Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tazzy and Piggy Do Hawaii

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!


  1. YAY first

    It's not working for me

  2. CYBERSLUT: You probably tried it just as I had posted it and was checking it.

    It's working for me so try again.

  3. I always wanted to go to Hawaii...until now.

    Now I just want to puke.

  4. Steve the hawaiin viking4:26 AM, October 10, 2007

    Aloha, boys!

    We did a happy wee when we watched this, fucking hilarious!

    The bellies aren't anywhere near big enough though!

    And why did they have to put their fingers in their bellybuttons? That just ruined my whole day!

  5. Love it - Just wait for the Oscars.

    Tazzy is obviously enjoying it a lot more than Piggy who looks acutely embarassed.

  6. That's the best I've seen so far.
    Just so funny.

  7. AWA: Don’t puke on their pukka shells.

    SMUNTY: I’m not calling you Viking anything so get used to it.

    Placing their fingers in their bellybuttons activates their secret mojo.

    Special note to Smunty: Visit Infomaniac on Thursday. I’m saying no more.

    KAZ: It was Tazzy’s idea, obviously.

    As for the Oscars, do you think they’ll wear their hula outfits to the Award ceremonies? Will Piggy’s stubby trotters cause him to trip on the red carpet? If they win, will Piggy cry on stage? What about their acceptance speech? They’ll probably forget all about us and we won’t have so much as a casual mention. The ungrateful bastards. I hope Tazzy remembers to thank his mummy. After all, she’s the one who keeps that household up and running. They’d wallow in their own cesspool of stink if she weren’t there to tidy up.

    TATAS: I’m pleased you enjoyed it but do you see how hard I have to work to entertain you demanding bitches?

    Let it be a lesson to you as you set up your own blog.

  8. Why have Piggy and Tazzy's faces been grafted onto my and Geoff's bodies? We sent you that video in good faith.

    The one day of the week when I didn't have an all over body wax as well.

    *apoplectic with rage*

  9. That's not what I was saying MJ

    I said it's not working for me, it just left me cold.

    I think it might be the belly fingering

  10. MJ - Cunt. But we got our revenge.

    CyberWhore - Cunt. But we'll get our revenge.

    Betty - Hmmmph!

  11. Thank the Lord they didn't lift their skirts.

    South Tazific

  12. Bring it on Piggy

    I'll be waiting

  13. BETTY: Was that the day you auditioned for Hot and Hairy Women?

    CYBERSLUT: Speak English next time.

    You just need a good fingering.

    PIGGY: Stop Photoshopping my neck! I do NOT have a long neck, you ginger bastard!

    *plots even dirtier revenge*

    SID: And yet they ARE skirtlifters. Oh my mistake. SHIRTlifters.

  14. Yes,"ginger bastard" that will stop Piggy.

    Freakin'neck of it!

  15. again....

    MY EYES! OH GOD, MY EYES! WHY!?!?(shakes fists skyward)

  16. SID: I'll up the ante.

    RIMSHOT: May you dream of them tonight.

  17. O!m!G!

    *makes a big fucking note to NOT check MJ's blog during working hours anymore*

    I really and truly did Laugh Out Loud!