Saturday, January 06, 2007

Self-Cleaning Undies

"…underwear that can be worn hygenically for weeks without washing"

Scientific breakthrough: Self-cleaning underwear.


  1. Perfect for Piggy!

    And Yayyyyy! This bitch is FIRST!!

    *throws stone at piggy and his dirty underwear!*

  2. Wow sounds great:
    But there's bound to be a catch.

    They'll probably cause impotence or give you a bad case of the galloping knob rot!

  3. awaiting - go to bed you insomniac, blogrolling, person

    kaz - ...galloping knob rot. lol.

    mj - have you called steve to let him know that he can actually change his existing undies for this product and he'll get more friends now that that odd smell is gone?

  4. Hmmmmm........soiled underwear!

    *drooling in a homerish sort of way*

  5. Awa: Piggy gets extra mileage from his undies by turning them inside out the next day.

    Kaz: Galloping knob rot? lol. Or at least a bad case of itchy scrot.

    Pink: Steve goes commando so there’s nothing that can be done about the smell.

    SID: You filthy perv. You’ve cum to the wrong place. Go here. (nsfw)

  6. Ewwww! MJ I meant soiled as in soil from potato picking adventures!

    *notes vast collection on site from MJ*

    Filthy bitch.

  7. SID: I’ve been out in the fields picking spuds all morning. I know you’re gummin’ for it so I’ll send you the first pair free. After that, you'll pay for it like all the other punters.

    Dirty hooer.

  8. How do we know you don't have shares in all these wacky new products you put on your site?

    And has Mr. MJ tried 'em

    Wouldn't it stand to reason you'd be the first guinea pigs, so to speak?

  9. Now you tell me! That would have been the perfect Xmas gift.

  10. Awa, you read my mind.

    Maybe we should buy a five pack for Piggy. Then he wouldn't have to launder for a whole year.

  11. These comments are hysterical.

    MJ you never cease to amaze with all the info you provide us with. You go girl!

  12. WW: Where do you come up with these conspiracy theories?

    Pru: But it would be unpleasant picking the tinsel out of them.

    Maidy: Tazzy’s mum does all the laundry for Piggy and Tazzy. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And then she brings them hot cups of tea as she dutifully folds their smalls.

    Chelly: Just trying to put the ‘info’ in ‘Infomaniac’.

  13. A journalist's mind? Asking the most indirect of questions to get the target's mind off track?

    I dunno. Personally, I never wash my underwear. I just recycle it.

  14. WW: Forgot you know all about those cheap journalist tricks.

  15. Underwear that keeps itself clean for weeks without washing is one thing. Underwear that keeps you clean is another.

    Perfect pants plus smelly skin - not good.