Sunday, August 12, 2007

Incriminating Pic of the Week

(click to enlarge)

Welcome to a new series on Infomaniac: Incriminating Pic of the Week, in which you guess which blogger is pictured in the photo above.

No, no, no. This concept couldn’t possibly have been inspired by a bitchy Kylie-loving queen who called me a cunt in yesterday’s comments.


  1. Click to enlarge!hee hee
    If Life were like that..

  2. I'm so happy this wasn't inspired by my comments yesterday.

    As for the photo I got really distracted by the stuff on the kitchen counter and of course the curtains.

    And cunt in danish is "fisse"

  3. In Scottish it's still a 'Cunt', although with a more gutteral sound.

    A bit like MJ's.

  4. HE: Even the most difficult bitches like you lot can be clicker trained.

    Now fetch me my morning coffee.

    CYBERTWAT: I’m surprised you have such shoddy window treatments.

    I bet you’d like a big fist up your fisse.

    PIGGY: I can make it talk like a pirate.

  5. On some level, maybe deep deep down I wish it indeed was me in that photo

    then again maybe not

    and fisting isn't really my thing but I bet you like it

  6. CYBERTEAT: And for that comment I'm withholding your Kylie CDs and making you wear Crocs.

  7. Vicious slag you are

    in return I'm sending over miss beckham in the lemon yellow ball room dress

  8. CYBERSLUT: At which point Posh will strip off the dress and force you to wear it. With the Crocs. And without Becks.

  9. no no you'll be the one in the Crocs and the dress

    I'll be prancing around with Becks in a couture dress and a pair of fabulous manolo stilettos

  10. I think 'Cyberteat's my favourite. All I could come up with was 'Cyberfeet'...

  11. CYBERTEAT: "Prancing" being the operative word.

    IVD: I used to call him CyberSweet but the honeymoon is over.

  12. oi!

    why are you so mean to me you canuck cunt?

  13. Wow, someone called you a cunt? Color me fucking surprised.




  14. I can see a bottle of Guiness on the windowsill - is it SID?

  15. Ah, so Cybertweet has become one of the soiled and sordid minions of this infamous blog.

    Hurrah! More Tampon-Cannon™ fodder!

  16. FN: Double dang.

    CYBERTWINK: “Canuck cunt?”

    Oooo…listen to HER!

    MAIDY: Eat me.

    FROBI:Unlike the guy in the pic, SID’s all arse and belly.

    No, it’s Cyberpete, the Diva of Denmark.

    IVD: And you’ll be seeing more of him tomorrow.

    Come back tomorrow for the return (condensed version) of Blogging Roundup.

    BITCHES: I’m running off now for the rest of the day.

    Chat amongst yourselves.

  17. Jesus! This is all a little bit too scary for me. I seem to have stumbled into a remake of Silence of the Lambs.
    I don't understand anything that is fucking going on here. Maybe I've lost my sense of humour or maybe heterosexuality is a handicap? Please explain. I feel like a bore and a humourless git. Am I just not for you, MJ? Please be kind.

  18. I learn from the best

    IDV you are my hero!

  19. Reg is still in 'closet poof' mode.

    Give him time.

  20. PITHER: All are welcome chez Infomaniac regardless of gender preference or the size of yer dick. Although, as Piggy said, you may still be in “closet poof” mode.

    There are a number of straight men who visit here regularly. Steve, for instance. He has a lovely beard, erm, wife, named Carly. Hmm. Perhaps Steve’s not a good example as he’s gagging for a big stiff cock up his arse.

    Okay, then. SID... I can say with certainty that SID’s straight although he has poofter tendencies such as screaming like a girl when he’s excited and yelling out “Firsties!” if he’s the first to comment.

    Canadian blogger Homo Escapeons (despite the name) is as straight as a pin as is his best friend and fellow blogger WW. However, now that I mention it, they do spend A LOT of time together.

    Tickers is a macho steelworker but is “just a BIT poofy.”

    Eddie Warning’s straight but he’ll bend over and show you his arse at the drop of a hat.

    Old Knudsen’s straight. Or does it count as ghey when you’re away for months at a time on a ship with nothing but seamen all around you? Surely not.

    Need I go on? Just relax your sphincter and stay on board.

  21. Yes, Reg. Relax your sphincter.

    There's a good lad.

    Now take a deep breath...

  22. Oops. That should be Eddie "Waring" not "Warning" although I'm "warning" you that he could bare his hairy arse to you at any given moment. I have pictures!

  23. Oh dear. It's a "the louder we shout we're bent, the more we'll believe it ourselves" blog.
    My country's already got one queen too many. 100 years ago it was illegal, 50 years ago the green light was given to consenting adults. I'm getting out before they make it compulsory. Bye, bye. Carry on bitching.

  24. So spoke another of this little planet's twats.

    Quite interesting that he failed to take not of just how many straights comment here.

    And to think he showed such promise, if only he'd learned to develop his sense of humour.

    And with such a boring site full of shite too.

    Fucking mong.

  25. Thankgod for that can anyone say "issues?" I too am against gheys but only on them long sea voyages you mentioned so it doesn't count, oh and during my time in prison and the army. Eddie Warning? is there something you aren't telling us?

  26. You didn't complain when IDV was stuffing your arse last week knudsey!

  27. PIGGY: And the straights I listed were just a FEW of the straights who visit here. A mere sampling.

    KNUDSEN: Issues!

    As for Waring, he should come with a warning.

    PIGGY: Is there anyone IVD hasn't had?

    PITHER: ‘Tis a shame we’re not your cuppa tea.

    When I look at Infomaniac’s regular visitors, I see a Technicolor cast: each one unique, each one fascinating, each one lovable, each one enjoying a sense of community and camaraderie no matter what our differences, and each one open-minded.

    I’m fond of them all in all their rich diversity.

    On your way out, please leave the door wide open so that other newcomers may enter and discover for themselves what you didn’t see.

  28. You mean Piggy and Tazzy are poofs? I thought they were just English.

  29. I'm Scottish, you senile old cunt.