Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.


Like flies returning to shit, Yorkshire’s favourite poofs are back!

Be sure to drop by and say hello.

B.Y.O.B.B. ... Bring your own barf bag.


Oh bugger me! It looks like The Smunts have returned too!

Yes, it’s England’s favourite postie, Steve and his fag hag wife, Carly


Ms. Nations forces us to relive the horror of gym class.


Don’t hate Kaz because she is in sunny Spain and you’re not.

Kaz's Catalonian Caganer

"Caganer translates from Catalan to English as "pooper", and that is exactly what this little statue is doing — defecating."


In Old Knudsen’s “People You Meet” post, we’re greeted with a familiar face…



Tom (left) and his horsey

It’s time we re-introduced TOM to everybody as he’s been a bit shy about bandying himself about the Blogosphere lately.

Aside from Vicus, he has very few friends so we here at Infomaniac think it’s high time he got out and mixed with the rest of us.

Tom is from Devon, England. His interests include horses, organic gardening and “anything with Hugh Grant in.”

The most important thing you need to know about Tom is that he’s the Winner of the Betty's Utility Room 2006 Loverman Award.

Pop over and show him some love.

No, Tom! Don’t jump! We LIKE you, Tom! Oh wait…(clicks pic to enlarge) …are you wearing CROCS???

*sound of yodeling in the canyon as Tom disappears mysteriously over the edge*


  1. I don't even care what number I am, I just need to shove Tom a little harder as he tries to climb up..... nothing personal, I just hate crocs.

  2. So Wiggy and Faggy are back
    ***Blows party farty thing***

  3. Well, at least they're not orange crocs...

  4. We might just forgive Tom as he has some mega he - man boots on in the other pic.
    But can we ever forgive Nations for the scariest pic of the year?

  5. So Beast now refers to his starfish as his 'party farty' thing, does he?

    I imagine it's so loose that it's more than a hiss than a parp.

  6. Tom seems like a lovely chap but oh my, Crocs?

    Did Boxer already push him over the edge?

    Tazz and Pig are so cute together!

  7. Even after Tazzy and Wazzy I still got the horn with Maggie.

  8. wb piggy and tazzy...missed you guys...

    btw mj for the second day in a row it is -25 degrees F with the wind chill and i am sick of this shit...would you please send something/someone warm for your little daisy?

  9. *sends Daisy warm holiday wishes*

  10. MAGO: Yay!

    BOXER: Tom is planning a fashion post.

    We need to have a word with him.

    GINRO: Same to you.

    BEAST: Are your lips chafed now?

    SCARLET: Orange or not, he should chuck those Crocs over the canyon.

    KAZ: Nations is not personally responsible for scaring you.

    I took liberties to add the pic in an attempt to horrify our British readers.

    And it worked!

  11. PIGGY and BEAST: Reunited and it feels so good.

    CYBERPOOF: Taz and Pig cute together?


    KNUDSEN: You can get another 3 hours out of that erection, I’m sure.

    DAISY: See below.

    Thankfully it doesn’t involve a stinky duvet.

    CYBERPOOF: What a guy.

  12. "Same to you."

    You forgot to add 'with brass knobs on'.

  13. "Be sure to drop by and say hello" to Taz and Piggy.
    I did and they ignored me as usual.
    Still probably better that way eh?

  14. GINRO: It's cold enough from coast to coast in Canada to freeze your brass knobs off.

    KAZ: They ignored you as usual?

    Good to know some things never change.

    If it's any consolation, they are ignoring my email.

    They've probably run off to Alton Towers for the day.

  15. ***ignores Kaz , MJ and Piggy ***

  16. *hands tom a mask to cover his face while wearing crocs*

  17. BEAST: *tries to ignore Beast but is overwhelmed by the stench*

    VOICES: Oh great, now he looks like a bandito.

    Call off the posse!

  18. Oh gosh! It appears we were missed!


    It's good to back.

    Oh hello Beast!

  19. Hello Kaz!

    We didn't ignore you! Never!

    We saw. We took note.

  20. Is that Sasquatch or Donn? Ewww...

  21. Thatcher in a tracksuit.......christ I wont sleep tonight.....

  22. VOICES: Back door my ass.

    Oh. Er.

    PIGGY: Any chance of sticking around this time?

    RANDOM: See Voices’ answer.

    VOICES: Spot on.

    MANUEL: I’ll tuck you in.

    *fondles sugarloaf of sleeping waiter*

  23. What?
    Atleast my bits were still nicely shorn from my procedure?