Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Party Time!

Mistress MJ is fecking off to Montreal for a few days.

She’s left the liquor cabinet unlocked, assuming that you are all adults who can take care of yourselves and act responsibly.

See you back here on Monday.

And a happy Thanksgiving to all our American bitches.


  1. Enjoy your vacation in France!

  2. Godsdammit xl! How do you get here so early?

    * delves into the recesses of the drinks cabinet and resolves to finish the barely used sticky bottle of sloe gin *

  3. have a grand time, sugar! and thanks for the good wishes. xoxoxo

  4. Have a great time in them foreign parts.

    IDV, the sloe gin is all yours. Tastes like cough medicine that was forced down my neck as a child.

    Oh, what have we here?

    *pulls out a dusty, crusty bottle filled with radiation green liquor*

    Creme de Menthe!

  5. Hears a little somthing to make your vist more welcoming Dear Mistress....

  6. For tomorrow, as a tribute to the forefathers, I hereby decree a "no-drama zone" around each of us. A five foot charmed circle shall form around each of us, protecting us from insults, drunken family members, unwed and pregnant relatives and angst.

    Eat, drink, be merry, for Friday is BLACK FRIDAY!

  7. wipe your feet before you come back into the house, what with all that fecking.

  8. No champagne in the fridge?

    I'm out of here.

  9. I will miss you Mistress.


    ***place single chaste kiss on Mistress' feet as is proper***

    *****eyes vodka bottle*******

  10. *sigh*

    Cyberpete love, we've got the free-run of the liquor cabinet...don't you know what that means?


    Anyone knows how to mix a Bahama Mamma?

  11. PS. Happy Thanksgiving American Bitches!

    Have a great one.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I like dark meat and white meat.

  13. "you are all adults who can take care of yourselves and act responsibly."

    BWUHAAHAAA ... höhö ...

    Good drinking alcohol should not be mixed. That's what the industrial is good for, throw in some cresot and sugar, call it Canadian club ... where's the absinth?

  14. I'll try a Bahama Mamma whatever that is. I do it has sparklers, cherries, umbrellas and other fabulous decorations and garnish

  15. Bloody Hell ... xl got here before me and emptied all the Vodka bottles

  16. There won't be one drop of Rum left in the cabinet...
    just sayin'.

    Ayez l'amusement et ne faites rien...que je ne ferais pas.

    As if!

  17. Bollocks ! all thats left is the sad bottle of Cinzano Bianco that somebody bought to MJ's 50th birthday party in 1972
    Oh well needs must when the devil drives.
    Lets try on MJ's underwear
    ***dances past with something lacy on head***

  18. I'll just have an Orangina please... with a large gin in it.

    Have a wonderful sojourn.

  19. *hands Cyberpete very pink drink, with fruit, umbrellas and lights the sparkler*

    (I have no idea how old those glace cherries are, there was less dust on that bottle than on the Creme de Menthe)

    Donn, oh ye of little faith. We just emptied one cupboard. There are two more to go. You forgot the ones in the Oubliette and Plaid Room.

    *snatches at the lace on Beast's head and misses*

    Absinthe for Mago....Lulu, we've still got some cranberry juice, do you want some in your vodka, or want it straight up?

    Mitzi, not orangina, just orange juice, does that work for you?

    Beast, really, just because it's filthy Friday and we have no filth, there's no need to do that with MJ's undies. Take them off!

  20. Hopeing that you're enjoying your trip MJ,

    Handing Roses, a cold Collins glass containing a refreshing Bahama Mamma, slightly heavy on the 151. And pouring one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

  21. Awesome. Thank you Karl.

    *takes a sip*


    I appreciate your taking over the bartending duties. Trying to keep up demand with this bunch of lushes is exhausting. I'm just going to perch on this here stool.

    MJ is going to be so cross when she sees what Beast has done to her undie drawer and we don't even have Ms Scarlet to keep him under control.

  22. Where IS Miss Scarls?

    Do you have any strawberry daiquiris back there?

  23. *lifts head up from bar*

    No idea honey, ask Karl, he's the mix master at the moment.

    Haven't seen Ms Scarlet either.

    Maybe Roxy can keep Beast under control.

    *puts head back on bar*

  24. Morning. I need an Irish Coffee and a smoke. Where did you hide the tabacco, Roses ... here?

  25. No Mago, I didn't hide it there.

    I won't tell you where I did hide it though, I'm enjoying the frisking.

  26. I am here. I have chained Mr Beastie to the sink so that he can wash up our empties. There was a struggle and I had to mollify him with a bottle of de-icer; it doubles up as an air freshener. He staggered around for a bit but at least he smells nice.
    Anyhow, Happy Holidays, Mistress!!!
    Everything is under control... and thank you for leaving the keys to your shoe closet on the dressing table... I have never been taller.

  27. Three cheers for Ms Scarlet!

    Hip hip....!!!!

  28. Blogger Alert! Blogger Alert!
    I can't see Mr Swings anywhere.
    *packs bag and heads for the US*
    I think this needs the hands on approach.

  29. Thank you Roses, I hope it's freshly squeezed by the thighs of a houseboy.

    He's probably maudlin somewhere somewhere Scarlet.

  30. Hark at me repeating myself like an old lush.

  31. this is a very bad time for the vodka fountain to be in the repair shop, but I see MJ has left me a few bottles so I'm happy.

  32. Viva Montreal! Enjoy it - hard not to!

  33. HURRAH! And Scarlets smells so good now. Clean bitches all around. I am in the mood for something with hot white wine, I just came in from the cold and freezing streets, a Punsch "Seehund" will do ... where's the rum?

  34. mago ~ you haven't finished searching for the tobacco. I can't wait till you find the rum....

  35. Oh I'm so thirsty...
    Anything long and wet will do...

  36. Have a G & T Princess dahling. Long, tall and cold.

    *hands Jason a glass of water and an alkaseltzer*

    Here you go honey. Don't worry, we won't put the pictures up until later. Who'd have thought you had such talents.

    We'll get Beast to clear up the mess on the carpet.

  37. Rigs a catapult out of one of MJ's bra's and fires peanuts and cheese puffs into the crowd !

  38. Happy Turkey day (belated) was doping around after the Tryptophan coma!

    Hey hey! Why peanuts? Cheese puffs is sufficient!

  39. *lifts head off bar, sees cheese puff and peanut mess, puts head back on bar, goes back to sleep*

  40. Terrible mess here ... wher's this socalled Montreal anyway? Is it something like Mons salutis holding the grail?

  41. You're all being severely disciplined for this unruliness.