Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beheadings and Birthdays

Yet another day where I won’t have Internet access to visit your blogs or laugh at your witty repartee in the comments.

I may as well be in Hell. Which is precisely, as you know, where we’re all going according to this church group.

The only good thing to come out of their saving-souls website is the interfaith festival notifications. I learned that on August 29th we celebrate the Beheading of John the Baptist.

John the Baptist’s head has allegedly been found not once, not twice, but three times. Since no one can agree on the head’s location, why don’t you give it shot. Where do you think the head could be? And are you doing anything to mark this occasion?

On a more cheerful note, happy birthday to Billy of ¡Oye Billy!

Billy, you mentioned you don’t have any red pants. So here’s your pressie!


  1. YAY first (again!)

    Why would one celebrate the beheading of someone? Isn't that something the dark side would do?

    I think the Mongs head is up their own arses

    Have a great trip to Hell

  2. How the fuck did that foreigner get here before me?

    Anyway (fave word)...

    I've nothing more to say.

  3. MJ - told ya that it's never a good idea to bring religion into a discussion. Maybe now you believe me. Now that you're going to Hell.

    But seems like you're hardly going to be alone, so I'm sure we'll all make the most of it and that Kaz will get her Blogs From Hell, as requested. M

    Maybe my fellow Hell-denizens can teach me how to do a blog, should I ever decide that I want to do a blog, which - if true - would explain my presence in Hell, as I've mentioned to friends in past that I'll be blogging on Internet about the same time that Hell is having afternoon skating from 2-4 pm (clockwise).

    I'm guessing that Beer In Hell will be Coors Light....

  4. Thanks (I think) for the birthday present.

    I'll treasure it always.

  5. I believe SID sat on the head of John the Baptist at dinner last Sunday.

    It just happened to show up unexpectedly for a chat.

    It's lost forever now.

  6. That cult website is hilARious! What a bunch of nutters. I left a few abrasive comments. good times.

  7. Happy birthday to Billy from me and my silent partner.

  8. Oh yes, Happy Burpday Willie!

    Will there be jelly and ice-cream?

  9. Piggy, it's all about getting up early enough.

    Happy birthday Billy may you have many more and red pants!

  10. There's got to be jelly. How can you have a birthday without jelly?

  11. jelly?

    oh billy, i am so not even going there.

    billy, billy, billy.

    jelly. dang.

  12. Nice site. I had to bookmark it to go back for further study.

  13. Do you know how jealous I am that you have your own cult of insane people devoted to praying for you to change your wicked ways? (sigh)

  14. Nice site?

    Is she off her fucking head? It's a filthy, disgusting and depraved site.

    Run by a Canuck for fucks sake. There's nothing pretty or nice about anything Canadian owned or operated.

  15. The only thing pretty about it at the moment is that it's pretty quiet without the old sop here.

    I think she's run of with poor St. John's head. Probably hoping it'll tell her where the rest of him is so she can give him head... Sorry. Give him his head.

  16. CYBERSLAG: I’ll drag you down to Hell with me, you little Danish devil.

    PIGGY: Nothing more to say?

    *waits for the inevitable diarrhea of the mouth*

    NWT: I’ll send all my bitches over to visit as soon as your blog is up and running.

    BILLY: We want pics of you wearing your new red pants!

    PIGGY: The wait is over. See my previous comment to you.

    CB: Go get ‘em.

    I didn't know you could quote scripture!

    GEOFF: May your blogging problems all be distant memories and soon.

    BILLY: You UK lot are mad. Jelly on a birthday?

    FN: Jelly? What ARE they talking about?

    PRU: Yes but you have the cult of celebrity. No one can do Britney Spears like you.

    PIGGY: I think Pru meant the church site, mongchops.

    IVD: Old sop? How very dare you!

    And how much head have YOU been giving down at the docks?

    Which we all know is the reason you were too preoccupied to blog.

  17. You have a genuine cult following!
    I think that the Mongs are toottin' on their Bongs.

  18. Happy Birfday Billy.
    MJ's unbridled infatuation with your emotional well being reminded me of a song from the deep well of musical goodness that is the Time/Life AM 70s GOLD collection.

    "Billy, don't be a hero,
    don't be a fool with your life"
    "Billy, don't be a hero,
    come back and make me your wife"
    And as he started to go,
    MJ said
    "Billy keep your head lo-o-ow"
    "Billy, don't be a hero,
    come back to me"

    Keep your head low ((sheesh))
    and here I always thought that this song was about going off to war and not about some cunning lingual play on words. None of the other boys in her high school did that to her. No wonder she wanted to marry him.

  19. BILLY: Don't be alarmed by HE.

    He's a Canuck.

    Just hum along and smile sweetly.