Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Liquid Jolliness

It’s Customer Appreciation Day here on Infomaniac and in thanks for your readership I offer you Liquid Jolliness…

Help yourself to a Disgruntled Elf, won’t you?


  1. Did the elf dip his shorts in it first?


  2. Elf pee must be all the rage this season!

  3. I rather like the sound of disguntled elf - whats in it?

    Drink du jour here is a shot glass filled three quarters with Jack Daniels and topped up with Tia Maria! Yum

  4. Don't mind it I do.
    Is the gingerbread shake for Piggy?

  5. That gingerbread shake sounds delicious. I think they serve it at Starbucks now.

  6. Disgruntled...Jolliness...I'm getting some mixed signals MJ.

    Now who wants my cherry?

  7. PIGGY: That’s the second time this week you’ve vomited on my blog.

    Are you ill?

    CYBERSLUT: I didn’t know you had a gag reflex.

    BINGOWINGS: Elf pee?

    I’m sure those Elf Shorts that are winging their way to you are stained with piss.

    FROBI: What’s in a Disgruntled Elf? Here’s the ingredients…

    Granny Smith Green Apple Liqueur, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Gin, Sprite and a Marachino Cherry garnish.

    Something for everyone!

    Kaz: Anything ginger has Piggy’s name all over it.

    PRU: Let’s get through pumpkin latte season before we move on to gingerbread.

    Christmas comes too soon!

    RIMSHOT: Mixed signals? As the customer is always right, feel free to interpret them as you wish.

    I’m sure your cherry is past its sell-by date.

  8. FROBI: Forgot to ask you if you're doing body shots off Juanton?

  9. I'll take vodka on the rocks, with a twist of Bacardi 151.

  10. AWA: Pay attention to the cocktail menu. The choices are Disgruntled Elf or Gingerbread Shake.

    There's a dive down the street if you want better service. There's a limit to my jolliness, you know.

  11. I'll trade my cherry, my disgruntled elf AND my gingerbread shake for a hands free swig of your Jameson, MJ

  12. I still can't get past the moose knuckle.

  13. *slurps*



    Can I have some more please?

  14. I'm really bumming today.

    Can I have a double of the Disgruntled Elf? I believe that would be a Disgruntled Midget.

  15. I once invented a Christmas drink called a Satan Claus, it was red and white (kind of like a Bloody Mary with whipped cream on top), but it never took off for some reason. Maybe it's a seasonal thing.

  16. Ewww... Well, it's too soon for a Disgruntled Elf (only just got rid of The 'Shorts), but I don't think I could stomach a Gingerbread Shake.

    I mean, who'd drink something made of someone's house?

    Actually, I'll just settle for the gin and a cherry.

  17. RIMSHOT: Hands-free Jameson swigging from my bottle is SID’s job but you can lick any errant drops of alcohol off my shoes.

    TICKERS: The one in Steve’s knickers?

    Good to have you back.

    BILLY: Help yourself.

    *sprays room deodorizer around Billy’s head*

    MAIDY: Why don’t I just send a team of midget wrestlers over to rough you up and give you something to REALLY bum about? Eh?

    CAP’N SMACK: Is it happy hour in Hell yet?

    *takes a number and queues up*

    IVD: Aren’t you secretly a bit of a disgruntled elf yourself for having sent The Shorts off in the post to a new home?

    I’m surprised you don’t have separation anxiety.

    How are you going to pull without that Shorts and stripey shirt outfit?

  18. And what, pray tell,have your real "customers" received this fine day?

  19. MAIDY: Enjoying your post-PERGnancy boozing?