Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Awa and Beast!

Happy birthday from the gang here at Infomaniac!

It’s a double birthday celebration here on Infomaniac today!

First up, the lovely Mississippi Mama known as Awaiting or Awa

Awa with a poodle on her head

Our little girl has growed up. Awa turns 30 today!

Next in line for birthday greetings is Beast

Beast’s aging arse

Beast saw the back end of 30 a LONG time ago.

Let’s be kind and just say that he’s of “a certain age”.

I wanted to give Beast a good hard birthday spanking (he deserves it).

However, Beast doesn’t like spankies so just for today, his special day, the roles have been reversed….

Join me, everyone, in wishing Awa and Beast a very happy birthday.

Note: If I don’t already know your birthday, send me an email or mention your birth date in the comments.


  1. Happy Birthday to Beauty and the Beast!

  2. Happy birthday Awa and Beast - hope it's a great one for you both!

    Lovely pic of Awa - Beast? Hmmmm, maybe not so much...

    Enjoy yerselves. Drink beer, eh?

  3. I is halfway drunk.

    I cant thank straight.

    Pass me another brew...I just turned 21 and I is finally legal to consume enough alkeyhall til I pass out.


    *Seriously though, thank you so much! You rock!!

  4. Awwww thanks.
    Who'd have thought it , me and AWA are like astrological TWINS!!!
    I bet Miss MJ is fantasising that its Knudsen giving her a thrashing , with his cap.

  5. Happy Birthday Wishes to the beastesss and beautiessss

  6. EROS: You’re hired as my headline writer.

    NWT: Awa looks good in anything…even a poodle on her head.

    Beast is beautiful, in his own way.

    Awa appears to have taken your advice on the beer drinking.

    AWA: You’re thirty, you’re dirty, lift up your skirty.

    Happy birthday, sweetie.

    BEAST: Happy birthday, my little pork chop.

    Old Knudsen’s been on the receiving end of my hand a few times.

    STRANGELY: There’s something about you that is strangely familiar.

  7. BEAST said...

    Awwww thanks.
    Who'd have thought it , me and AWA are like astrological TWINS!!!

    We should so get married. I promise to cook you brekkers of eggs marinated in vodka and Jim Beam.

    STRANGELY: There’s something about you that is strangely familiar.
    Hmmm, to me too.

  8. I wouldn't mind you forgetting mine

    Happy birthday Awa and Beasty

  9. happy birthday awa and beast...i do remember 30...it was a great time and actually i liked my 30's a lot...beast well...i believe you are still a year or so younger than i and i can't really say anything nice about 45 so enjoy every year prior!

  10. Happy birthday both of you.

    Where's the cakes?

  11. AWA: Leave out the eggs.

    CYBERPOOF: Don't you want a gayer cake?

    DAISY: 45?

    Oh you ARE being kind to Beast!

    CONNIE: Oh look, speaking of queens as we were yesterday, it's the man who shares his birthday with Elton John.

    Do you think they’d like a cake like yours?

  12. Hapy Birthday to Awa and Beast.

    Must find out where he bought that Roy Cropper bag. My Louis Vuitton is beginning to look a little shabby.

  13. YOU are making ME a gayer cake?

    Oh gosh, it must be a show and tell like mine then.

  14. Louis Vuitton is also so two years ago Kazzy

    and so over exposed. Everyone has one, well not a real one like yours - but a fake.

  15. ye gads! that first pic is a bit of an eye opener.
    Commiserations and congratulations on making it thus far b/day people. What a ride eh?!, peaks and troughs.

  16. KAZ: Granada TV should hire you for their marketing division.

    They could make a bit of coin selling Roy Cropper bags along with the Coronation Street mugs.

    CYBERPOOF: Why don’t you challenge Kaz to post her handbags on her blog and you do the same with your so-called “manbags”? “Murses” is what they are, really. Anyway…

    We’ll be the judges as to who’s the most stylish.

