Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Donn!

How come so glum, chum?

No, it’s not a case of the dreaded MANFLU.

Donn went under the knife just days before his birthday.

Yes, our Donn had the Big Snip.


Read all about it here.

Join Infomaniac in wishing Donn a speedy recovery and a happy birthday.

And Donn? Does this mean you won't be fathering Monica Bellucci's children?


  1. What a ham he is! And you're just encouraging him...he'll dream about Monica until he dies now...

  2. My Dear MJ
    Why aren't you a Peach for making such a fuss
    XX OO

    Funny you should mention Monica and her insatiable desire to have my babies. Actually I have saved a special goodie jar of DNA which I took the liberty of storing for such an occasion and I have taken the precautionary measure of safely hiding my little fellows in my freezer behind the 8 bags of frozen peas currently in rotation.

    My plan would entail thoroughly enjoying myself and accomodating the beautiful Ms Bellucci under the pretense of being a fully operative male specimen.

    After rendering her incapacitated from pleasuring her for several weeks I would carefully insert the genetic material, after warming it in my hands of course, and let nature take it's course.

    Of course I shall rely on your discretion regarding this matter.

  3. WW: You beat Donn to number one.

    Obviously the procedure slowed down more than just his swimmers.

    DONNNNN: Oh dear.

    I do hope your good lady wife doesn't mistake the contents of your goodie jar for white sauce.

    "Honey, the chicken tastes funny."

  4. Looks like Donn is practicing for a soccer penalty shot in the first pix.

    [off topic]
    There seems to be some sort of political insurrection in The Great White North!

  5. Typical headline: Crisis-torn Canada suspends parliament

    Donn will offer political analysis in a future post.

  6. Wishing Donn and his mauled gonads a speedy recovery

  7. happy birthday donn...and good luck with the frozen peas...

  8. At least he doesn't have manflu... yet...

  9. Happy birthday Donnnnnn

    Hope your manbits recover quickly and painlessly.

  10. Happy birthday Donn.
    Are you back in action yet?

  11. There is a young man named Donn
    Who can't put his tight undies on
    As his down belows do wilt
    He walks round in a kilt
    And keeps peas in his frozen sporron

    Happy birthday Donn!

  12. Happy Birthday, Donnnn!

    Wishing you a fabulous day (minus the sex part, for obvious reasons, but you can take a rain cheque for that from your wife, I am sure!) desipte the fact that it is -21C right now! Feels like -31C with the wind chill.

    Just stay indoors or you won't be needing the frozen peas at all.


  13. Wow - Ii think my fingers are dyslexic....

    that should read: despite

  14. BEAST: Canadian men are of hardier stock than British men.

    Donn should be fit as a fiddle in no time.

    DAISY: They look like generic frozen peas to me.

    I’m surprised he’s not using Green “Giant” peas.

    SCARLET: He seems to have mastered the pitiful helpless look that comes with MANFLU.

    He’ll be prepared for it when it hits.

    CYBERPOOF: Do you have ulterior motives for wishing his manbits a speedy recovery?

    KAZ: He doesn’t sleep beneath an “Action Man” duvet for nothing!

    GEOFF: What an inspired ode to Donn’s losing his load.

    However, my trip to the next Highland Games will be marred by images of kilt-wilt.

    PONITA: You’d call it a “rain cheque” here on the “Wet” Coast of Canada but in your part of the world, wouldn’t “snow cheque” be a more apropos term?

  15. Canandien Men are of hardier stock than British men.......what nonsense...and why does Donn keep changing his trousers ??? cheese related gastric incident ???

  16. BEAST: Are you not familiar with the song, “Donald, Where's Yer Troosers?”...

    Well I caught a cold and me nose was raw
    I had no handkerchief at all
    So I hiked up my kilt and I gave it a blow,
    Now you can't do that with troosers.

    Donn’s been using his trousers as a handkerchief as his kilt is at the cleaners.

  17. BEAST: p.s. Canadian men must dodge avalanches and grizzly bears during their work day.

    What's the worst that could happen to a British male?

    A paper cut?

  18. Happy Day Sir Donn!

    I wish you a weekend of rest and..... ice bags?

  19. BOXER: When was Donn knighted?

    Is he hobnobbing now with Bono and Macca and Sir Elton?

  20. British women are the worse thing that can happen to British men.

  21. I was doing a little bit of research about Canadian soldiers in the UK, and stumbled upon this little gem:

    "The 1st Canadian Infantry Division arrived in Aldershot in December 1939 and January 1940, moving into barracks left empty since the British 1st and 2nd Divisions departed for France the previous September. It was a particularly bitter winter, the barrack blocks had little heating and the Canadians, though used to the cold, were not acclimatised to the damp British climate and they suffered much sickness. Few recall their sojourn in Aldershot that winter with pleasure."

    So MJ, tell us again how Canadians are much tougher than the British? LOL!

  22. What an odd birthday present... the snip?

    Poor Belluci. She's really going to miss out. Happy birthday Donn!

  23. Happy Birthday Donn........You Are A Cut Above The Rest!

  24. Oh no!

    He is a happiely married man afterall. I just feel for the guy out of brotherly concern.

    None of us want to get cut and lasered down there.

  25. I used to work with someone who told me that her doctor had advised her to sit on a bag of frozen peas as a way to relieve the pain caused by her hemorrhoids.

  26. I have decided to become the new Canadian Prime Minister since that Harper bloke appears to have taken his ball home. I am much better looking that Pierre Trudeaux (who had a poncy name) and I rock at ice hockey.

    I shall ban poutine and decree that Celine Dion be publicly executed.

    Birthday boy Donn shall be my deputy and willing executioner.

  27. HAHAHA
    What a hilarious lovely bunch you are!
    Thank You.

  28. Happy Birthday, Donn!

    I'm sure Monica will be over to nurse you back health and give you some hands on physical therapy.

  29. BITCHES: Thanks to all of you "hilarious lovely bitches" (Donn's words, not mine) who turned out today to wish Donn a happy birthday.

    Let's hope he heals quickly so he can collect on his rain cheque.

  30. What wonderful news! (Not the vasectomy, as such, but the thought that you're still sexually active with someone who might get pregnant.)

  31. Um, what's Monica's nipple doing all the way over there at 3 o'clock?