Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rimshot Exposed! – Part Two

In yesterday’s arse pic auction, you lot bid so creatively and fiercely that today I must post the pic of Rimshot’s bare arse.

Rimshot has officially joined the other Alluring Arses of Infomaniac.

I have nothing further to say. I’ll leave the comments up to you, bitches.


Remember, you asked for it...


Rimshot in the 80s!…


  1. I know it's not a caption compo, but:

    'Rimshot was feeling a little empty after pulling three guitars from his arse. How many more were yet to be extricated?'

    Yay! First!

  2. Whoa that's some fierce 80s hair

    and your front door is lovely Rimmer

    YAY second!!!

  3. Rimmer in the 80's looks very girly!

    And very like Andrew Ridgely from 'Wham'.

  4. Never noticed his arse just the guitars. Nice 80's Bonjovi look.

  5. I'm one of his gentile delicate readers and yet. . .

    no, my stiff upper English lip has kicked in and I feel unable to make a sensible contribution to this debate

    (can a stiff lip kick in?)(now you've confused me!)

  6. Yeah, Andrew Ridgeley, or one of the Bangles.

    *runs away in a state of fear*

  7. I've always thought that if you're going to make an exhibition of yourself, the only way to do it is in the bath....

    Nice arse, mind...


  8. Going to have a little cry now....

  9. He's got an arse like a dropped pie

  10. mullet?
    OOOOOOH, mullet?
    business up front...
    IS THAT A MULLET????????

    *backs away slowly*

  11. re the 80's extravaganza o'hair:

    you don't look nearly drug addicted, unemployed or abusive enough for me to have been attracted to you then.


  12. I was going to keep out of this lively banter and let you all have your say. But I can’t help but notice that we have two NEW MALE INFOMANIAC READERS here today.

    SWIPE and MANUEL, listen up…

    As new male Infomaniac readers, you MUST email pics of your arse to me.

    Manuel, are you going to let Old Knudsen and Eddie Waring show you up? No, of course not. So scan and send!

    ViewLady: “Gentiles” are welcome here. Hope your lip heals up.

    And just one last thing before I turn the floor back over to you lot…

    MulletMan: I’m looking at your 80s pic and all I can ask is, “Why the long face?”

  13. 1. Mullet, no longer in existence, nor was it a mullet in the first place but rather a pony tail. So there.
    2. Long face, because I had not yet met the lovely and delightful MJ yet and was empty inside. Besides, you know what they say: Long face, long penis.
    3. Drug addicted, nope. Unemployed, I don't believe so but its possible. Abusive, sorry, not my thing unless you count an amazing ability to make girls cry with my biting sacasm and psychological manipulation.

    Now, please let the mocking and fun-making continue.

  14. Oh, and Re: Andrew Ridgely, you all obviously have no idea what he looked/looks like as there is no comparison to be made whatsoever, but nice try.

    I hope each and every one of you finds that you've developed a carbuncle that is particularly resistant to antibiotics.

  15. So that's what Col Saunders looks like in the nude?

    Without the glasses too.

    Is he holding his dodgy hip in place?

  16. I particularly like the dilemma he finds himself in...

    Which will it be???

    Door to the street?...Door to the closet?

  17. Is this for real?
    Man you are one brave son-of-a-bitch exposing yourself in this crowd! I shall stand and salute you.


    I commend you for sticking your neck(s) out like this. That MJ is a crafty siren..
    what did she secretly promise you to getcha to doff yer duds?..

    HA! Not that old bait and switch.. consider yourself baited by the master of the bait.

    Oh well, if you are going to be hoodwinked by a sexy grifter, it might as well be MJ.

    It's all over but the cryin'...you may start your shame spiral in

  18. The hair looks slightly like corn rows yeah?

    The K-fed hair of choice

    Yeah rimmer, you are one brave SOB. R-E-S-P-E-C...uh ok maybe you are a bit easy if you fall for MJs old tricks but ok. -T

  19. Brave...stupid...shameless...bereft of all but a lone marble rolling in my noggin.

  20. omfg.

    That was meant as a compliment, Geddy. Don't get your fro in a bunch; geeze.

  21. ...........MULLET.




  22. They're all jealous..including moi.
    You are far braver than I..plus you're in excellent shape...I'm just kibbitzing.

    Now quit sulking...
    do you remember in 1 when Don Corleone slaps Frankie in his office and says, "waaa waaa..what I'll do godfather what'll I do?"
    (Tom/Bob Duvall chuckles in the corner at his impersonation)
    "You'll Be a MAN that's what you'll do!"

    Stand tall and proclaim to every corner of the globe...




  23. Hey! I've got a new nickname! :-)

  24. Bad news the moving and shaking fashionistas over here are starting to display mullet hairstyles . . .

  25. What? My arse? Eh? What have I stepped into.....? And what happens to these arses?

  26. Horrible, eeeevil things. Unspeakable things. Things that make the souls of the most decadent and twisted of individuals leap from their very body. Things that involve a knackwurst shaped remote control.

  27. Leave it to a filthy Canadian to have a rimshot fetish. You're all just French exports.

  28. Manuel: By now you know how dissatisfied I am by that exposed hairy belly button you tried to pass off as titillation.

    I want your rotund BARE arse photo and I want it yesterday!

    Deliver, waiter bitch!

    CHAMP: Where the hell have YOU been?

    Post something you lazy cunt.

  29. French Exports!?

    Zut alors! Monsieur stephen neal champion du monde, c'est pas possible! Moi et ma belle amie M-zay pouvoir blasphémer exclusif au Francais. C'est ça!

    Französisch? Amerikaner...
    Das kann nicht Dein Ernst sein!
    Gegenwärtig, in Kanada, wir sprechen sie Deutsch.

  30. HE: Völlig richtig.

    Wer hat gefurzt?

  31. Long haired banjo playing hippy, I just knew it.

    Manuel has to get some acne treatment and rub in a fake tan first.

  32. Jetzt fühle ich ziemlich zu Hause.

    Wenn nur es war, daß Kanada also erleuchtet hinsichtlich geworden, annimmt die überlegenen Weisen von Deutschland zutreffend war, dann könnte ich noch einmal verlagern und das Leben mehr genießen

    Hinsichtlich wessen dass furtz, bin ich stolz zu sagen, daß es ich war.

  33. RIMMER: War schmar.

    Du hast den Arsch offen!

  34. Keine Übersetzung gefunden!
    btw:CSIS pays me to uncover polyglots..heh heh heh

    Ok Ok it's all just playful rhetoric. Since we Canadians are seething insecure passive-aggressive Time Bombs we sometimes get carried away.

    We can only do so much to form a National Identity in order to counter act our precarious geographic situation of being saddled next to the Empire du jour and overwhelmed by it's culture.

    I like to make light of the situation, but when push comes to shove, and Uncle Sam comes to collect our H2O, zu Wasser und zu Lande, he probably won't be sending the Hoff and the cast of Baywatch to collect it...HA!

    *starts crying

    Rimsky, mein kumpelhaft, you are full of surprises aren't you?

  35. Mj,
    das war nicht hifreich!
    What did you tell the rimster to do with his butt...something often?

  36. HE: I said, "your ass is open" meaning "You're fucking crazy!"