Sunday, December 31, 2006

Embrace Your Vices!

No resolutions.

Embrace your vices!

Happy New Year to all who venture into Infomaniac.

So glad you keep coming.


  1. yipeeeee 1st

    Happy new year have a great night and all my best wishes for 2007 xx

  2. When is New Years this year???

  3. Me and Mrs Robinson will keep on coming!
    Happiest New Year mj xx

  4. No resolutions, embrace your vices. Sounds like the right approach.

    Mind you, maybe you ought to cut down on those Cuban cigars and pay a visit to the dentist.

    Um, just thought I would mention that.

  5. Midget Arse: Yay! You're first!

    Happy New Year all the way from Canada to Barnsley.

    Spikey1: Consult your Tundra Time Zone converter.

    Kaz: And here's to you, Kaz! Coo-coo -ca-choo.

    Betty: Good advice but I feel filthy gorgeous just the way I am. Got a light? *cough, cough*

  6. Love the self potrait, darling. I agree with Betty, cut back on the Cubans.

    Happy New Year, cunt!

    Hugs and kisses!

    Word verifier: smydol - the generic form of Mydol.

  7. i'm not sure i want to embrace my vices. i may never get my nose out of a book. love the new haircut in the portrait. is that a new blue rinse i see?

  8. Maidy: And a Happy New Year to you too, bitch.

    What’s with all the unsolicited advice? Dontcha think I’m sexy?

    Pink: Yeah, that's a new blue rinse. And the carpet matches the curtains if you get my drift.

  9. Happy New Year MJ dear! Thank you for all the joy you bring. Have a good one with Mr. MJ!!

    Love ya lots! :)

  10. I paid homage to you on my site, my dear.

  11. Good ad vice!

    Happy New Year MJ

    *blows party blower in MJs face*

  12. There once was a lass named MJ
    whose beauty had the power to slay
    said she, "I like to smoke
    and have a laugh and a joke
    I don't worry about tooth decay!"

    Happy New Year MJ, luv ya!

  13. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4 and a half hours to go!

    Happy New Year, MJ.

    Thank you for all the entertainment in 2006.


  14. Chelly: Love to you in the New Year mon amie Torontonienne.

    IDV: Same to you, witchy poo.

    Maidy: You dirty bitch. Happy fucking new year.

    SID: *swallows SID’s blower … gags*

    Now fuck off and give my head peace, ya big eejit.

    And give us a bag o’ spuds.

    Pru: Here’s to more celebrity cooch in 2007! Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed.

    Geoff: I have my World Clock set to ring when it’s midnight in the UK. Cheers, mate!

    Here’s to a goal for the Irons in 07.

  15. only 8 hours to go before midnight here in central MS. awaiting and i are having a new years eve party tonight. who knows what kind of trouble we'll all get into.

    p.s. carpet matching the drapes? way too much information.

  16. Happy New Year MJ!

    Thanks for all the laughs.

  17. yay! another year come and gone. well, time to pay my rent and my cell phone bills. later!

  18. Yayyyy! Its 2007!

    So what exactly does that mean?

    Another year to piss our pants, make a fool of ourselves and to get drunk off our arses?

    Yeah, did that since I hit 21.

    Nothing new.

    Happy New Year!!!

  19. 2007: year of the gambling, drinking, oversexed hedonist!

    WOO HOO!

    (you have a wicked sense of humour and great site - so glad I finally found a good one with that "next blog" thingy...)

  20. DP: Happy New Year from the same time zone. Only Alaska and Hawaii were behind us in welcoming the New Year. I used it as an excuse to raise a glass every time the zones ahead of us hit the stroke of midnight.

    Pink: Hello again and HNY!

    Awa: For a drunk, you're remarkably lucid. Happy New Year!

    Quinn: Welcome to Infomaniac and thank you! Mind you don't trip over that 'next blog thingy' on the way out.

  21. The carpet matches the curtains? I don't remember that. I guess colour co-ordination is everything.

    It was cool meeting you in 2006. You and Mr. MJ have a great 2007, ya hear?

  22. Happy New Year! You are crazy and I have enjoyed all of your madcap zany antics.
    Your penchant for supplying what can only be described as TOO much information keeps me laughing and wondering where the edge of the envelope is...and what the hell is in that envelope, why that phrase still persists and why I'm using it in this sentence.
    Have a great 007!

  23. WW and HE: Welcome back Winterpeggers!

    Your comments are two minutes apart. Are you partying together over at WW's? Crazy Canucks.