Sunday, March 20, 2011

Homosexual Kissing Booth


Kiss a gay TODAY!


  1. The kissing booth 10p a kiss, £1 for a special down below kiss.

  2. The one on the top left looks like some 2nd tier TV actress whose name I don't remember. The middle one below-too scary.

  3. Point me to the line that takes me to the lesbian booth!

    ***RIP, Kaz. Our world was made brighter with your company. And you will be much missed and loved***

  4. @Eros: I'm working on a post about KAZ right now.

    Everyone else...CONTINUE KISSING!

    I'm sure it's what KAZ would have wanted you to do.

  5. i wouldn't go near that orgy with a vial of penicillin.

  6. Is it perchance a "blow a kissathon"
    I hope so... Particularly for that second group of lads though they look as if business is a little slow...

    I'm lining up twice for the boy at the top.

    I'm Raising a botlle of Bolle to Kaz Sweetie...

  7. People can kiss on the mouth too?

    I must've missed that one.