Friday, October 05, 2007

Incriminating Pic of the Week

Recently, a group of Infomaniac readers got together for a conference and emailed this pic to me.

Unfortunately, they didn’t identify who’s who nor did they say what kind of conference it was.

Any ideas?

(clicks will enlarge pricks)


  1. I was not able to attend, unfortunately

    However I do know that it's Old Knudsen to the far left, Sid is the one third from left and next to him is IDV

    Oooops! Have I said too much?

  2. Ha! Anyone can see Third Left isn't me - For a start, he's got a tan! And I wouldn't wear that hideous tat necklace - Where's it from? Elizabeth Duke at Argos?

    Which leads me on to the point of the conference. It's obviously The Annual Men's Jewellery Conference, and what we're looking at is the Neck & Chest Adornment Brigade.
    I can see Tazzy (far right) with Steve next to him. Steve is attempting to pull Piggy out of his arse. Next to him is MJ with a crap strap-on.

  3. The one on the left is IDV, obviously.

    I note he's been using the weights on his willy again.

  4. Sorry - I can't tell until they take their shoes off.

  5. ooohhh I know, I know!

    From left to right;
    IDV obviously, bony witch!
    SID, even though he's not wearing socks with his sandals this time!
    Piggy, no hair, small cock, pot belly..
    MJ, IDV is spot on with that one - saggy tits, cuban cigar and thats definitely a strap-on!
    Tazzy, vacant expression, penile stainage, and has his left index finger inserted in No6's man snatch!
    And lastly No6, is quite obviously my very own Viking Steve - balding pate, unkempt facial hair, viking boots and how fucking GAY is that pose?

    Am I right or am I right?

  6. I thought it was gay Father Christmas, taking his elves for a Summer holiday.

  7. LMFAO MJ middle one.
    Saggy titted strap-on queen that's been on a spit roast.


    Can't breath.

  8. I bet they went fishing then compared the size of their catches.

  9. A meeting of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club?

    Who's the hottie on the far left? He's like sex on a stick, he is!

  10. CYBERPOO: Anytime you open your mouth you’ve said too much.

    IVD: Elizabeth Duke at Argos?

    Isn’t that where Connie purchased Tatas’ wedding ring?

    PIGGY: The weights don’t seem to have helped, do they?

    KAZ: By sight or by smell?

    CARLY: Is Smunty out of town so you can play with his PC? Obviously that’s the only thing of his you get to play with these days as judging by that gay pose, he has other things on his mind. What’s it like being a man’s beard, Carly? Do you watch Desperate Housewives together and giggle? Have you gone shoe shopping together? Does he own more shoes than you? Does he help you put outfits together? Does his bedtime moisturizer routine take longer than yours? Does he listen to Kylie CD’s all day? Has he suggested a spa vacation together? Has he asked you to wear a strap-on?

    And do we HAVE to call him Viking Steve?

    TICKERS: They can’t possibly be elves as there’s no Elf Shorts in sight.

    TATAS: Are you turning blue yet?

    GEOFF: The size of their catches?

    Maidy and I compare the size of our snatches.

    PRU: Have you given up on bagging Johnny Depp, then?

  11. Yes wench, you do!

  12. SMUNTY: Lick my boots, you dog of Dorset.

  13. My eyes never made it low enough to see what shoes they wear.


    and MJ you might, but I don't say the things I write out loud so technically you don't know ;)

  14. a convocation of the dead writers association? because that's hunter s. thompson in the middle sure as shit. and ernest hemmingway far right, looking a lot healthier now that he'd dead... far left is t. s. elliot, and the guy in the hat is beloved 'Peanuts' author Charles M. Schultz.

  15. ...far right is a veritable Zeus, btw. yeah, baby. nations says 'relax!'

  16. CYBERSLUT: I’m sure your eyes never made it high enough to see their faces either.

    FN: Is the guy to the left of Hemingway holding a shotgun barrel up Papa’s arse? Wasn’t that what killed the old bugger? A Farewell to Arms indeed.

  17. hey, the one on the far right's not bad. *would*

    too bad he knows it, tho. oh well. *would anyway*

  18. FN: glad to see you agree with me on the phenom that is Mr. Z Hemmingway on the right. Yummers. (Needs to lose the boots, tho.)

  19. CB: He needs to lose the "one sock off one sock on" look too.

  20. Thanks Carly for putting Piggy beside me. Fuck his hands would be everywhere!

    I could see me wearing his hat,though I would lose the wristband.


    I thought the tanned one was MJ,same beads.

  21. SID: You might want to remove your hat and use it to cover your saggy scrotum.

  22. It's Tom Cruise's hand-picked retinue of bodyguards.

  23. FOOTMAN: Yes, but can they protect Tom against the dark lord Xenu?

  24. does the guy 2nd from the left have an abnormality, like maybe an extra little prick or ball? The guy in the center R is actually holding his stomach! OMG! they are hilarious. I've always found penis's to be rather erotic but these ones, well, no.Thanx for showing them anyhow; it makes me appreciate what my mans got even more.

  25. ANON: Hope your man's bits stand the test of time better than these ones did!

  26. MJ you canuk finger fucking wanker.
    Argos my fucking ass. Connie has more taste than that and no I'm not blue yet but the porn I've been watching is.

  27. TATAS: Taste?

    Yet he chose YOU as his bride.

  28. I see the skinnier guys have a bit more umf.. Nice shoes.Last guy on the left seems to be the best shape.He stands very sure of himself.

  29. MYTOES: No painted toes though, unfortunately.

  30. Guess they're not man enough! Great beard on the last guy.