Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s all get out for a little exercise today, shall we?

I, for one, will be out and about all day.

Nations will be out in her garden, attending to the flowers in her TOILET PLANTER...

What about the rest of you?


  1. duh, eazy question;

    hitting things.

  2. What does she use as fertiliser then ????

    I have gym , then a picnic , then dog walking then out for dinner :-)

  3. I don't have any plans at the moment but I'm thinking of hooking up with my guy

  4. Well, my day is over and my evening about to begin.

    But before it does, can anyone else verify that the woman on the right has such sinewy legs, that her right leg appears to have a munted wang attached to it?

    I totally thought that was a she/he for a moment there.

  5. I hope those bosom bodies in the first pic don't fall over and prick themselves on the cactii...

    Really, t bird, I was more concerned with the flat chested woman with the gigantic clitoris standing next to she man! She looks likes she's about to lose her balance. And why does the lass in the left look like she just passed gas? See how the lady next her makes a disgusted face?

  6. i am getting ready to go out and see people for work...should be doing that until 2pm then going to finish up the extra shopping i need for the room i worked on last weekend...then hang my pictures...then edit the pages of a book which needs to be finished and hopefully he will have it done in june (because i am tired of editing)...then who knows i might go crazy and take a bath

  7. BOXER: Remember to wear protection.

    BEAST: She uses placenta as fertilizer.

    The Beast works out?

    *laffs as I look at Beast’s saggy Roy Cropper arse*

    CYBERPOOF: And then blogging about it!

    T-BIRD & EROS: Why don’t the two of you have a good old tongue-wag over this issue and get back to us.

    DAISY: Follow it up by going to bed early if you can stand the excitement.

  8. I'll be sitting in the garden reading what will probably be Russell Brand's final football column in The Guardian.

  9. GEOFF: Why is it his final football column?

    Have you read "Irons in the Fire"?

    And has anyone read "My Booky Wook" yet because I want to know if it's worth picking up.

  10. Yes probably hee hee. Maybe it's gonna be a feature episode of Footballers Wives

    or perhaps not

  11. I am driving over to see my brother in Burnley.then getting pissed (I havnt had a drink all week!0 Bloody lovely weather here at the moment!God Is Good!

  12. Been shopping for tomorrow's roast dinner, got food for the dragons, actually put a post up and will probably spend the rest of the day drinking and relaxing.

  13. I shall be mostly idling at home today.
    It's Saturday, so the workers will be set free to invade the countryside, parks and cities.
    I'll leave them to it and wait for Monday.

  14. CYBERPOOF: Footballers Wives? Yay!

    Will the two of you adopt a hermaphroditic baby?

    Or will your chest catch on fire?

    TONY: Are you trying to escape the Hebden Bridge lesbians?

    CONNIE: I see you’ve put up a photo of IVD’s business vehicle.

    Well done.

    You may now spend the rest of the day drinking and relaxing.

    Does Tatas expect you to service her tonight?

    KAZ: We are all envious of your retirement lifestyle.

    In case you missed my question to Geoff… have you read “My Booky Wook” yet? I want to know if it’s a good read. If only for the sex addiction bits.

    Although now that I’ve seen Russell’s flat arse, I’ve lost a bit of interest.

  15. I think I've missed out on a lot. I knew about the baby but chests catching fire?

  16. Work. Sleep. Work.


    there is one of those big tacky grandma ass things, though.

    ...fine, its attached to the back of me.

    *loads trebuchet with various porcelain bath fixtures, aims north*

  18. I'm currently cooling off indoors after pulling ivy from the walls of my garage, treading on baby birds (I feel wretched!) and putting up guttering for a waterbutt.
    This evening, I will be drinking wine and watching Pushing Daisies. Oh, that Pieman is so cute!

  19. I'm waiting for the paperback of Booky Wook. I've just started Betty Driver's autobiography (co-written with Daran Little), as recommended by Kaz. Betty's mum was not very nice.

  20. CYBERPOOF: Two drunks set Chardonnay’s silicone tits on fire on her hen night in a restaurant.

    This was particularly devastating to Chardonnay’s livelihood as she worked as a topless model. (Hard to believe Kyle’s footballer salary wasn’t enough to keep her in Jimmy Choos)

    She was also anorexic so one wonders if she actually ate anything that night at the restaurant.

    I wonder how many Brits named their daughters “Chardonnay” after this series became popular?

    MAGO: You can sleep at work?

    NATIONS: AND you have a big bathtub on the lawn that you fill with ice and beer cans when you throw parties.

    Those parties where somebody always calls the cops.

    Could you load your trebuchet with some nice cukes and tomatoes?

    I fancy a Greek salad tonight.

    IVD: What is a waterbutt?

    I’m sure it has something to do with yesterday’s Golden Showers episode from the sound of it.

    Ned the Pieman? You’ll be asking me to post pics of Lee Pace’s arse anytime now, won’t you?

    GEOFF: Isn’t Betty Driver friends in real life with Bill Roache?

    I’ve read Roache’s first autobiography “Ken and Me” but now there’s another entitled “Soul on the Street.”

    Honestly, isn’t one autobiography enough?

    How exciting can the life of Ken Barlow be, for heaven’s sake?

  21. Priceless! I have to start watching that show again.

    Poor Char though, she is such a lovely creature.

  22. CYBERPOOF: My fave character is Tanya Turner.

    Although the poor bitch had to sleep with Frank Laslett which would be like sleeping with any of the fat hairy ugly old men you see on this blog.

    Have you seen the episode where Amber goes into the tanning salon and switches Tanya’s tanning lotion for a dangerous concoction that she’s whipped up? And Tanya’s face breaks out in a horrible rash as a result…while she’s out on a date with Conrad?

  23. damn, compared to all y'all..i'm a slacker bitch, not that there's anything wrong with that to my mind, suga, 'cos i'm happy! and that's all that counts in my world! xoxox

  24. Oh I've seen that episode I think!

    I also saw the episode when, was it Char and a guy got married and went up in that hot air balloon


    Tanya is my favorite one too but I really fancy Conrad and that black guy who blew him.

  25. I cannot possibly thank you enough for NOT posting any more disturbing image of peak freens..
    I mean pee'n freaks!

    OK who do I make the cheque out to?

  26. To bloody right he will be MJ. I'm ready.

  27. Don't go near Booky Wook 'til the paperback (soon).
    I also loved the gorgeous Alma's autobiography - co written with her lesbian partner - No not Gail - a real life writer.

  28. Holy crap - eros - you are right!

    There's certainly something to be said for not smoking and taking psychoactive drugs whilst pregnant. Look at this poor band of mutants!

  29. SAVANNAH: Of course you’re happy.

    You live in Savannah, for heaven’s sake.

    CYBERPOOF: There wasn’t enough man-on-man action in that show as far as I’m concerned.

    Get me rewrite!

    DONN: The pee’n freaks have the day off.

    You’ll know by the smell when they’ve returned.

    TATAS: I don’t want to think about it.

    KAZ: I’ve seen Alma’s bio around but haven’t picked up a copy.

    Ta for that recommendation and also for the Booky Wook info.

    T-BIRD: I just accidentally typed in T-Blog instead of T-Bird.

    I think I’d better hurry and post Sunday’s item before I get any more wasted.

    I blame the psychoactive drugs.

  30. Lucky guy. And they don't seem to have any tan lines!!