Thursday, January 11, 2007

Canadian Superheroes

REID FLEMING: World’s Toughest Milkman

Reid Fleming


Mr. Canoehead

"Once a mild-mannered insurance salesman, who while portaging his canoe through Algonquin Park, was suddenly hit by a giant bolt of lightning and had the canoe welded to his head. Thus he became Mr. Canoehead, Canada's greatest aluminum crime fighter.”

See more Canadian superheroes here.

Find your nation’s superheroes here.

UPDATE: Since Awaiting has asked if she too could be a superhero, let's find out which superhero you'd like to be or which superpower you'd like to have.


  1. Yayyy! First again!


    Anywoo...can I be a superhero?

  2. Awa: Yes, you can be a superhero and you’d be granted superhuman strength. You’d use your big arse to stop comets from hitting and destroying the city.

  3. Wolverine is, and shall forever be, the most KICK-ASS superhero in the history of superheroes. The only other superhero that comes close to Wolverine's bad-ass persona is the one and only Spawn!

    Now, as for Sinnamon, she can force blast me any day of the week!

    As for being a superhero, I want to fly or have super speed like the Flash

  4. Maidy: You're already one bad-ass bitch. All these superheros could take lessons from you.

  5. I looked at the Canadian superheroes and, given that it's a caricature, hell, I even LOOK like Beaver Boy.

    He's the sidekick of Captain Canada, doncha know.

    So I'm Beaver Boy (;-) I guess.

    And I note that Spawn is the creation of a Canadian, wots-his-name McFarlane. I spent about $3 million on all the action figures for my son for about 5 years running there.

    If I had a choice, I'd be plain old Superman...super-human strength, he can fly, he has x-ray vision...

  6. Awaiting could be 'SuperArse'

    or 'SuperCunt'

    Personally, I think they are both fitting.

  7. As for which superhero I'd like to have... I already have him.

    *feels all mushy inside now*

  8. Tsk Tsk....


    tsk tsk.....


  10. Well, I was going to write something but.....

  11. See what you have started MJ?


    I would be Captain Orgasm!

    Bet you didnt see that coming?

  12. WW: Erm, I mean 'Beaver Boy'. I was wondering which of you pervs would be the first to mention X-ray vision.

    Piggy: Awa = SuperArse. LOL. All she has to do is sit on the criminals to save our planet from destruction.

    Superhero Tazzy. Ahhhhhh.

    *MJ skips over all the men in capes to get to SID*

    SID: O Captain! My Captain! O!!!!!

  13. Super Arse!!!!???

    I can think of a better name using another part of the female anatomy but I won't get into that.

    Now, here I was all prepared to save the world as USA Girl and you guys talk about my ass.

    I think a pic of said ass is in order. Stay tuned.

    *evil laughter*

    And of course it will be clothed, piggy, you dirty perverted cunt!

  14. And by the way, my arse is NOT big. It is pleasantly plump.

  15. Awa: SuperArse, you really should trade in the spandex tights.

  16. I am NOT superarse!!

    Ok, maybe I am...but ya know what they say...more cushion for the pushing!!

  17. Awa: Cushion? From what we've seen, it's more of a mattress! A family of four could sleep comfortably on that arse.

  18. i think i'd like to be either supergirl or lara croft. both are kick ass!

    oh, and mj? a family of 6 sleeps on that arse of awaiting's.

  19. That was totally cool...I use to watch reboot with my son (who is now 16) 'cause I thought that it was so leading edge...

    Red Ketchup? Love Nick Matrix or whatever that guy, Nick Mancuso from the Moonie movie, Ticket To Heaven, he looks like he is suffering from severe caffeine withdrawal or else he is still brainwashed by those nasty moonies and their dirty tricks...remember R H Thomson as the deprogrammer...awesome show...holy canadian content batman!Kim Cattral, Saul Rubinek, Cynthia Dale, Paul Soles...

  20. Pink: You'll need those superpowers when Awa sees what you wrote.

    HE: CanCon-O-Rama!
    *Sudden desire to watch Don Messer's Jubilee*