Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Our Mr. Cookie is going through a rough patch at the moment as you know if you read his blog or if you saw his "Vent-O-Spleen" comment on our “Cake” post.

Mistress MJ knows for a fact that many of you are experiencing difficulties in your lives right now.

Some of you have lost loved ones, you’re caring for someone’s who’s ill, your own health is a concern, you have financial problems or job worries, etc., etc.

At a time when big celebrations are coming up (American Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays) you are expected to act like nothing’s wrong; like you’re part of one big happy-go-lucky family.

We here at Infomaniac know the pressures you face and that you need a place to, as Mr. Cookie puts it… "Vent-O-Spleen".

So go ahead. Throw a floor lamp. Fart on a cake. Smoosh pumpkin pie into each others’ pants.

Whatever it takes.


And remember to breathe.

We’re all in this together, bitches.

Note: Mistress MJ cannot respond to all your comments personally today so please take it upon yourselves to dialogue with each other.


  1. Love you, Cookie.

    Now let me hear you all sing it, bitches!

  2. "Gloria Dharling.. I think your a little flat... What do you mean you thought it was me?... It Can't possibly be me I'm wearing my push up bra Dhaarling"...

    I will survive......

  3. most of us have no idea what the "right" thing to say, so we spew hallmark-type crap, stuff we've heard before, stuff we know is "safe to say."

    after the funeral of my first enormous loss, as i was in the throws of my grief, i asked my mother how was i to go on? the aching emptiness was all i could focus on.

    mom was kind and loving, but didn't mince words. she simply said that yes, that hole will always be there, but it becomes a part of you.

    the testament to your loss/love is your pain.

  4. okay, i can't do this anymore, i get to weirded out, i need to be sarcastic & cutting and rude! mj, why isn't there a picture of some three-dicked guy here!

  5. Extremely well said, Norma, it will become a part of you and yes, you will look back and miss that person dearly. You will always be full of whys and how-comes.. It never goes away.

    Life is a tough road and it will be an up and down from the get-go. Expecting it to always be fine and dandy is selling yourself a limp horse. But the fact of the matter is that we'll get through it.

    My life problems are endless, I do my best to find solace in my family and those that I hold close and even here at Infomaniac, there's a sanctuary for all of us. We should all try our best to tough it out, it'll get better.

  6. Are we limited to only one problem?

  7. and do you know why Miss MJ cannot comment today.
    She is preparing a pilgrimage to THE CELINE DION EXPERIENCE
    oh yes she is

  8. Oh for heavens sake, Norma. A man with two penises is the best I can do at this hour of the morning.

    Do NOT listen to Beast as my travel plans most definitely do NOT include Celine Dion.

    p.s. You are not limited to one problem.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, Mistress MJ needs her beauty sleep.

  9. *throws rotten smoked kipper at Mr Beastie and plugs him into 24hr Celine Dion radio*

  10. Cool Cookie, I'm so sorry to hear of your mum's passing.

    Many, many hugs.

    While I'm sure your friends meant well, it doesn't help to be told what you should or should not be feeling/doing/experiencing.

    You be you, however you feel in the moment. Put one foot in front of the other and if you feel like screaming the house down....let me know, I'd love to try screaming in a capella.

  11. Oh yeah...my problems:

    1. one grumpy, hormonal teenager in the throws of a break-up (much Drama)

    2. the cold-thingy he thoughtfully gave me. I hate being ill

    3. being angry/sad/lonely that my dad died

    4. generally pissed off it's Winter.

  12. @ Roses problem 1:

    Well, I can't imagine what it'll be like to be a mother.. I cannot imagine what it's like to deal with a child. I feel sorry for him having to deal with a break up and I'm sorry that you're going through it too! I guess my mother counts her lucky stars that I always tended to keep my problems to myself.

    And please don't say the CD name! Such Blasphemy!!!

  13. I have a few items to bitch about but I try to stay focused on the good: my health, my good friends... the fact that I still manage to keep a roof over my head 1-year post job loss.

    It's too overwhelming if I sit and really dwell on all that's happened the last year. Besides, we don't have to look too far to find others in far worse circumstances.

  14. Roses and Norma - BIG hugs.

    Roses Problem #1 - for me its the eye rolling. When they roll their eyes, I leave the area. But when they say "You don't understand me," my standard response is "You don't understand yourself."

    And I don't even have children!

  15. I've often thought of taking up the art of the cake fart...

  16. Group hug!

    Okay. Whose hand is that on my ass?

  17. no heat, no power and 16 people coming for Thanksgiving.

    Thank God I am this place to spend a few minutes.

  18. This is a place to vent? Well, I'm usually happy go lucky champagne pink loving 'Petra but I do worry about my job and if I'll end up losing it.

    Oh well, not much sense in that. It just ruins my mood. Champagne darrrrrlings?

  19. Roses: sorry, I'll stop groping you.

  20. It's the most stressful time of the year. BUGGA!