Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Copulation Street

Eating Betty’s “hot-pot”

Find out what really goes on behind the curtains on Coronation Street.

Don’t miss the three-way between Mike, Deirdre and Ken!

Those filthy buggers!

Read how Rita and Sally catch Norris wanking!

All this and more at Coronation Street: The Erotic Version.

Lower, Vera luv. Lower.


  1. First of all - Yay :-)

    Thanks for the link to this MJ! Who knew that Norris was hung like a horse?? Rita and Sally found out...

  2. YAY second!!!!

    Sex with geezers is not really my thing

    but MJ whatever rocks your boat on the Satchkachewan or any other Canadian river with an easier name to spell

  3. Gail Platt (nee Tilsley) the curtain twitcher was once described as having 'a mouth like half a coconut'.

    Spot on that.

  4. I stopped watching when Minnie Caldwell was written out.

  5. I can't believe you've transported that fucking shite over to this blog.

    Isn't it bad enough there's already a shite blog dedicated to it?

    Pity about Leanne dying last night though, wasn't it?

  6. There is a show that comes on our public access television here that is on the's about a superhero. I forgot what its called but its so ridiculous that its actually funny.

    Especially, when his girlfriend gets preggers.

  7. Hahahaha Awaiting we get that on BBC Prime too

    Didn't see that the girlfriend got preggers but that could have been a super fast conception though.


  8. NWT: Don’t remind me about Norris. Now I have to bleach my brain.

    CYBERTWINK: Sex with geezers isn’t your thing?

    Then perhaps you should stop flirting with Piggy.

    GARFY: Coconut indeed. What do you think of Gail’s norks?

    TICKERS: You do realize that Awa wasn’t even born then?

    PIGGY: Leanne dies? You bastard! You know we’re 9 months behind in Canada!

    I can’t believe you let Smunty take photos of your flabby arse.

    AWA & CYBERTWINK: Either it’s “My Hero” with Ardal O’Hanlon or it’s a bio about Tazzy.

  9. *sniggers because Leanne didn't really die and because stoopid MJ bit*

  10. When Awa was born in the mid 70's I was watching, against my will, Crossroads. I know all about Benny and Miss Diane.

  11. PIGGY: *sniggers because no amount of plastic surgery is going to restore the tone to your slack arse*

  12. TICKERS: I don't know if Crossroads made it to Canada. Here we have Corrie, EastEnders and Neighbours.

    And nothing to give you in return.

  13. I didn't think it was possible, but those stories are more disturbing than the real thing.

  14. BILLY: In Canada right now we're on the Frankie (stepmum) & Jamie (stepson) incest storyline.

    Hard to top that but these stories have done it.

  15. *sniggers because there's no product yet invented that can remove MJ's cellulite*

    *or that will stop her tits from ending up at her belly button quite soon*

  16. PIGGY: *sniggers because nothing can bleach away the liver spots off your arse*

    And I'm telling you for the last time, my body is a cellulite-free zone.

    *shows thighs*

  17. Wot no pictures of Norris's well hungness?

    Still Betty's lovely isn't she?
    Well at least Geoff thinks so.

  18. *thinks MJ protests too much*

    *at least hte cellulite thighs stop the punters thinking about your turkeys nose faff*

  19. hte=the.

    Slip of the sausage there.

  20. KAZ: I wonder if Norris’s cock drags on the cobbles.

    I’m sure Geoff dips into the hotpot.

    PIGGY: Slip of the sausage?

    "hte"? Much like “pressed pressed” over at SIDs. Tough day?

    You need a tread grip on that flabby, slack arse of yours to prevent Tazzy’s sausage from slipping.

    Oh, and did you notice the bit about a stick of rock near the end of the Norris story?

  21. The two great loves of my life both hated soaps. I see a pattern here.

  22. MJ you might find it more useful catching up on the other soap...

    e.g. "bar of"


  23. TICKERS: Face it.

    Your life is a soap opera.

    SID: And you need a sheep dip.

    Filthy Irish cunt.

  24. I go away for a few hours to watch a movie and it's a cunt fest in here

    I will second that SID, MJ needs a bit of soap the filthy canuck cunt

  25. CYBERTWAT: That's 2 "cunts" in one comment.

    Dirty Danish poof.

  26. did you write those stoies MJ? What talent!!! I actually got a bit excited... i think. :))

  27. RICH: No, I didn't write those.

    Are you sure it's not your hyper-caffeine levels that got you excited?

    Now put that thing back in your pants.