Friday, December 21, 2007

Filthy Friday - The Crimbo Edition

I was all set to post a pic of a run-of-the-mill floppy willy or a garden-variety diseased minge here today. That is until Beast put the pressure on to post a Crimbo-themed Filthy Friday pic. So here it is…

Right. It’s not all that filthy on the surface so I’ll leave it up to your deviant little minds to tell us what’s really going on in this winter wonderland scene.


  1. Too big to be an elf

    Too big to be a gnome

    Might be a reindeer herder though

  2. CYBERELF: And what do we do with naughty boys?

    NWT: Reminds me of someone I know
    Skiing nekkid in the snow.

  3. * gasps *

    Where did you get this pic?!?

    That's me dressed as Santa, leading that poor boy to shelter where I can warm him up...

  4. That lovely boy is tightly holding Santa's left hand and using his own to protect his willy.

    Don't think Santa's going to get lucky this Christmas.

  5. Santa: Come along, Timmy. Santa has a big package for ya. Here, I'll take you to it.

    Timmy: My winkie is cold Santa. It's getting shrinkage.

    Santa: Ho, ho, ho! Well then, I guess Santa might need to give it mouth to mouth to blow it back up!

  6. Looks like Santa is off to the woods to suck on an icicle

  7. IVD leads Santa off to show him why he's been a good boy.

    Is there a prize for the captions?

  8. The gentleman on the left is saying "C'mon Santa, let me show you my wood".

  9. Santa's saying, "If you believe in me, you'll grow to be a big boy."

  10. Or...

    "I don't only come down chimneys, you know."

  11. Naked Man: "I'm always touched by your presence, dear."

    Santa: Blondie, eh?

    Naked Man: Not natural, it's dyed.

  12. "You're only five minutes away from seeing the biggest sack you've ever seen in your life."

    Sorry, I'm bored at work.

  13. "I don't only come down chimneys, you know."

    Excellent, Geoff!!!

  14. IVD: That’s you?

    That explains why Santa doesn’t fill out his suit.

    Nonetheless, it’s good to see that you’re full of the Christmas spirit.

    KAZ: If Santa really IS IVD, he'll have lots of other fellas lined up with their hands extended.

    MAIDY: Where have YOU been?

    My request for “deviant little minds” must have brought you out of the woodwork.

    WAITRESS: Melting icicles always drip, don’t they?

    I hope he’s brought some tissues.

    CONNIE: Prizes? No!

    I haven’t even sent out the prizes for the last compo…as Rimmer reminded me as he’s chomping at the bit for his windup hopping lederhosen prize.

    BETTY: Let’s hope his wood’s not just kindling.

    GEOFF: If this were a caption compo, you’d be a frontrunner.

    MAIDY: This blog is blessed by Geoff’s boredom.

  15. haven't had time to blog hop lately. stoopid work and stuff.

  16. That's not Santa, that's an imposter!

  17. Santa is saying....
    I only come once a brace yaself

  18. MAIDY: Admit it.

    You've been too busy searching for ch-ch-ch-ch-CHI-ah pets.

    RIMMER: It's IVD in a fat suit.

    Possibly a discarded remnant from SID's closet.

    BEAST: Yas-ELF. Har.

    Once a year? Imagine the decorative blue balls!

  19. *cracking up over beasts entry*

    no freudian slip intended of course

  20. FN: Beast usually likes to make his entry through the back door.

    So I've been told.

  21. So that's one of Santa's HOs..
    where are the other two.

  22. HE: Where are the other two?

    Piggy and Tazzy should be along shortly.

  23. So have you been naughty or nice? So is it better to give then to receive ?

  24. GEO: Naughty or nice? My naughtiness could be construed as nice.

    Better to give than to receive? I give as good as I get.

    And you?

  25. It's so good to be sooo bad.
    Merry Crimbo filthy cunt xoxo