Friday, October 12, 2007

Incriminating Pic of the Week

I can’t keep up with the many photographs that you bitches email to me anonymously. Like this one…

Who are these three Infomaniac readers?

The one in the centre is rather young so that rules out Piggy.

Where are they and what’s with the pony?


  1. Yay! First!

    Steve will be most disappointed at not being able to see the donkey's cock.

  2. Thats me on the left, look - bendy cock.

    No disappointment - the donkey was a girl.

    My, oh my what a girl she was!

  3. Steve will be disappointed that the donkey is a pony.

    Pay attention.

    That cock's not so bendy. It's just a slight curvature. Whereas Steve's looks like the Penis Puppetry troupe got their hands on it.

  4. Well the one on the right is definately IDV yeah?

    although I like the middle one if it weren't for the cigarette

  5. That looks like a Norfolk beach, so it could be IDV.

    It's the one on the second from the left I feel sorry for.

  6. CYBERDOUCHE & BETTY: The legs are much too shapely to belong to KFC-legg-ed IVD.

  7. That's true MJ

    but he looks just prissy enough to be IDV

  8. RIMSHOT: Scared? Says the man who wrote "The Liver Story."

    CYBERDOUCHE: IVD aka Miss Prissy.

  9. That's not a Norfolk beach, Betty. The giveaway is that those young men only took one type of animal down there with them.

    ANd I can assure you that it's not me on the right: I don't have a tattoo.

  10. I'm troubled by the young man in the center smoking a cigarette. Doesn't he know about the health concerns? Can you say 'oral fixation'?

    MJ: Regarding "The Liver Story"...It's nice to know it got read by (at least) TWO people.

  11. The two without footwear were told to take their crocs off.

    I think the pony's laughing at the size of the blokes' todgers.

    They look like that Scientology Rockabilly band we saw in B'heath.

  12. It's difficult to keep up

    Miss Prissy AND Miss Piggy

    how can we ever manage

  13. What no thought provoking, topical, well written, incisive post about the new world order?

    bah humbug!

    have you got three Infomanic readers? ??

  14. The dude on the left with the wonky todger is wearing mocassins.


  15. Yeah garfer

    that's so unattractive

  16. Are they in your back yard meeting your latest sexual fantasy?

    No wonder they're trying to make the horse feel at ease.

  17. As Geoff points out, the pony’s laughing at the size of the blokes’ todgers so that confirms that any of the three could be IVD. IVD has yet to prove he has a monstrous lad as he wishes us to believe. Isn’t that right, CyberDouche? Rimshot, I didn’t comment on your liver post as I was too busy vomiting. Frobi, you can borrow this pic if you wish as your blog is in desperate need of more cock. Garfy, according to Geoff (again) it could have been worse…Crocs. SID, this pic in no way reflects my latest sexual fantasy. Shall we discuss the details over a bottle of Jamesons or are you too hungover?

  18. How the fuck would I know what the pony's name is? 3 naked blokes standing around it lets call it spunk bucket the pony.

  19. Your reply comments are all clumped together,which upsets me somewhat.

    *throws an autistic tantrum*

    *searches for Jamesons*

  20. KNUDSEN: Have you taken it for a ride?

    SID: I see you learned nothing at the conference.

    Since you've brought out the Jamesons, what would you like to know about the ... you know...? Eh, Daddy?

  21. you know . . . what?

    your "three" readers demand to know!

  22. IDV does need to prove the size of his manlyness

    pictures are always welcomed and MJ has my email if any of you have some around the house

  23. FROBI: My latest sexual fantasy.

    I'm sure you wouldn't be interested as it doesn't involve Spanish beach boys.

    CYBERDOUCHE: Should we start a petition?

  24. We should!

    Spanish beach boys?

    do go on

  25. Todos ida a practicar surf los E.E.U.U. que practican surf.

  26. SID: Right. Shhh. You know I don't share our secrets.

    Although I may have let it slip about your ticklish starfish.

    CYBERDOUCHE: Marbella Madness at Frobi's last week.

    Check his blog.

    RIMSOT: Chinga tu madre.

    I've had enough Spanish for one week what with SID making translation demands on me yesterday.

  27. Wot? I was doing my Spanish Beach Boys impression. (for the uninitiated, it was a literal translation of: "Everybodys gone surfin', Surfin' USA".

    See, it's funny because Cyberdonky said "Spanish beach boys" (note capitalization) and I took it to mean Spanish Beach Boys, as in..the Bea...oh fack it! Never mind.

  28. CYBERDOUCHE: De nada. No, really.

    RIMMER: I got it. And I sung along to it in Spanish.

    I was just being a bitch. It's part of my job description.

  29. Has anyone commented that the three amigos have a nice Ass?
    Oh crap that's a Pony! Well none of them are hung like a Shetland Pony..and that includes the Pony.

    I'm concerned about the dude hugging the Pony because he is already having a smoke..
    prolly too late to call the SPCA eh?
    So that's what 'Pony Up' means!

  30. HE: Welcome back!!!

    We thought you were gone for good.

    It's a happy day in Blogland.

    As for the photo, I'll refrain from saying anything about riding bareback.

  31. Watch out that pony looks hungry for a LITTLE, and I do mean little, snack.

  32. MYTOES: Cocktail weenies, perhaps?