    INCHWORM: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Are you a friend of the Beauty or the Beast?

    It matters you know, as I have to know which side of the blog to seat you on.

  17. Happy Burpday to the beautiful Awa.

    and Happy Burpday to the fat cunt.

  18. PIGGY: What a beautiful sentiment.

  19. yeah, beast, birthday, yeah, fine.

    *downs several straight shots, runs a cold shower*
    how damn old are you, 19? sheesh, lady!


  20. AWA and BEAST - Happy, Happy Birthday.

  21. NATIONS: I doubt that Beast remembers 19.

    BOXER: If you celebrate Paco's birthday, I want an invite.

  22. happy birthday Awa and Beast! yea! I love birthdays. I full on milk them and look forward to my shout out coming up on July 20th.

    I'm thinking about a party, so you should start thinking about coming!

  23. CHER: You say I should think about coming?

    Ooops. I just did! What can I say? I'm just an excitable kinda gal.

    *scribbles July 20th in margins*

    BITCHES: I am cursed today with Female Troubles. Satanic cramps from hell, if you must know.

    Carry on without me.

    Be sure to partake of the birthday cake you see in the first pic and mind that the birthday boy doesn't injure himself cutting the cake.

  24. How did I get to share my birthday with someone prettier than me...
    How annoying :-(

    ***adjusts poodle on head****
    Happy birthday Awa :-)

  25. happy birthday to you both i raise my glass to you have fun be good err on second thoughts be as naughty as you can luve n hugs helen xxxx(midgetarse)

  26. KAZ wins hands down in that one.

    I was just trying to give a little advise

    Hmmm maybe there'll be a pinkeye for the straight girl coming soon?

  27. *pees in mj planter*

    happy birthday and all that shit...

    *goes back to work*

  28. Beast said... 'How did I get to share my birthday with someone prettier than me...'

    We say... 'Very easily, we expect'.

  29. I am ready fer the partay! Tonight will be a goodun!

  30. Happy Birthday Awa and Beast! Can we pin the tail on someone's donkey?

  31. Happy Birthday! I am late to the party?

  32. Not as late as me...

    Happy birthday Awa and Beast.

    No I can't think of anything original at this time in the evening. Eros pinched the best one, anyway.

  33. *waves to the party goers and keels back over in pain once more*

  34. Hoppy brithday to them both - I know which one I would prefer to spank....

  35. Jaja, alles Gute Leute.
    Where's the beer? Something left? All on the ground in fetal position ... Weicheier!

  36. Random Chick, NO ONE DOES HARM TO AN ANIMAL WHILE I'M HERE. Come to Aunt Suzie my sweet donkey. Pin the tail on each other you insensitive m*&#&$r f*&#!$s.

    MJ, I hope you're feeling a bit better sweetie. I feel your pain. I know honey.

    Happy birthday to those most deserving. What a beautiful day to be born. And MJ, I want to know exactly what you think of me August 8th! Put it in your margin honey. I'll be waiting. Please try not to insult me too much. I'm sensitive. Do you need some roses? (Yup, they're a bribe.)

    See you soon,

  37. May I suggest a few shots of tequila for that "problem" and I'm working on a Paco Post.... just for you. Don't know his birthday, but let's make one up.

  38. Happy Birthday!

    My birthday is August 25th, but I start promoting it well in advance.

  39. Greetings to all the latecomers. Help yourself to a few frozen canapés I’ve defrosted since the cake is all gone.

    All upcoming birthdays have been penciled into my Infomaniac Birthday Book.

    A special welcome to Suzanne who is joining us today for the first time. Suzanne, I hope you don’t get your pretty party dress stained from standing too close to any of my regular readers but it’s the chance you’ll have to take when you visit here. Come back soon!

  40. happy birthday, awa & beast...i'm just a little late in wishing you both many more! xoxo

    mj...my birthday is 12/31

  41. SAVANNAH: New Year's Eve?

    Double the champagne!