Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

It's Thanksgiving Day here in Canuckistan so I'll be away for most of the day.

For which you can be thankful.

But while we're on the topic...

I'm thankful for your friendship and for all the laffs you lot have given me both here in the comments and on your own blogs.

Now don't make me get all emotional. This isn't Oprah for fuck's sake.


  1. So the pilgrims went to Canada after the Indians (casino, not computer) taught them to grow corn? What the heck to Canuckistanians have to be thankful for?

  2. You're away? Yay! I mean: Thank you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, I suppose.

  3. Thank you MJ!

    And a Happy Thanksgiving Day to you.

  4. I hope it rains.


    We'll be thankful for that.

  5. RIMSHOT: Canadians were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving and I quote...

    "The first Thanksgiving celebration by Euro-peoples in North America was not in New England but in Newfoundland by Martin Frobisher, 42 years before the Pilgrims."

    Even that American Psycho Bitch Maidy has acknowledged this fact.

    What do Canadians have to be thankful for, you ask? THAT WE'RE NOT AMERICANS.

    IVD: I'm still here as it's the middle of the night.

    SID: Ta very much.

    I'll raise my glass to you and toast in your general direction later.

    PIGGY: It's been raining steadily for at least 2 weeks and there's no sign of it letting up this week either.

    Happy now?

    KAZ: Has Piggy upset you?

  6. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).

    Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Do Canucks say 'eh' a lot when they do their thankyouverymuch stuff.

    I bet they do.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving MJ! Let us all look forward to the inevitable day Canada becomes the 51st state in these United States of America!

    Resistance is futile! We shall assimilate you after you pass out from eating turkey!

  9. Have a good Thanksgiving. Being from Cannock in Staffordshire originally, I can't help but feel I should've been celebrating Thanksgiving every year and having a holiday (Cannock ... Canuck. Get it? Er, nevermind. Turkey would've been a bit too exotic for Cannock anyway).

  10. Happy Thanksgiving MJ

    May you have as much hooch as you can possibly drink

    You too drunk to post tomorrow, now that would be something to be thankful for

  11. Viking Steve, son of Thor1:38 PM, October 08, 2007

    Bollocks to you.

    Fucking Yanucks.

    Got to have a fucking day for everything, they have.

    Happy thanksgiving though.

  12. Stick a bottle of Jamieson's up the parson's nose and you would't know the difference between the turkey and MJ.

  13. Happy turkey Day there in Canuck land. I happen to have some Canadian blood in me as well so I will have a turkey sandwich to celebrate.

  14. Oh great Thanksgivings over!!

    MJ ~ A turkey that really does gobble!

    *feels better going to bed*

  15. Thanks everybody!

    I'm all bloated up now so clear the room.

  16. Yeah bloated on Jamiesons lmfao, clean the top and I'll have a drink with you.