Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free from Impurities

This place is a tip! Let’s tidy up.

Infomaniac has been busy chucking all the muck under the carpet.

It still feels a little smutty in here, doesn’t it?

What we need are a few good cleaning products.

Let’s see what’s available.

Manly Soap Dispenser…

larger image here.

Cum Clean Cock Washer soap…

Cum Kleen Personal Wipes…

“Get it off after getting off”
*suggests Tazzy and Piggy try using these instead of the curtains*

With products like these, there’s no excuse for filth on this blog anymore.


  1. does that cock washer cum in large? I see how it could get my rooster's neck clean but what about the wings?

  2. Question? Do the personal wipes cum in Aloe?

  3. Old Knudsen: Well look who’s here… the salty seaman himself! So you had a look through the keyhole and decided to open the door? Welcome, you crazy old fucker. Rest your old bitter bollocks here awhile.

    I can’t answer your question about cock washing so for information on cock care, visit Farmer Giles’ Cock Blog.

    Spikey: Aloe? Aloe? Is dis ting on? Maudit tabernak!

  4. Cheeky cunt. Our curtains are spunk virgins.

    Our socks and not-so-fluffy-anymore stuffed puppy, on the other hand...

    Besides, theres never much mess after Tazzy's rather gorgeous big tongue has lapped up any spillage.

  5. Piggy: Skanky twat!

    If you've violated Teddy Canuck, I'm bringing him home to Canada.

  6. Teddy Canuck has indeed seen things other Canuck teddies haven't.

    We'd call that privileged.

    He's such a lucky Teddy.

    As yet, he hasn't partaken of the pleasures we have to offer him.

    His time will cum.

  7. Oui! Interesse? Je vous donnerai un rabais...

  8. Spikey: Plotte sale.

    Et ou est la chienne américaine, Maidink, aujourd'hui?

  9. I came here before a couple of times and meant to bookmark you then I didn't see you etc etc. I have taken to using cum instead of come in my writings, I also use it for hair gel.

  10. I learned from you! As for Maidink.. not sure, selling her shit by the looks of it.

  11. These products are a clean freaks dream cum true!

  12. Old Knudsen: Cum again.

    Spikey: Do you think Maidy will give us "un rabais"?

    Pru: Or just plain "freaks" dream cum true.

  13. I would hope so seeing I will be Dink's future father-in-law!

  14. Spikey: Ah yes, the arranged marriage.

    And did you know that Maidy's naming the next child after me?

    So I should get a discount too.

  15. HEY!!!!

    No fucking fair! Y'all speaking that French stuff.

    I can't defend myself.

    You fuckers ... I will EXACT my revenge.

    But the wedding is still on.

    And I'm NOT naming the little one after MJ or Pink, dammit!!!!!

  16. Maidy: Like we're worried.

    Décidément, elle est folle. Eh Spikey?

  17. Then perhaps we should have a three-some!??


  18. Okay, you two Canuck fuckers.

    It took a few minutes, but I translated everything via Babel Fish.

    a) I am not

    b) Even if I was, you still get nothing

    c) Not even a cut price

    d) fuck off (and not in a good way)

  19. Spikey: Are you off your meds?

    Maidy: I called Spikey a whore. And a dirty cunt. Not you. I called YOU an American bitch. Which you are. Get a better translation service.

  20. I.






    Well dang, I just typed, but still, that was some funny shite!

  21. Thats what I thought.. oh well, I have been told I guess.

  22. You still get nothing ... fuckers

    And yes, I am a bitch.

    Actually, I am THE bitch.