Monday, October 01, 2007

Moose Knuckle

Cameltoe. It’s not just for women anymore.

Behold: Male camel toe also known as “moose knuckle”…

Photo via Convict

Elvis impersonator moose knuckle

Canuck camel toe

Spock moose knuckle

Smunty the Cabin Boy camel toe


  1. The 3rd one from the top is my favourite. Hey, would you happen to have his number MJ? The hubby's going out of town soon.

  2. That's just nut sorry not kool

    The elvis impersonator really grossed me out

    I need my pills, and probably a bottle of champagne

  3. D.PRINCE: Your husband's going out of town? Party at D.Prince's!

    I'll steal CyberSlut's booze and pills and come round.

    CYBERSLAG: It's his hunka hunka burning love.

  4. Have you ever seen the cyclists on the podium at the olympics? The bashful ones use the bouquet to cover their embarrasment.

    Is Cybernut speaking Danish today?

  5. Smunty's 'camel toe', or his swollen man-vulva is at the back.

    Oh, I almost forgot - do pop by his place to check how close to death he is.

    And to ask him about the wound his wonderful child inflicted on him!

  6. Ah! no wonder you wanted a picture of me and Juanton's "bulges"!

  7. KAZ: Let’s give CyberNut the benefit of the doubt as he has a birthday hangover.

    But frankly, I can never be sure what he’s saying. I suggest just to smile and nod at him.

    PIGGY: I see he hasn’t posted anything new since the 27th.

    He seemed to rally round though at the thought of Maidy shaking Jane’s maracas.

    Please send me a pic of Smunty’s swollen man-vulva for future updates here.

    FROBI: You and Juanton had so much centerfold potential but now you’ve gone and blown it.

    *probably literally*

  8. *hands CyberGuy a bottle of meds and a bottle of bubbly*

    Just looking at these pics seems painful.

  9. My eyes! Oh gawd, my eyes! I'm blind!

  10. MAIDY: I’ll bet you wear a camel toe cup.

    RIMSHOT: Would you prefer female camel toe? If so, go here.

    Maidy might be interested in this site as well, come to think of it.

  11. Spock must get this particular feature from his human side. As for the Canadian team, are we witnessing an evolutionary adaptation to surviving winter?

  12. I wished I hadn't just eaten.

  13. At least Kirk had the decency to keep his covered up.

    Pass the champers, CyberLush!

  14. Steve looks very composed,considering Piggy was undressing at the time.

  15. I like the guy with the little purple bag... Sweet!

  16. SID - He was waiting expectantly. Sadly, you can't see the drool flowing from the side of his mouth in that pic.

  17. Is Steve of oriental origin?

    He reminds me of Fu Manchu...or is that Phew Manchew?

    I loved those films.

  18. BITCHES: Excuse me but I have to eat and run and can't respond to you all individually.

    Except to note that yes, Smunty does have a Fu Manchu-ian bone structure but I don't recall Fu Manchu drooling, do you?

    Looks like I missed the champers.

    See you Tuesday.