Friday, May 02, 2008

Filthy Friday – Knock Your Socks Off

Infomaniac is of the opinion that if you’re going to get nekkid, you should take your socks off.

However, if you insist on going naked with socks, at least find a pair with no holes…

That’s right, take ‘em off…

That’s better!…

You've got nothing to smile about, buddy ...

Checking for sock lint...

Yeah, you look like you could use some sun. But with those socks on, you're going to get an uneven tan...

Hey! Feet OFF the counter!…

Thank you for using a towel on my chair...

Caution: The action heats up right about here ...

Looks like the slip-guard on the soles of your socks didn't prevent you from falling off your chair...

Oh look! It’s a couple of Infomaniac’s finest male specimens!...

Beast and Inner Voices browsing the personal ads at SockStars


  1. Funny, I don't remember seeing sOCKS. Actually, after the first two pictures I had to close my eyes and just scroll down to the comments.

    Tell me, did it stop?

  2. I wish it never started, 'Boxer.

    Why didn'y I stay in yesterday like I said I would?


  3. See?! It's even affected my keyboard/spelling skills!

  4. That post really is an abomination on SO many levels

    Who knew people were into socks galore

  5. perhaps they have ugly feet?

    *still shuddering queasily*

  6. You've been visiting again haven't you?

  7. why are these men taking naked pictures of themselves...i just don't get it...i really really don't...


  9. BOXER: Blink and you’ll miss Beast and Voices!

    BEAST: You seem to be having trouble getting your words out.

    Is that sock fluff on your tongue?

    IVD: And here was I thinking “didn'y” was a Norwichian colloquialism.

    CYBERPOOF: Did you click on SockStars?

    You could meet the man of your dreams.

    BITTERSWEET: Nothing that a podiatrist and a little candlelight won’t cure.

    KAZ: MUST you expose me?

    DAISY: I think your question should be directed at Beast and Voices.

  10. Sex isn't properly protected unless you wear a condom, socks and vest, in my opinion.

  11. Oh dear lord why did you make me click


  12. TICKERS: Sex will be completely protected if you're wearing socks and a vest.

    Because no one will want to bonk you!

    CYBERSLUT: Because I know you want it.

  13. i guess its better than grampers in pampers....

    *scrapes eyes with rusty rake to remove images of old guys in old guys*

    "who are the people in your neighborhood..."

    *wanders around bleeding from eyes and looks for something to wipe them with*

  14. CYBERSLUT: Tee hee.

    DONN: Like totally, dude. Duh!

    VOICES: *hands Voices a used sweat sock to wipe his eyes*

  15. Don't give her any ideas Voices

    that would be bad

  16. i think there might be a law against this somewhere.... perhaps in the sock drawer...

    why did i come back?

    *shuts door behind him and hangs sock on coat rack with all of mjs other socks left hanging*

  17. CYBERPOOF: Put a sock in it.

    VOICES: I'm surprised you could tear yourself away from your chat session on SockStars.

    Or are you taking a break from sniffing Beast's size 10s?

  18. Where the hell do you find these photos? Ummm...on second thought, don't tell me. I'm going to go puke right now...

  19. OH, I forgot to tell you...I couldn't wait to see what you had come up for "Filthy Friday." Now, I know. So who is more of a sicko? You or me? Maybe we're just two peas in a pod, with socks.

  20. despite the unfortunate footwear, ol' 'Rings n Things' has a nice equipment rack going on there.

    hey, i'm just SAYIN'.

  21. RANDOM: As Kaz mentioned, I get my pics from

    FN: Yes, but isn't it all pushed up in a kind of false advertising format?

    Something like a push-up bra?

  22. No thank you, there should never have been any socks

    I blame god for this creationg, clearly it wasn't the devils creation as it's hot enough down there - you try wearing socks AND be in hell

  23. *wonders if IDV looked at the pics and had a vision of his future?*


    I like 'secret socks' (as I call them), or trainer liners (as you probably call them). But only the ones with the cushions soles.

    Any other kind are only for pensioners.

    *refuses to look at pics again lest vomit apears on monitor*

    Are any of them Mr MJ, by any chance?

  24. Oh and I forgot to mention that Smunty the Cabin Boy will probably cum in his lacy panties when he looks at the pics.

  25. Oo yeah sock it to me.

    Hmm. You remember what the Red Hot Chilli Peppers did with their socks? And you know how men in posing pouches use a rolled-up sock? And you know how Elvis started out using a sock before discovering hosepipe - which led to him being picked up by a colonel?

    Well I think, given the long association of cocks with socks, there must be a fetish for worshipping cock...through a sock.

    Think about it. Sucking through a sock. Being buggered by a rock hard sock. Being beaten around the nipples by a "filled" sock. With patterns. And the subtle odour of athlete's foot.

    Doesn't that turn you on? Doesn't that make you want to look for pictures on alt.binaries.erotica.socklove?

  26. When will it be eyes my eyes......II will definitely start working out. Can't be old and look like this. Never could understand this sort of romp!

  27. If any of those chaps get hold of you they'll have your guts for garters, MJ.

  28. CYBERPOOF: Email us from Hell after you die and let us know if Satan wears socks.

    PIGGY: What the hell are trainer liners?

    I’m sure that whatever they are, you keep them in your bedside table along with your Viagra and your dentures.

    As for Smunty, he’ll be a pensioner himself by the time he ever posts again.

    Useless Dorset cunt that he is.

    KAPI: You seem to know quite a lot of about sock sex but then that is why I’ve appointed you Chairman of the Infomaniac Gay Advisory Board.

    *rushes over to alt.binaries.erotica.socklove to find out more exciting sock facts*

    GEOFF: Don’t you dare breathe a word to your old uncles.

  29. MYTOES: You'd better start moisturizing!

  30. MJ, this post has got to be your finest yet. Socks. Old men. Yucky genitals that should never see the light of day. I couldn't look away.

    You are slowly making me less and less puritanical, MJ. I can't say that's neccessarily a good thing for the world.

  31. RICH: Life isn’t all pretty maids in a row.

    T-BIRD: Embrace your inner slut.

    Or has Old Knudsen gotten to it first?

  32. jaysus, sugar...i'm am sooooo sorry i mentioned anything about feeling OLD!!! *note to self: never, never, never ever mention old again*

    *using windex on my EYES now*

  33. SAVANNAH: You're a spring chicken in comparison, hon.

  34. Euuuurgh!

    I see you are way ahead of me here, lol!

  35. This site would be SO MUCH BETTER if all the males in these photos were actually YOUNG and HOT.

    Come on guys, I mean I wish someone YOUNG would do this...

    I'm a 15 year old guy and My friends and I Look a LOT BETTER than you old guys when we strip nude and play together...