Friday, August 31, 2007

Infomaniac Devotion Day

A reminder to visit this church group today as they are holding an Infomaniac Devotion.

On August 31 we will hold our Devotion Day. We invite you all to take part by offering a few minutes of your time to pray for her soul and for her forgiveness.

Cherie joins thousands around the world in saying a prayer for us.

Clearly, their work is cut out for them if they wish to convert the likes of us.

The following is a sampling of some of the comments they’ve made regarding Infomaniac and Infomaniac readers…

One with the most vile content blog I’ve come across yet.

She’s clearly obsessed with sex and related stuff. Almost every entry in her blog being littered with sexual innuendo and seriously bad language. Not only that but everyone commenting on her blog is just as abusive.

I’m really stunned that Blogger lets them away with this stuff.

Y’know, I find it really hard to believe that site is run by a woman. I’d have expected it if it had been some old man, but a woman? I’m starting to wonder if she’s a hooker or something.

This woman has really excelled herself this time. I wont even mention what I’ve been reading over there today but I’d suggest she gets herself off to see her shrink and quick.

I said a prayer for her today. I hope she finds something in her heart that can cure her of the evil thoughts in her head. I’ll be praying for her again tonight. May the lord help her and cleanse her thoughts and soul.

Strange is the word I would use to describe my thoughts about the blog I’ve become strangely transfxed with. Partly because I find it difficult to imagine a woman creating such a thing. Also partly because she seems to attract other like-minded individuals equally depraved.

Homosexuals, protitutes, perverted-minded old-folks and no doubt some youngsters.

I took the opportunity to revisit the weblog of the Infomaniac Woman in the hope that she had seen the error of her ways. I was hopeful that she would have turned the corner with her vile phase of reporting and felt great sadness to note that things remained as they were before our departure.

Myself and the Brothers will resume our prayers and hope that the good Lord brings reflection into her heart and those of her equally depraved visitors and participants in her internet based cesspit.

So bitches, there you have it. Today is the day that church group dedicates to saving our souls.

Go on over and see for yourself.

And if some of you don’t return, I’ll know you’ve been rescued from the eternal damnation of the Infomaniac “cesspit.”

Pervs! All of you!


  1. Yay! fuck yous all!

    Going by that post I wrote a hell of a lot about you.

    I shall pray for you and remember I can get you into Heaven if you do that thing for me, you don't have to enjoy it, just do it. Its Protestant heaven so don't go expecting much.

  2. Oh dear, I hope the Mongs won't get to me

    I must be strong and stick to my wicked ways.

    They put homosexuals in the same category as prostitutes? That is so wrong

  3. let us all know jeebus...and relish in the sin that is piggy.

  4. *follows the instructions they've given*

    *wonders if it'll work*

  5. LORD I Feel All Churchyfied!

  6. It's really gone to the dogs round here! Or should that be gods...?

  7. Your redemption is underway, Sister.

  8. KNUDSEN: With Ian Paisley as my witness, I won’t do you even if it means a discount ticket to Heaven.

    CYBERSLUT: I wouldn’t fret if I were you.

    I doubt they can get to you through that tight crust of rancid excrement.

    AWA: Hmm...Piggy.

    Why aren’t they going after those debased and filthy Sodomites Tazzy and Piggy?

    PIGGY: You’ll have to say as many Mong Mantras as SID has to recite Hail Marys to cleanse that debauched soul of yours.

    TONY: Hallelujah, Brother Tony!

    MURPH: It could be Gog Almighty.

    MM: If my redemption is underway, why am I touching myself in an impure way?

    What’s in this for ME anyway?

    Is there a bar in Heaven? What time is Happy Hour?

    I need answers.

  9. Oh, those Mongs. They do amuse me.

    * waits expectantly for burning-at-the-stake appointement *

  10. That extra 'e' in appointment is olde witche speake...

  11. How wonderful! A day of services dedicated to you, MJ. That's one way to celebrate Caligula's birthday. Do I still need to bring a senator's wife to the festivities? I'm sure I can get Suzanne Craig to attend; Larry's usually OCCUPIED lending a helping hand to his fellow man.

  12. IVD: Speak of Sodomites and look who shows up! It’s the poster boy for sodomy himself.

    I’m surprised you could dislodge whatever cock was up your arse long enough to type in a comment.

    YNF: Oh I see another one of CyberSlut’s little friends has joined the Community of Cunts.

    I’m sure those incidents with Larry can be explained. He probably thought he could get a nice cuppa in that tearoom.

  13. *Homosexuals, prostitutes, perverted-minded old-folks and no doubt some youngsters*.
    So I'm a depraved perverted-minded old folk eh?
    No one calls me OLD!
    I'm going over to sort 'em out!

  14. hell, im a depraved pervert minded old folk; they say that like it's a bad thing.

    old for 13, uncle says im very mature for my age!

  15. The way I read it, it was just MJ who was old and that's pretty true

    the old bitch!

