Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A woman.

A cake.

What’s the worst that could happen?


  1. First!
    *attatching clothes peg to nose on entering room*
    Now what was that you were saying Dear?....

  2. Bugger !
    I guess i'm not first.. Oh Lucky Xl! You got first whiff of cake... Well done!

  3. It looks like the worst has happened. Judging by the look on her face and the still intact nature of the cake, she ran out of poo-air.

    Hai xl, Princess and MJ!

  4. that is so not right, sugar! balloons on the wall and other foodstuffs on the nightstand...AND she has a cigarette! and dont get me started on that hairdo! xoxoxox

  5. Yeah, looks like a bad birthday thingy ... oh Horror!

  6. I understand how this woman feels. Mom died on November 9th; yesterday was my birthday, and I got all these people telling me to "go out and make it a special day" and "you deserve happiness on your birthday." While I appreciate their wishes, I'm not a floor lamp, I can't turn my sadness off and my fucking happiness back on!

    So I totally get that woman in the picture.

    PS - Thanks for the "Vent-O-Spleen" moment.

  7. Please let that not be a cake part and parcel to a poo-poo platter!

    That woman just looks, displeased.. Period.

    @Cookie. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and, "Going out and making it a special day" can be really difficult when something like that has happened near the 'celebration'.

  8. Cool Cookie: we're dealing with a similar situation around here. Screw everyone else. You do what you have to do. I'll smash a floor lamp in your honor, my darling.

    MJ: I love you for posting a Dianne Arbus. It's almost like you weren't Canadian sometimes. Someday you can be cool like me. *writes 'America, Fuck Yeah!' on stomach with cyalume*

  9. gastly or is that ghastly? no, gastly.
    (& chocolatey too!).

  10. *joins Ms. Nations (FN) in orgy of floor-lamp-smashing*

    New post up, bitches, for those who would like to join in on the venting of spleen.

  11. o cuddles i'm so depressed. let's have some cake...polyester

  12. DEN81164: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Yay! Polyester!

  13. I somehow always imagined Marie Antoinette a tad shorter?

  14. So that's what happened to the Usenet farting on cakes guy. Haven't thought about him in a decade! Ah, memories.