Friday, October 19, 2007

What Do You Smell Like?

Go on. Give yourself a whiff.

What do you smell like?

Stale fags? Chicken tikka masala? Wet nappies?

We all know that Dead SID smells like a funeral home…

But what do you think some other Infomaniac readers smell like?


  1. IDV smells like my granny.

    I smell like hot sex.

  2. Yey first!

    And don't bother going over to my place, I still haven't posted.

  3. YAY!! First.

    I have a head cold at the mo and I can't smell a bloody thing.
    *Sniff,cough, splutter*

  4. Oh for fuck sake. I come in open up and says no comments. I got all excited then as I thought I was first.


    YAY! Third

  5. SIDs thong smells of wee.

    I smell like teen spirit.

  6. So now you´re catering for rubber fetishists at Infomaniac.

    Apparently this is a very British thing.

  7. Both of the Smunts smell like stale cat piss.

    Tazzy and I smell like delicate little baby roses, plucked from the bush at their prime and at the height of their lavish fragrance, obviously.

    MJ smells like mud.

    Garfy smells of kippers.

    IVF smells of old tramps dried cum.

    The rest of them smell like old newspaper soaked in rats piss.

  8. TICKERS: IVD smells like your granny?

    So what you’re saying is that your granny smells of old tramps dried cum?

    TATAS: You’re contaminating my blog with your germs.

    Why only one BOLLOCK?

    GARFY: I’ve laundered SID’s thong and I’m using it as a hammock. Although at your suggestion, I may use it as a parachute.

    Whose teen spirit do you smell of? And isn’t that illegal? Maybe not in the Highlands.

    KAZ: Rubber fetishists. That’s a posting I’m saving for a future “Filthy Friday.”

    Odd that it’s such a British thing. Because of all that rain, I suppose.

    TATAS: I think we established that with the funeral home scent.

    *thick cunt*

    PIGGY: You smell like something plucked from a bush all right.

  9. I can assure you, IDV does not smell like old tramps dried cum. On the contrary, it's quite fresh...

  10. I smell of my new deodorant and chicken. Maybe a bit nutty and oaty, too.

  11. CYFA: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I can't tell you how pleased we are to have someone around who has all the straight dope on IVD and his peculiar and sluttish ways.

    GEOFF: I'm also detecting a whiff of preservatives and flavour enhancers.

  12. Uh oh. My home suddenly smells of skunk.

    I have to go to a meeting later today. Does this mean I'LL smell like skunk too?

    *scrubs vigorously*

  13. I think it does MJ

    I smell like Darling darling

    The CP loves Kylie

  14. CYBERSTINK: It doesn't surprise me that you smell of Kylie's "Darling" perfume.

    The bottle is arse-shaped.

  15. Well it smells good

    you smell like skunk

  16. Yes, MJ. You smell like skunk.

    Like emu, but much stronger.

    Almost like your favourite Eau de wet ostrich.

  17. I smell like an Ethopian's left flip flop after he's stood in elephant shit.

    Quite delicate for a change.

  18. I just noticed the guy in the masks eye


    he is watching me

    *runs away with his mimosa*

  19. all i smell from up north is the sour, buttfinger reek of CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE.
    cheese, cheese, cheese.
    cheese for dinner, cheese roll-on deodorant, cheese on a leash. All cheese, all the time. 24 solid nonstop hours of cheese comin at you from Vancouvers top nonstop CHEESE station, 'CHEE.53 FM" broadcasting live from MJ's underpants. oh yeah.

    me? newspapers, rat pee. pretty much.

    (did you lose power yesterday? ours died briefly late afternoon during the storm.)

  20. Au contraire cunts above.

    Today I stank of garlic.

    I heard MJ was on the prowl last night.

  21. This topic is near and dear to me. I stopped wearing anti-perspirant in August. I am trying various deodorants now. Some work better than others. Happily I've discovered I don't smell too bad..., nor do I sweat an awful lot. Sometimes I will wiff a bit if I'm wearing something synthetic and it's hot out or I'm dancing or something. It can be bad though after a hockey game or two... Anyway, we don't smell as bad as we think (probably). And who doesn't love a little funk anyway?

  22. SID, Glad to see that you made it back from the other side. I smell like soap just got out of the shower . Mj still smells like gutter piss after a long night out on the prowl


    CYBERSTENCH & PIGGY: I’ve Febreezed myself liberally.

    CONNIE: What’s the Egyptian doing with his right foot?

    CYBERSTENCH: Gasmask Man has a disdain for Danes.

    FN: There’s a shock jock in my panties and the CRTC and FCC have been alerted.

    The power’s still on but it hasn’t stopped raining in 48 hours. Maybe it’ll let up by June. Right…July.

    SID: Or should I address you as "Born Again SID?"

    Oh right. You prefer BASTARD… “Born Again SID Triumphantly Amazingly Rises (from) Dead."

    GOBETTY: *sticks room deodorizers under GoBetty’s armpits*

    GEO: Did Maidy towel dry your bits?

  24. Oh thanks, CyberMinky. Now I've noticed the eye, too.

    No sleep tonight.

  25. Oh thanks, CyberMinky. Now I've noticed the eye, too.

    No sleep tonight.

  26. CYFA: I heard you the first time.

  27. Dammit. I did try to delete. This primitive tactile interface is proving somewhat more difficult than I thought to master.

  28. CYFA: Ask IVD.

    He's a real techno wizard.


  29. Oh thanks, CyberMinky. Now I've noticed the eye, too.

    No sleep tonight.

  30. Ah, copying is the sincerest form of flattery, RimJob.

    Or am I just being mocked?!

  31. I smell of pies and dog, I like it!

  32. RIMMER: Well? Answer Cyfa, why don't you?

    MUTLEY: Pukka pies by any chance?

  33. Pukka pies are fucking putrid and eaten only by chavs.

    I'm as drunk as I can evet remembr at the moment.

    thank fuck for an easy word veri

  34. was definitely mockery.

  35. PIGGY: Drunken bowling?

    You two really DO live on the edge.

    RIMMER: Mock...rhymes with cock.

    heh heh.

    BORN AGAIN SID: How long are we going to have to listen to you speak like a prophet?

  36. I smell like Napalm in the Morning.