Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I enjoy a little naughtiness and 2006 brought much wickedness my way.

But if you spent last year engaged in sinful behaviour and are looking for ways to atone, listen up.

For as little as $160 US, you can adopt a nun to pray for you for an entire year.

With the "Adopt a Sister" Program, you can adopt as many Sisters as you wish!


  1. Bugger. I'm gonna need a small lottery win to afford all the nuns I need.

  2. Fukkit: We'll pass the hat for you.

    Spikey1: I don’t know about adoption but for your rabbinical needs you could try www.rabbirentals.com

  3. I'm going to adopt a small task force of nuns and train them to do my evil bidding!


    Or failing that, they can clean my house and do the shopping...

  4. IDV: Housecleaning? Mind they don't fly off on your broomstick.

  5. What an ingenious idea!
    Who knew nuns were so crafty?

  6. D.Prince: But as crafty as the nuns who rescued the family Von Trapp in the Sound of Music? Can they thwart Nazis by removing distributor caps from their cars? I think not!

  7. I have already adopted a penguin.

    What does it mean when your employed by nuns? I used to be.

  8. Hmmm Tempting!

    The Comment Whore whisked me over to wish you a Happy New Year! :D

  9. Happy New Year from the Queer Chef and Empress Maruja!

    I think I don't need that Adopt-A-Nun Program. My prayers are enough to absolve me from sins, like the nuns were any more preferred by God.

    But the nuns can pray for me all they want, as long as they provide a money-back guarantee. Kidding...


  10. SID: Employed by nuns? It means you worked through force of habit.

    Claire: Let's hear it for the Comment Ho. Happy New Year!

    Empress: Did the Queer Chef pimp YOU too? He's a busy boy, that Charles. Happy New Year!

  11. Dear Madam,

    I wish to register a complaint. One year ago I purchased the services of one of your sisters to interceed with the almighty on my behalf.

    I am a busy man and do not have time to rearrange the universe to suit my needs, so I thought your business was exactly what I needed.

    My first requirement was for my dear beloved wife to die from some rapidly progressive disease

    I waited a whole month for the disease to appear, but my wife remained obstinately alive! I want you to know how aggrieved I felt at having to bump her off myself.

    Furthermore, the lord God again failed to interceed when I was detained on a quite mistaken murder charge. I was forced to waste several thousands of dollars in bribing the police to let me go - and then even further inconvenienced by having to hire a hitman to keep the officers silent.

    I'm sure you will agree I have not recieved the promised nun service. In fact, I venture to say I have recieved NUN at all! This is a joke. Ha ha.

    If I am not presented with a new wife within the next week, I regret that I shall have to rescind my patronage or your institution.

    Yours faithfully,
    H Lector (Dr)s

  12. Kapitano (aka Dr. Lector): Perhaps we could discuss it over some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  13. Why isn't there a 'strangle a nun' site?

    *thinks about registering it*

  14. Piggy: Welcome back from your NYE pissup with the Smunts!

    *senses unresolved Catholicism issues and backs away*

  15. MJ: Love your comment on those Sound of Music nuns. Ha ha!

  16. Chelly: Yay for naughty nuns!