Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lunar Lunacy

A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la lune). 1902.

Tonight is the first full moon of the New Year.

Stories abound about busy emergency wards and rises in crime on nights with a full moon although these are frequently debunked.

So let’s survey Infomaniac’s readers (a scientific study if there ever was one) to ask what happens to you during a full moon.


  1. Yayyy! I'm first!

    Take that suckers!

    And in the words of Forrest Gump. "That's all I have to say about dat".

  2. woooo hoooo ... second!
    We had a baby.

  3. When the moon is at it's ripest and fully engorged, I like to make men howl at it.

  4. Awa: Taken!

    Spikey1: Sorry to hear about your defective condom.

    O Kapitano! My Kapitano!: Did this engorged "moon" involve a 90-minute-long-quickie against a brick wall, by any chance? Just wondering.

  5. I don't know if it's a coincidence but I've gone Looney Tunes mad since your One Froggy Evening post.

    What's up, Doc?

  6. Geoff: I too suffer the Looney Tunes madness. If asked, at the drop of a hat I'll sing...

    Hello, my baby!
    Hello, my honey!
    Hello, my ragtime gal!

    Send me a kiss by wire.
    Baby, my heart's on fire!

    If you refuse me,
    Honey, you loose me.
    Then you'll be left alone.

    Oh baby, telephone
    And tell me I'm
    Your own!

    *oddly enough, no one ever asks me to sing it*

  7. Its strange that you know the lyrics.

    Hmmmm...have you just given me a clue?

  8. Thank fuck the comments aren't audio based.

    I love the full moon. It relaxes me ... seriously.

    I just hate the fucken nutcase drivers and random loons that crawl out of the woodwork during this time.

    *looks around to see if Tatty and Piggy will show up on cue a la Lenny and Squiggy*

  9. And look who shows up next....

  10. Awa: If you'd watched 'One Froggy Evening' as many times as I have, you'd know the lyrics too.

    Maidy: Bite me, bitch.
    *makes note to phone Maidy and sing Bugs Bunny's "Rabbit of Seville"...*
    How about a nice close shave?
    Teach your whiskers to behave?

    Spikey1: Eh?

  11. *tightens MJs restraint straps*

    The psychiatric wards were great during full moon time.

    I use to be a werewolf but I'm alright nooooooooooow!

  12. SID: *MJ chews through restraints*

    Are you out on a day pass SID?

  13. It followed the previous comment.. nevermind... obviously I am funny in looks only!

  14. Spikey1: Let's both stop while we're ahead. You know how they laugh at us Canucks.

  15. During a full moon, I just grow hair and other things too.

    A 90-minute "quickie?" Mr. MJ must be quite the guy...

  16. WW: The 90-minute-quickie-against-a-brick-wall was performed upon Kapitano on New Year's Eve. It's mentioned in the Jan.1st posting on his blog.

  17. Spikey, I got the joke.

    See, you're closer to the east coast; ergo, you're smarter.

    MJ, the loser cunt transplant on the West Coast, lost all her wit the second she crossed over Sask towards the Pacific. She's as thick as a whale omelette.

  18. Maidy and Spikey: For once I agree with that uppity bitch Maidink. I was sharp as a tack 'til I moved to the West Coast. Must be all the second hand smoke from the 'BC Bud'.