Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kapitano’s Favourite Post

It’s time for another installment of Your Favourite Post.

Today’s submission comes to us from Kapitano in Portsmouth, England.

Kapi offered a few very well-written pieces for me to choose from.

But ultimately, I chose a piece with no text; simply a caption.

It may have been the bare arse that influenced my decision.

To view Kapitano’s fave post, CLICK HERE.


  1. one has to get up early to get into the pole position here....

  2. It is quite a nice arse. However, those vile curtains put me right off!

  3. VOICES: Well done. You beat Beast!

    BEAST: Voices was here first.

    The pole must be greasy and caused you to slip.

    IVD: They’re not as horrid as Tazzy and Piggy’s curtains.

    By the way, T-Bird pointed out something to you in yesterday’s Timbits comments. Go have a look.

  4. Why is it, people like things I do drunk, quickly, on impulse and without speaking?

    Oh, and blog posts too.

  5. Desktop polishing.

    I wonder if Kapitano has ever contemplated relocating to Kitsilano?
    Just think of all the madcap, zany, onomatopeiac fun to be had?

  6. KAPI: It’s the way you do the things you do.

    DONN: Despite the excellent rhyming opportunities, Kapitano wouldn’t like Kitsilano.

    It’s full of old hippies and new agers and mums with double-wide strollers and yoga mats.

    In fact, I have to spend the day there today (leaving soon) unfortunately.

    Nappy rhymes with Kapi. I’ll have to think that one over.

  7. Nice arse!

    I can forgive the ugly curtains because he's not wearing socks

  8. I like short posts with nekid pictures, so thanks.

    Are you ready to head down to Old K-Ville?

    I personally think he's NOT in California but actually in Florida, but oh well.

  9. *swings around greasy pole removing one sock at a time...*

  10. Drat! How could I have overlooked taking full advantage of yesterday's TIMbits?

    Next thing you know, I'll have forgotten how to stalk him!


  11. CYBERPOOF: But apparently Voices is wearing socks.

    BOXER: What makes you think Knudsen's in Florida?

    VOICES: That's good.

    You've learned something here.

    Take OFF the socks!

    IVD: Tim's bits.

    hee hee.

  12. *flings socks twards mj and starts working on his buttons*

  13. Because that's where all old people go.

  14. VOICES: We know you have Velcro fasteners on your shirt. Not buttons.

    And your name is sewn into your clothes.

    BOXER: That's where old people go to die.

    Is there something Knudsen's not telling us?

    Has he signed up for shuffleboard lessons yet?

  15. ya seen one ass, you've seen them all..or damn close enough ...

    (i'm getting bitter in this fortress of solitude, sugar)

  16. SAVANNAH: Maybe so.

    But ya seen one naked cowboy, you've definitely not seen 'em all.

    See my May 14 posting to see why.