Friday, December 26, 2008

Filthy Friday

Mistress MJ fully expected to get her stocking stuffed but this is not what she had in mind…

And how was your Christmas, bitches?


  1. Awwww...gramps is cute!

    First! So many times now that it's getting embarrassing...

  2. Is that his cat on top of the tree?

    Sorry to hear about Miss Kitt. Mayshe rest in peace and take grandpa with her.

  3. Yay second and third bitches!

    Sock on that!

  4. He's got a whole village under his tree..

    I'm shattered...

  5. So that's what Santa does when he's at home!

    He went all out and trimmed his tree; he did nice job on the Xmas tree as well.

  6. was quiet for the most part...which was good...sorry about the stocking thing...did you wear them or hang them...makes a difference!

  7. Eeeek, I really must remember when it's friday!
    I had five presents - one cd, two books, some longjohns (to be displayed on fashion day) and a birdfeeder.
    Anyway, that's it for another year - pressure's off!

  8. Is that Vicus in festive mood?

  9. I hope your house boys spoilt you Mistress MJ. I had vouchers and a dry Chrimbo which was very nice.

    Shame about Eartha...

  10. He's here to celebrate Filthy Boxing Day!

  11. My indigestion wasn't as bad as last year. So that's a positive. But there are still the pickles to come today. *burp*

  12. LEAH: First! So many times now that it's getting embarrassing...

    Boxer and Eros are still the frontrunners for firsts.

    CYBERPOOF: You sound elated.

    Are you free at last or just high on something?

    SCARLET: If I’m not mistaken, there’s also a train encircling the “hi-fi system.”

    EROS: His outdoor tree looks like this.

    DAISY: sorry about the stocking thing...did you wear them or hang them...makes a difference!

    You mean I was supposed to take them off?!

    TOM: I can accept you in long johns but I won’t stand for you wearing those Crocs!

  13. KAZ: If that were Vicus, you know darned well we’d have stripped him of his wristwatch by now.

    HARDHOUSE: If you look closely you’ll see that one of those vouchers entitles you to a day with the houseboy of your choice.

    Shall I arrange for shipping?

    XL: You won’t find any filthy boxes ‘round here!

    TONY: I bought that cigar at a joke shop.

    Give it another five seconds and it will explode.

    GEOFF: Pickles?

    You tend to overexcite your palate at Christmas.

    Go back to your regular diet eating cottage cheese on toast with a couple of tomatoes.

    KAPI: Oh look, a big fairy!

    That’s the mirror you’re looking into, sweetie.

  14. RICH: I know you've just turned 50 so this is a concern for you but look at what a hunk of burnin' love Old Knudsen is!

    SAVANNAH: Has the alcohol worn off?

  15. Perfect!

    much better than the one depicted. more dick, too!

  16. Back to the old geezers, eh? Perhaps you could just post photos of your houseboys cleaning up after the Christmas bash.

    I am sure you decor is a bit better than all these old guys. That is really hard on the eyes at times.

  17. I'd wrap him back up and return him for something.... bigger?

    make sure you have the receipt.

  18. LEAH: Be forewarned that Eros’ game is Texas hold ‘em.

    NATIONS: Isn’t it always Dickmas at Rancho First Nations?

    PONITA: Photos of the houseboys will follow soon.

    They’re sleeping it off at the moment.

    BOXER: Oh he’s going back in the box, all right.

  19. I'm so free, I feel so high!

    To be honest I opened a bottle of nice red wine and took a long hot shower and now I'm just here enjoying the sound of nothing.

    No one, not one person saying anything at all. It's pure bliss.

  20. The day I wake up Christmas morning with naked old man in my living room is the day I...I...I can't even talk about it. I'm so grossed out.

  21. As I am now officially a Canuck I should visit my new adopted home and take my pick of the houseboys.

    Line them up ready for inspection...

  22. CYBERPOOF: Time to play “I Will Survive.”

    CSI: Many years from now you’ll wake up and find you’ve forgotten to get dressed and put in your teeth.

    HARDHOUSE: I’ll try to get them together for a photo shoot and post their pic tomorrow.

  23. *what* is all that white stuff deposited under the tree?

  24. Whats he grinning at? He has very tiny penis...

  25. CYBERPOOF: You should be by now.

    CARNALIS: He’s putting the white back in White Christmas.

    Let’s not ask how.

    MUTLEY: What’s not to smile about?

    It’s Christmas!