Monday, March 07, 2011

Introducing Our New Nail Technician

Welcome once again to The Infomaniac House of Beauty.

While you’re here, why not book an appointment with our new nail technician, Roxy?

Let ROXY give you the Pee-wee’s Playhouse Manicure Special!

Treat your fingernails to Clocky, Chairy the Chair, Penny, Pee-wee, one of The Flowers, Globey, an ant from the Ant Farm, Magic Screen, Jambi, and Mr. Window.

Today’s Secret Word is MANICURE.

And remember what to do when you hear the secret word.


For more on how this look was created, click here.


  1. 1st

    Dearest Roxy, can you help with my nails?

  2. I stood over a gal on the subway today that had nails kinda like this... Looked like Charlotte's Web as told on nails... I would have asked, but you know those creatures: Babble babble babble.
    I don't know how you stand it Roxy.

  3. Congratulations Roxy....

    can you do anything to help Poor Lee?

  4. @xl:
    I don't like to give this type of news to anyone in such a public venue, but - the answer is no. I'm afraid there isn't much that can be done, short of notifying next of kin. Or, acrylics might work.

    Seeing stories like Lee's is so gut-wrenching - If I could've gotten to her in time, I could have saved the nail. But it would have needed to be packed in ice in a cooler, and airlifted to the salon - and, I would have had to make some paying clients wait.

    On second thought: nah, she's screwed...

  5. I could Roxy one of life's finer gifts. If only kabuki could get some kick-ass nails by Roxy, well kabuki could almost curl up and die. (which was the name of a salon)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Does she do Sponge Bob Square Pants characters too?

  8. Oh... And Please Mistress please...
    Don't play B17... On that jukebox of yours...

  9. I have been screaming really loud and now some people are coming to take me away.

  10. I've noticed that someone is sporting Roxy's hairstyle.

  11. Whilst waiting for Miss Roxy to return and put you bitches in your places, I would like to thank Hayward for that fabulous link.

    Mistress MJ hearts Pee-wee!

  12. I am intrigued by the comment deleted; can't imagine any thing on this blog that would be considered in poor taste. Maybe it was something in good taste so obviously unsuitable.

  13. I can only assume that the comment was deleted by kabuki in his haste to achieve "kick-ass nails."

  14. Bonus points to Princess who appears to be the only one on the ball.

  15. Oh wait...Scarlet too.

    But perhaps that is a result of her humane restraints.

  16. ****sneaks in****
    ****doesnt have anything to say on such a girlie subject****
    ****sneaks out****

  17. Somebody hold Beast down so we can paint his nails!!!

  18. @CyberPete: No, but thanks for asking.

    @hayward: Copycats are very flattering to me, since I set the trends rather than following them.

    @Beast: Give me five minutes alone in a room with you and a cuticle pusher - we'll see who's the girlie!

  19. re: Beast and the cuticle pusher...


  20. I'd be willing to have Coco painted on my nails, would Roxy do that?