Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Album Cover of the Week


  1. Yay! First!


  2. So its that kind of family, must be American.

  3. Another cracking pair of norks!

    You're spoiling us MJ.

  4. So you finally cut that album eh?

    warn us before it's released so we can go into hiding

  5. fucking hell, that's the album cover of the century!

  6. Only in W Va, Knudsen.

  7. PIGGY: *makes note to post more laydees’ bits*

    KNUDSEN: See comment from American Psycho Bitch Maidy.

    GARFY: “Norks”… My vocabulary continues to expand thanks to you.

    And Piggy yesterday with “Faff.”

    CYBERPETE: Fairweather friend.

    It seems like only yesterday you were complimenting me on my voice.

    CB: Cover of the century?

    Good. Then I don’t have to post one again for another hundred years.

    MAIDY: Until you open your closet door there in Philly.

  8. I said telly friendly darling

    doesn't emply that you can carry a tune

    I'm thinking your pussy sings better than you do

  9. CYBERNUTS: Who cares if you can carry a tune if your "norks" look that good?

  10. true..

    so when do all these semi horny straight guys here get to see your norks?

  11. Hopefully never.

    Besides, she'd have to find a way to gather them up from her waist first.

    Oh the shame!


  12. I'm thinking your pussy sings better than you do

    Her pussy hums, much like the rest of her

  13. It sings pirate songs

    Ay matey!

  14. Me and the lady on the album cover were made for each other.

    My cock belongs to Mummy.

  15. This post is brought to you by the naughty words 'Norks' and 'Growler'.

    Growler = Vagina when seen from the back in cheese burger manner.

  16. CYBERTWAT: Didn’t you see enough of my norks during the Elf Shorts compo?

    PIGGY: You’re one to talk.

    Don’t make me show them your ballifter.

    CONNIE: It’s a real humdinger.

    CYBERTWINK: “I'm gonna be a pirate, on the river Saskatchewan!”

    Don’t ask. It’s a Canadian thing.

    GILES: Oedipussy?

    SID: That’s my dirty little secret, isn’t it?


    TICKERS: Mmmm… cheeseburgers.