  16. KAZ: I believe they were referring to Old Knudsen.

    Or, more likely, FN.

    FN: 13? In what? Dog years?

    CYBERTWINK: I’d expect that coming from someone who’s still being bottle-fed.

  17. mmmm protein meals!

    His soul is being consumed by sodomy and encased in a tightly packed crust of rancid excrement

    I thought that was all your doing - I guess the Mongs take credit for that

  18. HOLY!
    MJ, this Church of the Path is a joke. Someone is taking the piss out on ya. A little research and google will tell you that this is whole "church blog" is a hoax. The Path Church? on "Straight" St?
    Someone is having a collosal laugh today. Check it out further you will see. You're being set up.
    The Mong Curch blog is a FAKE.

  19. CYBERSLUT: I’m surprised you could take the Devil’s carrot out of your mouth long enough to comment.

    PARI: *wonders if Pari has ever tried to walk down Straight Street in those tranny shoes*

    You mean I’m NOT going to Hell?

    *in celebration, opens a bottle of Jamesons, pours half the contents down my throat and the other half over Satan’s moobs. And suckles*

  20. *prays*

    "The fifth decade".

    Hail MJ,full of disgrace,
    The perv is with thee
    Blessed art thou among trannys
    And smelly is the batter of thy Canuck bitch.

    Holy MJ,mother of sluts,
    Stay with us sinners
    Now and at the backend of our poofs.

    *Hopes Mongs realise that MJ's evil entity possesses SID and makes him speak with foreign tongues*

    *Tries to guess how many foreign tongues MJ has had*

  21. SID: Hail SID. Full of boiled cabbage and potatoes.

    Get down on your knees when I’m talking to you, bitch. You nasty hooer of Babylon.

    “*Tries to guess how many foreign tongues MJ has had*”

    *inserts tongue up foreigner’s backside and all the way up ‘til it chokes the foul mouth of the filthy Oirishman thus causing his head to spin around at 360 degrees whilst she inscribes the Mark of the Beast on his portly moobs with her fanny batter*

  22. FN: Obviously their attempts at my redemption have failed miserably.

  23. You have really gone and done it this time. Poking any God in the eye with a pointed stick is a recipe for disaster, but when you start messing with the whizbang God of Aimee Semple McPherson and the Louvin Brothers (HAHAHAHA) I can guaran-damn-tee-ya that you are going straight to hell.

    The worst part is that you are going to drag us all with you because you made us laugh.

    This is Blasphemy 101 Sister!

  24. HE: I am the god of hell fire and I bring you:
    Fire, I'll take you to burn.
    Fire, I'll take you to learn.
    I'll see you burn!


    Is what I shouted as I squeezed out a dungy the other day and what do you know it looks like Jesus, bid for it on E-Bay.

  26. KNUDSEN: I suppose we all have to light a candle and pray to it.

  27. I can't comment from work and NOW your blog is interesting.


  28. MAIDY: Go on. Make an exception for me. You know you want to comment from work.


  29. Are you sure the Mongs site is real, and not satire?

    Sometimes I forget how stupid people are...

  30. You forget how stupid people are, Da Nator, or how stupid MJ is?

    I mean, she's all for lighting a candle after Old Knudsen's dropped one.

    Do you not want your eyebrows, MJ?

    P.S. WV is bzzbzj. Someone's left their vibrator on...

  31. I just loved the photo series - "Lord Lubricate My Bones"???!!!! I don't know *where* you find some of this stuff, but it makes my day. But boy was I disappointed to find out the church is a fake - never woulda guessed without PM figgerin' it out for us!

    I'm going ahead with Infomaniac Devotion Day regardless - fer fuck's sake, a fella's gotta having something to pray for besides a new puppy or for my bones to get lubricated in the next 24 hours...

  32. DN: Are you slumming here?

    Suspension of disbelief is a requirement at Infomaniac.

    Welcome to our Community of Cunts. Pull up a milking stool. Mind that IDV doesn’t squirt you in the eye.

    IVD: I’m lighting a candle for practical purposes to cleanse the air of Knudsen’s putrid stench.

    I’m supposing you want my eyebrows to replace those that you singed off at the BBQ.

    NWT: Clean up your language, fer fuck’s sake! Have you learned nothing from this crusade?

  33. Rev. Clarence Henderson clearly has the mark of Beelzebub on his brow.

  34. FOOTMAN: Indeed he does and welcome.

    Newcomers must submit a photograph of their bare arse to me by email before they may comment again.

    Snap to it.

  35. Crocs ARE NOT tranny shoes???
    ..I'll be fooked!
    So I bought these from ebay in a size 5...(I'm a U.S.A size 13)

    The pastor's wife won't be needing them no more. (apparently...but that's just a shot in the dark)

  36. ....I meant to show you my new shoes...
    (dont look, Old Beeter Balls, ..this aint fer cryin' auld men)

  37. PARI: I'm sure you'll look lovely squeezed into those platform shoes.

    The white cardigan will complete the look.