Saturday, May 31, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Not to blog.

Instead, I’m going to soak my tired old arse.


  1. First Post! WCSN is the King of Australia! Now, for a good victory soak...

  2. Little moon?? I think big moon would be more appropriate.

  3. Does this work purely for the arse or is a general aromatherapeutic mineral bath?

    If it's the first I think we should send some to the guy from filthy friday

    surely you know the address MJ

  4. Saggy old arse would be a more accurate description.

    Or saggy old wrinkly, liver-spotted, stinking arse sat atop cellulite thighs.

    Yes, that'd be more apt.

  5. mj...i need some of this shit...does it come in large bottles?

  6. CHAMP: *throws the Champ an absorbent towel to dry off his powerful body hairs*

    IVD: Says the freakishly tall poor skinny little fucker who can’t walk through a doorway without banging his head.

    CYBERPOOF: Pikslikker.

    PIGGY: *checks to see if they make a product for moaning, frenetic, whiney, annoying, ginger-pubed old poofters to massage into their wee, barely visible willies*

    DAISY: We could arrange for a giant vat of the stuff to be delivered by tanker truck to your doorstep.

  7. do you have anything for "tired old feet AND arse"?

    I'd like a gallon, please.

  8. Kind of cement?

  9. CYBERPOOF: Kys mig i røven.

    BOXER: Old Knudsen will give you a foot massage.

    MAGO: You can leave your hand imprints in it like at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

  10. Rend og hop din klamme gamle so

  11. There should be a whiskey called "Tired Old Soak".

  12. the last time he kinda drooled and i spent days getting that out of the area between my toes.


  13. CYBERPOOF: Hold kæft!

    GEOFF: Served to me by a strapping young Celt in a kilt whilst I'm having a Highland fling.

    BOXER: That wasn't drool.

    You may have upset his chi.

  14. Skrid af helvede til din mær

  15. I like feet.....

    I have a tired old ass I just put it through the mule dip to get rid of its ticks but it don't carry junk and trunks like it used to.

  16. CYBERPOOF: Oh for CyberPete's sake. Enough!

    KNUDSEN: Mule dip?

    Are there refried black beans in that?

  17. Think you might need a bigger jar than that, have you seen the size of your arse?

  18. CYBERPOOF: *smacks self in head*

    BEAST: (?)

    TAZZY: Unlike your arse, mine does not require that I wear a "Caution: Wide Load" sign on my backside.

    I believe this comment may have actually been left by Piggy? Not Tazzy? I suspect.

    Tazzy has a beautiful botty.

  19. What did you do that for?

    Try soaking it in the tired old ass soak then, Might do something for the pain

  20. I need some of this. Pity my tub is craptastic.

  21. Awww, how nice of you to take the day off to care for your donkey...I didn't know you lived on a farm!

  22. bless your heart! and your arse, too!! ;-)

  23. CYBERPOOF: Pffffft.

    T-BIRD: Share a friend's tub.

    EROS: I'm a little bit country.

    SAVANNAH: Shucks.

    Thank ya, ma'am.