Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Build Your Own Glory Hole

Tired of having to leave the house for a good time?

Now you can build your own private gloryhole thanks to the instructions posted on cruisingforsex dot com (nsfw, obviously).

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY project:

1/4 inch plywood panel, hole cutter bit, drill, sandpaper, 1 can of flat black spray paint, and a hungry friend.


1. Measure the exact width of your door jamb.

2. Buy 1/4 inch plywood, cut the width, or have it cut exactly. Usual door jambs are 30 inches wide.

3. Buy a 2, 3, or 4 inch diameter circular hole cutter bit for your drill. Figure out the best place for the hole and let the hole cutter do the work. You can do this by putting your ass against the plywood and then positioning your own cock while standing (go for shorter, since tall guys can adjust easier than short guys can).

4. Once the hole is cut sand the hole carefully.

5. Spray paint the wood flat black.

Few things in life this easy to make will give so much enjoyment!

The hole should be sized obviously larger than your cock, but too small to get your balls through as well. This is to allow for the sensation of banging your nuts against the hole during a blowjob. This will stretch your cock to maximum size.


  1. Damn, should I have thought of this when I did my basement


  2. Spikey: Adding a gloryhole can turn your home into Party Central. Call "Real Renos" or "Debbie Travis' Facelift" and have the whole process televised!

  3. That's filth that is.

    But typical, we still don't get to see MJ's face behind the wall in the pic.

    Nice knees though!

    Brought to you by smentia

  4. SID: Funny, at the time you didn't care that you couldn't see my face. And would you mind removing your socks next time?

  5. Socks on his cock? The fucking weirdo.

    And I've never in my innocent wee life seen such perverseness!

    *trots out, disgusted*

  6. Cock socked?

    MJ is the expert,or so I've heard!

    I'm just glad its a wall rather than the paperbag usually worn.

    Oh the abuse of it all!

  7. Piggy: Innocent? You?
    *stifles gag reflex*

    SID: Oh, put a sock in it!

  8. So piggy, that's how your sock got a hole in it!!!

  9. Whatever happened to old fashioned wanking?

  10. Awa: Haaa!!!

    Billy: Wanking is so 2006.

    Piggy: Only because you have to.

  11. Wrong. I have my slave, Tazzy, who is an expert.

  12. Piggy: You're the only expert wanker in that household.

  13. Ugh! this sort of thing leaves a nasty taste in my mouth

  14. who's idea is it to have the hole too small to get your balls through?? i hate small holes. bigger holes allow the guys to pass poppers back and forth, and to stick my balls through so they can get worked over too.

  15. i have one and i love it - i love trickin the str8 boys into thinking i'm a girl swallowing their hot cum...