Friday, January 05, 2007

Dear Royal Mail and Canada Post

Is anyone else still waiting for Christmas mail?

Dear Royal Mail and Canada Post: Where are my pressies? At a post office in Dildo, Newfoundland on the opposite coast?

I’ve been waiting ages for a parcel to arrive from England that was posted months ago, as well as a Christmas card that was posted in early December.

Yet a postie managed to deliver this Christmas card to Cornwall with no street name, no town and no post code on the envelope, using only a sketch on the envelope as a guide.

Should I complain to Hellmail?


  1. Yay! First!

    Royal Mail are the cause of a great many headaches - especially since all the recent 'reorganisation' shite.

    A service that was once something for our wee nation to be proud of, has well and truly been flushed down the pan since the money-men took over.

    The words 'efficiency', 'reorganisation' and 'will bring improvements to our customers' translate only into 'we're about to screw you', 'you will pay us extra for it' and 'we'll give you some truly shit service in return'.


  2. hahahaha. What a nice name for a place! Well we also have the same situation here on some places. Anyway, Happy New Year to you dear!

  3. Piggy: And outside the postal system itself, there's a big problem in Canada with mail theft. Thieves overturn mailboxes on the streets and break into home letterboxes, often resulting in identity theft.

    At least my pork scratchings finally arrived. Ta for that!

    Chase: Let's stick to email then. Happy New Year to you in Norway!

  4. "Frog shock for Postie" on Hellmail site...

    Hello my baby
    Hello my honey
    Hello my ragtime gal.

    Is Dildo twinned with Condom in France?

  5. Geoff: We're going to get a lot of mileage out of 'One Froggy Evening' aren't we?
    *keels over laughing*

    Dildo twinned with Condom? Bril! Or Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Or Fucking, Austria.

  6. Damn, beat me to it! (I was thinking more along the lines of Lonesome Canyon)

  7. Spikey: Are you yodeling in the canyon?

    BIG BONE LICK State Park on BEAVER Road in Union, Kentucky.

  8. Geo and I have been to Intercourse PA as well as Bird-In-Hand and Paradise.

    I would say Canuck Post sux, but y'all have Father Christmas' addy. That aside, Canuck Post blows the big, proverbial boner.

  9. Maidy: For your next day trip consider Shaft, Pennsylvania and Big Beaver, Pennsylvania.

  10. No, sorry no yodeling in the canyon lately but I can tell you have been to Solo Mountain and Climax Lake many many times as a result.

  11. Spikey: Sorry to hear that. May I direct you to Wankers Corners, Oregon?

  12. American mail isn't running very smoothly either this year. A present I ordered in November still hasn't arrived. The post office sent a notice saying that they'd found the box, but the gift wasn't in it. I also ordered a gift card for a child who lost both of his parents right before Christmas. I paid many, many extra dollars to be sure it got there before Christmas. You guessed's lost in the mail.

  13. Laurie: Ah yes, the United States Postal Service. You were probably better served by Pony Express.

  14. Thanks anyway, but I like visiting Two Hands Cave in Montana. Now enough, let me get some work done today.

  15. Spikey: Fine. I won't bother mentioning Bald Knob, Arkansas.

  16. We've got 'Kent' in England.

    Oh, and 'Pissingdown'.

  17. And 'Rams Bottom'.

    That one would interest Steve, I imagine.

  18. Piggy: How about Penistone in Yorkshire? Just down the road from you? And where is my pic of you and Tazzy posing by the Penistone sign? Oh, I suppose it's in the post.

    And where is that kent Steve? Now you've got him hooked on gay bars we'll never see him again.

  19. Oh shit. We forgot about the Penistone pic!

    We'll do one this weekend.


    And never seeing Steve again would be the kindest thing for us all.

  20. the postal service here is so slow. and half the time, when we actually GET mail, it's to the wrong person. i mean, i can understand a couple months of getting someone else's mail if you've just moved into an apartment, but 2 years? that's stretching it.

  21. I sent a parcel to the UK and I had to ask at least 87 times if it would arrive on time. I then bought the insurance, because, hell you never know!

  22. Hmm, suggestive English place names - what about the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth? Someone tried to convince me that there's a village called Knob End, but I'm not sure if it really exists.

    I'll have you know that Kent is known as the (lady) Garden of England.

  23. Piggy: *waits for pic*

    Pink: Maybe the previous occupant didn't fill out a change of address form. The Post Office in Canada charges such a high fee to fill one out that some people don't bother.

    Awa: So did it arrive on time?

    Betty: During my knob research, I didn’t locate Knob End, but found a Lord Berkeley's Knob in Scotland and a Lord Hereford's Knob in Wales. Why those particular Lords had knobs worth noting, I don’t know. This may require further investigation.

  24. We can confirm that Awa's parcel arrived on time.

    In fact, it was early!


  25. Piggy: Did you ever stop to think that Awa might have other friends in the UK besides you?

    And where's my Penistone pic?