Friday, May 16, 2008

Filthy Friday – Armpit Sex

When the missionary position has grown old.

When your copy of the Kama Sutra is worn and dog-eared.

When you’ve explored each and every orifice.




  1. so much better than contraption man!!! but is it really?

  2. Heh! I thought Voices said "So much better than contraception, man!"

  3. She looks well pleased with herself.She must have just had an armpit orgasm

  4. amazing stuff weired than my female armpit forum

  5. Does she need the cream for shaving? ;) She must've just got done with work as I see some "sweat" under her nose...

    Raise your hand if you're sure!
    So that's her Secret! Strong enough for a man, and pH balanced for a woman!

  6. VOICES: It is too early in the morning here for philosophical questions.

    CYFA: Okay, IVD. We know Cyfa is really you morphing into one of your other personalities. Sheesh.

    Anyway…it IS contraception, man!

    BEAST: One thing is certain.

    If she’s well pleased, it wasn’t you who brought about the result.

    KNUDSEN: Now that you’re living in the U.S. you think you have to join the melting pot and think like an American.

    Does this spell the end for Fenian cocksucking?

    BOLLYARM: If I ever feel the need to chat about armpits, I’ll stop by to visit.

    EROS: She’s on a budget.

    Maybe CyberPoof will let her use his giant vat of Veet.

  7. Seeing that photo could almost make me go 100% straight.

  8. Most of the budget for that shoot (photoshoot) went on finding a porn woman who doesn't shave her armpits.

    Nicely plucked eyebrows though - obviously going for the "Emporer Ming's Daughter" look.

  9. Oh jeez, so not enough coffee yet for this.

    **finds razor, checks to make sure it's sharp.**

  10. MAIDY: I’m surprised the pic of our Naked Texan Cowboy, Eroswings, didn’t make you go straight.

    I saw you drooling in the comments box.

    KAPI: Perhaps she’s auditioning to play the role of a young Madonna.

    BOXER: Are you planning to use that on your wrists?

    Who’ll look after Paco?

    I mean, yay! I’ll get Old Knudsen’s cap!

  11. Is everyone missing the look of barely contained horror in her eyes? She's screaming "get me out of here!" behind those cheap veneers.

  12. Anal Sex = Greek
    Titty F*@#ing = Russian
    Armpit Sex = Armenian???

  13. T-BIRD: Not everyone can afford good dental work, you know.

    Look below you at Bob. I do believe he's talking about titty-wanking!

    BOB: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Was it the allure of free armpit sex that brought you here?

    I see you've covered the Greeks, Russians and Armenians but what about Canadians?

    I want your tie. Almost as much as I want Old Knudsen's cap.

    One more thing, Bob…

    It is a requirement of all new male Infomaniac readers to send me a photo of their bare arse.

    Hop to it.

  14. SAVANNAH: Can't you at least give me a little sugar?

  15. MJ....

    From what I've been told, Canadians do it doggy style so they can both watch the hockey game. Is that the case or am I being misled???

  16. BOB: So true!

    And if the woman doesn't move around too much, the man can balance his beer can on her back.

  17. Unibrow. That's what I thought of when I saw this picture.

    You won't get rid of me that easily!

  18. Well I like her - she is welcome round my place anytime...also the horrible man with his device is not.

  19. MUTLEY: Does she remind you a little of your Bonita?

    The horrible man with the device? Are you referring to Inexplicable DeVice by any chance?

  20. Sorry about the Cyfa related comment earlier. I forgot which Host I was in. Probably because of the horrific image...

  21. damn... bob is here!!!

    *high fives bob and notices his hands are quite like the one in the photo*

    um, is this some sort of conspiricy? that all along these photos arent from the web at all!?!? that its mjs personal stash from home?!?! im actually not that shocked...

    *wanders off thinking about some of the photos mj has posted in the past*

  22. I have similar suspicions Mr Voices , Miss MJ is playing her cards close to her chest , or armpit in this case

  23. BOXER: Are monobrows your next topic on Mute Monday?

    IVD: All of your personalities are time travelling tarts.

    VOICES: That’s “His Bobness” to the likes of you.

    Bob’s hands are indeed similar to the one in the pic but can we really be sure it’s Bob unless we see THE TIE?

    BEAST: If you don’t mind me sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces.

  24. It looks like she was posing for a bad deodorant commercial while some guy who was wacking-off accidentially "did his business" in her arm pit.

  25. RANDOM: Does Bob do deodorant commercials?

  26. well lookie lookie, guess who's here. yes! ME!
    lucky you

    oh, and I full on LOVE your blog!

    where in Cananda do you live?

  27. Judging by the amount of searches I get for "Sharapova armpits", clean shaven ones are very popular.

  28. CHER: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    It’s good to have another Canuck on board.

    Most of the riff raff here are Brits, filthy Irish and Yanks.

    I live on the “wet” coast but I’ll be moving back to Ontari-ari-ari-o asap.

    GEOFF: Speaking of Maria Sharapova, I get a lot of searches for Sharapowan pillows (click and scroll down).

  29. allright! the stage is set for a full on "voices" take over! now alls i need to do is fing that photo of my arse and send it on over...

    i do expect to see one of bobbys here soon!

  30. thanks for the welcome
    i'm not only a canuck, i'm also filthy and irish.

  31. VOICES: You're a blogging megalomaniac.

    You have to admit that I've been patient with you, waiting for your bare arse photo.

    If you and His Bobness both send in your bare arse pics soon, I could do a double posting.

    I'm getting quite excited thinking about it!

    CHER: Canadian, filthy AND Irish.

    Welcome to my world.

    This also explains your window licking.

    I'm far from first generation but I carry all the filthy Irish DNA in my bloodline.

  32. i'm a first generation canadian. my folks were both born and raised in Belfast.
    i, however was born in surrey. which may also explain some of my filthiness.
    the word filth is starting to really sound wrong in my head right now.

  33. Where the tie might be is entirely up to your imagination folks. Let's just say I had to keep her from running away some how.

    And if you're planning on running my arse as a double feature I want top billing.

  34. CHER: Surrey?

    Gawd help you.

    You’re tainted. Used goods. Soiled.

    Here at Infomaniac you have found a place to call home.

    BOB: Top billing?

    What a diva!

  35. has this turned into some sort of off dating site? i missed the box where i put in my stats... but im dating a married woman and quite happy about it... my arse is a farse of carse...

  36. yeah, i wanna see bobs ass with a tie draped around it...

    glad you came out of the lurker closet bob, see how much fun there is outside!!!

  37. VOICES: Dating?

    What the hell are you on about?

    I want both your arses photographed and emailed PRONTO!

    Bob's come out of the closet, you say?

  38. I keep my ties in the closet, not my skeletons.

  39. Hair I go again...awesome shot!

  40. BOB: If you say so Bob.

    PRONTO with that pic.

    MYTOES: Cum again.

  41. this place is a pig sty. i can't find anything.

  42. CHER: My cleaning bitch is temporarily on leave.

    Try to avoid slipping on the banana peel that Beast left "behind".

    Trust me. You don't want to know about the banana.

    If you're trying to find something, try checking under Voices.

  43. Bob's comment is going to help me in a long standing debate about whether it is called tittyfucking or tittywanking.

    Nice tie, dude.

  44. T-BIRD: Bob's done all right for his first day, hasn't he?

    Except for the fact that I'm still waiting for his bare arse photo.

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  47. DENNIS: Best wishes on finding more ladies who share your passion.

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  49. You see what you have done MJ? ....