mammaries! And, yeah, all that Burberry in one place is like a Chavgasm.

  21. CYBERPOO: You’re probably Infomaniac’s only Danish infidel reader.

    FN: Pugly.

    GARFY: What has you up so late sprouting words of wisdom?

    PEEVISH: Be thankful I didn’t post a pic of her Burberry bra.

  22. I have Burberry Boxers They tickle all the right places.

  23. RICH: They tickle your tackle!

  24. norks.......fabulous word.....

  25. MANUEL: I can’t take credit for the word “norks.”

    The Great Garfer (formerly a Belfast resident such as yerself) passed his wisdom on to me.