Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good Clean Fun

Caption me, cutie. G’won. You know you wanna.

Yay! I’ve done it again!

Another day free from filth.

And since it’s Sunday, it’s only fitting that we engage in some wholesome family activities. For instance, soap carving. Good clean fun.

On your way out the door, feel free to leave a caption for the pic above.


  1. Even when KJ springs a leak, you too can be cleansed by Ivory!

    Yayyy, I'm first!

  2. KJ!!!???


  3. It's pure and white
    It eliminates shite
    Ivory Soap.

    That's the complete antithesis to a hippies' hot tub. Do these chaps NEED soap?

  4. "Thank the Lord this soap floats"

  5. "Golden Showers was just another one of MJ's talents"

  6. Hmm. Soap.

    And plenty of dirty cavities that require soaping.

    Okay, you with your back to m just gagging for it. You can be first.

    ... And what's that wee sailor boy doing? Is that a hose, or what?

    The dirty little cunt.

  7. Ivory Soap... perfect for those "you do my back I will do your back" moments.

    PS. I think my Dad used Ivory when he washed my mouth out with soap!

  8. Are we allowed to be filthy again yet?

    Ivory Soap
    Nothing gets my man so clean
    it works on butts and balls and peen!

  9. join the Navy. we use ivory soap.

  10. Good to see you’re all in fine form today!

    Prunella raises a good question…
    “Are we allowed to be filthy again yet?”

    Yes, you are!

    I encourage your filthiness during this dry spell. I, and I alone am required to uphold the cleanliness standard on this blog until Friday.. but only in my postings. You, dear filthy friends, have free reign to exercise your filthiness in the comments section. Go for it!

  11. Something about dropping the soap would be best.

  12. Captions:

    * What pillock invented floating soap? When I drop it I need it to stay dropped.

    * YMCA and In The Navy.

    * There's a sailor at the back, spraying us from his hose.

    * "Cum, Sodomy and Flesh", thought the young Winston.

    * The Master and his 12 disciples.

    * 99% pure. Welcome to the 1%.

  13. C'mon you lazy cunt. Where's todays post?

    Yeah, yeah. I know I haven't either yet, but at least I'm awake.

    Lazy cunt.

  14. Billy & Kapitano: Better late than never. Filthy. Both of you.

    Piggy: Shut the fuck up. I've just posted.

  15. Don't reach for the soap..No..NOOOO!
    That is an awesome old picture that had to have been an inside joke.

    Insert favorite 'seamen' joke here ____.