Friday, August 10, 2007

Dunk Piggy!

Demented Yorkshire poof Piggy

In yesterday’s “Dunking: Naff or Not?” posting, Piggy asked in the comments, “MJ dunks 'Bonio' doesn't she?”

I thought I was free of that nasty little poof this week while he’s in Dorset, making the Smunts miserable. But no, there he is suggesting I eat dog biscuits.

So I’m out for revenge and reposting a game from last summer.

I ask all of you to join me in a game of DUNK PIGGY!



    But he is right though, isn't he?

  2. *suddenly likes Cyberpete*

    Yes, CP, I am!

  3. How about dunk Piggy in a vat of Hydrochloric acid?

    Or Carlys fanny batter, just as acidic and smells worse!

    Now thats a game I'd pay to play!

  4. Yes, Piggy was definitely onto something.

  5. I second Smunty's suggestion

  6. CYBERTEAT: Demented Danish poof.

    PIGGY: I’m tempted not to post anything new all weekend so this game remains first and foremost on my blog and everyone can have a go at you.

    I’ll bet The Smunts can’t wait to be rid of you.

    STEVEY: Oh Smunty, you are SO funny!

    *likes Smunty even more than ever*

    GARFY: You’re agreeing with Piggy?

    *takes back how I compared you to Cary Grant*

    You may kiss the hem of my garment instead of my hand.

    PIGGY: *sniggers*

    CONNIE: Where have you been?

    While you’re here, pull the switch on Piggy’s electric chair.

  7. How does Piggy do that and still manage to come out looking as georgeous as ever?

  8. KAZ: I'm snatching that vodka bottle away from you right now.

    You've had more than enough.

  9. Vodka? She's on glue!!!

  10. Can we just not shoot him the once and get it over with?

    I imagine the squeals of him being dunked would make one quite ill.

    The dunk



  11. just admit it

    you love me

    you really really love me

  12. * hands shotgun to SID *

    Careful, Cyberpete. You might be next in that vat of acid...

  13. Well at least it seems Piggy likes me and MJ doesn't have any incriminating photos of me (yet)

  14. Cyberpete - 'Yet' being the operative word.

    But... Can you be sure?

    Anyway, who said we 'like' MJ?

    Kaz - We love Kaz.

  15. CONNIE: Glue? She’s on smack!

    SID: Why don’t you just sit on him, SID?

    CYBERFEET: What? I don’t understand Danish.

    IVD: I’d shut it if I were you before I push you into that cement mixer of yours.

    CYBERMEAT: You spoke too soon.

    IVD emailed incriminating photos to me.

    PIGGY: I used to love Kaz before she became delusional after the pair of you brainwashed her.

    Now she’s your puppet.

  16. That's all well and good MJ but you can't post pics of that nature or you'd be shunned from the blogger community

  17. She's already shunned.

    We're just the stragglers with some remaining sympathy.

  18. You are right!

    I'm just amazed being gay and all and still liking that cunt

    it scares me

  19. PIGGY: I see you've bobbed up to the surface of the dunk tank.

    *takes aim once again*

    CYBERTHINGY: The bloggers won't shun me. Rather, they'll point and laugh at the pics of you.

    For calling me a cunt I'm taking away your Kylie Minogue CDs.

  20. Oi! That's just mean!

    Mean cunt

  21. Dunking Piggy? Didn't we do this already?

    And you wonder why I stopped visiting everyone's blogs.




  22. CYBERWHATEVER: And I'll force you to spend an evening with Posh.

    She'll be wearing that dress that Versace threw up on.

    MAIDY: Yes, that's why I notified everyone it's a REPOSTING.

    At least I didn't spend a month reading Harry Potter and neglecting my blog the entire time.




  23. * stunned *

    Cyberpete said 'cunt'!

    Several times.

    MJ, you've turned the poor boy into a monster!

  24. before i step up to the pitch i need to know a few things:
    is piggy a floatie or a sinkie?
    underhand or overhand?
    are there fish in the tank too?
    are they bitey? what about eels?
    is piggy absorbent?
    do i get a Woodstock plushie if i dunk him first go?
    is piggy wearing clean underpants? is tazzy wearing clean underpants? are tazzie's underpants thong underpants?
    red ones?
    with a zipper in front and a band that cuts up his crack in the back? does he have a lot of body hair? what color is it?
    does he keep anything clean shaven? like, 'down south' maybe?
    and is it really really

    wait. i got sidetracked. what are all these baseballs for?

  25. I'm a rebel like that IDV ;)

    Oh you mean spirited MJ you are just horribly mean now.

    Take it back or I.... or I....

    or I'll start crying

  26. IVD: CyberTeat’s been gagging to say “cunt” ever since he got on this blog.

    FN: Whoa, baby!

    Just take aim and give it to him good.

    But no, Piggy isn’t wearing clean underpants. You had to ask?

    CYBERSISSY: You had it coming. I’ll get revenge.

    What’s the Danish word for “cunt?”

  27. C

    I wanted to be on it somehow, ok, I'm crazy and a little drunk.. so what!

  28. TRENTING: Cheers!

    You won't remember coming here tomorrow.

  29. Piggy wearing clean underpants.......any underpants would be a bonus!