Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

The star of our show this week is everybody’s favourite witch, IDV (Inexplicable DeVice.)

IDV made guest appearances on a few blogs Friday night, after drinking a potent witch’s brew.

Not surprisingly, he was more lucid in his drunken state than when he’s sober.

And thankfully, he explained, at least he didn’t vomit in anyone’s blog. Small mercies.

Pull up a chair as we relive some of the finer bon mots left behind by IDV on Friday night:

Fuck ,! so drunke,!

Shit wzaasht Have i done?

I don;t afucking knoe. Shit amutst try better


Ignotere athat. Bufggger

Haven'y \\\\i been here?

Oooh hello |SID. I tinka


Oh crap I',m acrap a ttthais FfBastard/

Must do better,. try harder.

Reallu budggger

Vety! Why Am I aso Drunk/?Q!

Shaking. Sleep. Tired. Diidef. IFytird. BAstrad, What in dhtirrst ams I doing?

Kill me

Fuck! I've fUKIONG SOBERED UP! Must go to bed,. Nee dwater. Will go now.

And my personal favourite…

Yes! I lovwe yous (in response to SID’s question, “Do I have to follow you around cleaning up your vomit all night?”)

And speaking of that Stupid Oirish Cunt…

SID (Stupid Irish Daddy) continued to blather on endlessly about who-knows-what, as basically, he’s incoherent. Just continue to humour him by nodding in agreement as he speaks.

And take no notice of this nasty piece of work he created…

Tazzy and Piggy are up to their fiddling and diddling again. This time with the Webcam and Chat features on their blog. If it wasn’t for Convict and Carly, I would still be sitting here trying to figure out how to configure all the settings. Thankfully, Convict and Carly took pity on a thick Canuck and talked me through it. Fucking headache, it was. Stop messing about with your blog! Can I get a witness? Amen.

Awaiting posted her lovely childhood pic …

Which Steve cruelly noted looks like this…

Where is the love in this Blogging world, I ask you?

Can’t we all just get along?

Infomaniac newcomer, Old Knudsen (Old Bitter Balls) continued his hot pursuit of yours truly, pulling out every trick in the book.

  • The naked pics (see photo above)

  • The Irish charm. (Nice try playing the usually winning Norn Iron card but your Scottish blood cancels out the Irish.)

  • The offer of a nice post-coital cuppa tea.

I cannot be swayed, you old bastard.

I refuse to be Knudsened!

That perv Frobi pondered the fate of a trampolinist bummed by a tiger and a hippo that swallowed a circus dwarf . . .

Here comes trouble . . .

American Psycho bitch from hell (looks are deceiving)

Maidy continues to have mood swings. Give her a wide berth. (Insert pregnancy joke here.)

Please tell that lazy-arse husband of yours to update his blog.

Winterpeg’s Within Without went on about sibling rivalry (a brother who photographed WW’s bald spot), wanting Stevie Nicks to “Landslide” on him, and playing Bowman 2 with Homo Escapeons.

HE (Homo Escapeons), when not playing Bowman 2 with WW (see above) dissected the film Borat.

Geoff is looking a little green around the gills these days. Earlier he discussed a BBC drama called Five Days that will probably never see the light of day in Canada. Unless it turns up here 2 years later a la EastEnders.

Betty sang in the bath, chatted about dealing with fuckwits on the phone, and ranted about New Blogger.

Pru celebrated her new celebrity-trashing blog prunella de ville and threw a party. Everyone was invited. It’s not too late so B.Y.O.B.

And finally, give an Infomaniac wild welcome to our newest reader…



  1. I cannot give up the smell of blood is in my nostrils, well actually I got seven shades of shite kicked out of me earlier but I'm managing to swallow most of my blood, not bad I can hardly taste the Irish (tastes like potatoes and muck) I have purchased a video called 6 minute abs and when I get the time to do it I will have the body of a Greek God (though not so hairy)

  2. Thanks for the link up MJ.

  3. Eeeeeeek!

    Um... I mean: That wasn't me!

    Or me.

    Or me, either. OK, some of it was me.


  4. Notice how Maidy's smile is communicating the words 'Hurry and up and take the fucking picture - this smile is beginning to hurt'?

  5. Shite.

    That last comment was from Cute Wee Me.

    Dozy arse Tazzy forgot to log out.

  6. Knudsen: You might want to start by booking an appointment with Mr. Baldnutz.

    Convict: Thanks for the webcam help!

    IDV: Bufggger.

    Piggy: It looks like Maidy’s just minutes away from a hormonally-induced rampage.

    Don’t blame Superhero Tazzy. Dozy arse Piggy should have checked before typing.

    By the way, is it now obligatory for us to call you the Cutest Wee Pigster Ever?

  7. knudsen you filthy philandering old haggis! i thought mine was the face on your 'special hand puppet'!

    *ponders reprisals*

  8. Pru: Nice shades.

    FN: You can have him. I've got my hands full as it is.

    But I should warn you. Knudsen's got weemen in every port.

  9. Do you have knudsen's phone no? He looks like one of my gaydar dates!

  10. Frobi: Sure. And while I'm at it, I'll forward the rest of the nekkid pics he sent to me. Hope you've got a lot of spare time on your hands though as there's a few dozen of 'em.

  11. Only one of them, Frobi? I thought all Gaydar dates looked like that...


  12. Ahhh the mammaries!

    You forgot your own pic.

  13. IDV: crtapQ!

    SID: I think the world has seen enough of my Magnificent Pontoons of Love for one week.

  14. Magnificent Pontoons of Love?

    lord help us all.

  15. That smile was because I was happy holding my little sweetpea, you nasty little fuckers.




  16. Pontoons?

    More like deflated beach balls.

  17. Pink: I’m understating their splendour.

    Maidy: And then you bit her head off.

    SID: Okay, Mr. Full-of-Hot-Air.

    Inflate them for me.

  18. What?

    With those holes in them?

  19. SID: Those holes need filling.

    Too bad you're not good at DIY.

  20. Geo updated his blog. So go there and fucking visit, you lazy canuck.




  21. can't you just feel the love and affection oozing from mj's and maidink's pores?

  22. Yeah, ooze would be a good way of putting it, like puss from a boil.

  23. Let's whip out the jello and tampons! Feel the LURVE!!

    I have not forgotten dear Steve. The time shall come and soon.

    The wanking cunt.

  24. Awa: Please join in on Tuesday's post when you return.

  25. At least Mr frobisher has taste.