Friday, December 14, 2007

Filthy Friday

(click for bigger balls)

Note to Betty and Garfer: I promised you a man with three testicles and I delivered.


  1. Yes you were right my balls did get bigger from clicking that

  2. Hmmm... Three is the new two.

    I like it!

    And CyberPoof: I bet your balls didn't stay big for long after all that 'clicking'?

  3. (Ignores pic)

    That new blogger open ID thingy appeared on my blog overnight.
    Plus - lots of orange icons on everyone's comments.

    So will Piggy be over to comment when he feels better?

    Oh it just appeared here as well!

  4. Oh.

    Sign in using WordPress?

    I bet it doesn't work.

    *four submissions later...*

    Well, WordPress sign-in doesn't work.

    OpenID signing doesn't work (it gives a 'delegation' error).

    Pile of shite.

  5. Whatever would we do without you MJ. All those hours you must have spent searching for that photo.

    You deserve a medal (made out of plastic).

    Three balls wobble but they don't fall down.

  6. CYBERSLAG: Your balls may have gotten bigger but clicking’s not a magic pill, you know.

    Don’t keep clicking for a size increase anywhere else.

    You’ll only get carpal tunnel syndrome.

    KNUDSEN: Riveting, I agree.

    IVD: What would you do with the extra ball?


    KAZ: It’s all about Piggy, isn’t it?

    PIGGY: It’s all about Piggy, isn’t it?

    Why have they offered all those options yet you still can’t link to your blog?

    GARFER: It was nothing.

    These things just fall from the sky for me.

  7. I used to have a bf with three testicles, well one was a benign growth.

    he was quite proud of it tho' as it gave a bigger bulge in his jeans.

  8. Frobi: If you’d like a bigger bulge yourself, stick this into your pants.

  9. Well you have not let us down on Filthy Friday - I am pleased about that!! Is he asleep ? Or has he passed out?

  10. MUTLEY: He's been given a dose of Rohypnol by one of our readers who must remain nameless.

  11. Yes and we wouldn't want that, although I must say a little more clicking won't hurt anyone

  12. Is pigsty still moaning. thats two testicles and a bit of hanging sack......I feel cheated

  13. Never mind the does he get thru airport security?

  14. Yikes, the roidz really shrunk his marbles eh?

    That reminds me, I need to go to Staples.

    Hey I wondered where all of those collar tie-bars from the 80s ended up..((pfft))
    I said ended up.

  15. Speaking of pawnbrokers,MJ he only offered me £0.25p for your pic.

    I'll speak to you later about this.

  16. CYBERSLUT: I’m sure you’re clicking enough for all of us.

    BEAST: Smoke and mirrors are sometimes required where you fellas are concerned.

    BINGOWINGS: He just waves his magic wand at the customs officer.

    HE: Will you be purchasing an Easy Button™?

    ((pfft)) … For best results, inflate by mouth.

    SID: Sod off.

    You're supposed to be at your Christmas party.

  17. Speaking of easy buttons..
    I finally figured out the metaphorical equivalent of
    "hey diddle, diddle,
    the 'cat' and the fiddle"

    Man am I slow?

  18. I must have been delirious from the fever and lack of water and food

    The guy has more metal in his cock than the Eiffel Tower

    I am sure it would be lethal if a lightning struck somewhere close

  19. That's the smallest pierced dick I've ever seen.

  20. eeewww

    if you squint at the pic, you might imagine he is being touched up with a 3-toed paw.

  21. Looks like, from the neck up, someone we both know, MJ. Say no more, say no more.

  22. So what about when he flies on a plane? Must be a hostile situation.

    This word veric fication sucks when ya are drunk. Fckuing ridicelous MJ!

  23. HE: Eh? Huh? Wot?

    CYBERSLUT: You’re exaggerating.

    The Eiffel Tower has 18,000 metal parts.

    This guy has far fewer, obviously.

    WAITRESS: Less area, then, to apply rust remover to.

    BITTERSWEET: Welcome!

    A three-toed paw?

    Is it Mutley’s?

    WW: So it does!

    I have no idea what he looks like below the belt so I’ll say no more.

    WAITRESS: We had a word verification vote here months ago and WV was voted in to stay for now.

    Help yourself to another jello shot.

  24. CAROLYN: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    In an earlier era he could have toured with Barnum & Bailey.

  25. That's sick. Small balls and safety pins needed to stimulate?

  26. MYTOES: It's probably just for show.