Saturday, May 03, 2008

Naked Gardening Day

It’s World Naked Gardening Day!

So get naked, grab your hoe, and get out in your garden.

Don’t leave yet. There’s another post beneath this one.


  1. I love how you lull us into a false sense of security with fairly tame nude shots and then BAM!

    Excuse whilst I go peroxide my eyeballs.

  2. That's a whole lotta hoeing and plowing going on!

  3. That man in the second picture should really be careful with those hedge clippers

    Something could go very wrong

  4. I agree with CyberPetra: The male naked gardeners really are stupid. "I know, I'll mess around with shears as I dangle my cock by the blades." Or "Why don't I lean precariously over these spikey cacti - I'm sure I won't fall on them".

    And the last picture: Was it a left over from the socks&cocks post?

  5. You are right IDV

    MJ is using old wannabe photos.

    What frightens me is that IDV actually looked hard enough (Tee-hee) to spot the socks. As I just did a quick glance and thought ew before scrolling again.

  6. T-BIRD: Oh you can’t possibly think it was as contrived as that.


    EROS: Have you dropped in to do the fertilizing?

    CYBERPOOF: Things could go terribly awry with a weed whacker.

    IVD: Or “a house could fall on me whilst I’m preparing the concrete mixture for the garden patio and crush me and my Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.”

    CYBERSLUT: I wondered who would be the first to spot the socks.

    I’m not surprised it was the NorWitch.

  7. *sighing*

    i swear, sugar, gardenin buck nekkid in the south could be painful skeetrs, gnats and all sorts of hungry bugs! ;-0

  8. Apart from Kylie's arse, you've only posted pictures of the people who live down your street since Thursday. Blimey, you have been busy with your camera.

    People are a bit less informal in Britain.

  9. SAVANNAH: Chiggers!

    And how do you deal with all that Kudzu?

    BETTY: I’ve not yet found that pic of Stephen Hendry’s arse that you requested.

  10. Your comment to IDV was brilliant

    Has me in stitches

  11. At least the young lady 'watering her bush' is real perty.
    Where on earth do you keep finding these picks of saggy , nekkid old men.
    And why oh why do all these saggy old men keep taking pics ofthemselves doing stuff nekkid

  12. ticks? ticks? is no one concerned with ticks?

  13. CYBERPOOF: I might also add that IVD is the biggest hoe in the garden.

    BEAST: All that watering doesn’t seem to be providing any growth.

    And stop sending me pics of your saggy old man buttocks.

    BOXER: Ticks like to get into crevices and anything bushy!

  14. Har har.

    Well, I couldn't think of a witty retort...

  15. That last picture shocked and upset me - that is rapeseed planted in that field, a blight on the countryside and poison to hayfever suffers, not to mention crops being grown for biofuels and not food!

    *wanders out of room muttering to myself*

  16. IVD: You're your parents garden slave, aren't you?

    Although how you find time to garden is beyond me when there are so many men down at the docks and so little time.

    FROBI: It could well be "rape" seed he's spreading but I can't tell whether the fella bent over is grimacing or enjoying himself.

  17. Apparently they make cooking oil out of it too Frobi

    That is the end of another episode of true but dull

  18. CYBERPOOF: It's no use trying to educate Frobi.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't lead a horticulture.

  19. Where do I start? The 1st and 5th pics are great. Now that's good naked. The others are bad naked. Shouldn't be seen even in the dark! The 2nd and 3rd pics are being very risky with hedge trimmers and cactus!! OUCH. Is the 6th pic David Letterman? And the last pic is just wrong. I will say bravo for the old gent for such a woodie! The socks have to go.

  20. You know, for a nation of people who treasure double entendre and thinly veiled smut, the British have some pretty messed up names for things. Witness:
    - rapeseed
    - Shepherds Bush
    - Cockfosters
    to name only a few.

    Plus, I have a question... did these old and gross exhibitionists always peddle their wares and dangly bits to the world, or did they just decide that it was time when they got old?

    I wonder.

  21. MYTOES: I can't tell if it's David Letterman unless he smiles and I see a gap.

    I think I've just about exhausted my naked-old-men-in-socks photos, you'll be pleased to know.

    T-BIRD: We (the Canucks and the Aussies) sprung from the filthy loins of the Brits, did we not?

    Therefore, we are blameless.

    And why does everyone think I have secret inside knowledge into what makes these men pose in the all together?

  22. Plow sharing, huh, in that last pic, right?

  23. BABZ: In Spring, an old man's fancy turns to plowing the back forty.

    Full throttle.