Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

I’ve been getting emails asking, “Whatever happened to the Blogging Roundup?” It’s been months since the last one so today marks a return of the Blogging Roundup, documenting what you lot have been up to over the past week or so. It’s a condensed version as time didn’t allow me to get ‘round to everyone. Besides, half of you are either on hols or too lazy to post.

Let’s get started this week with Yorkshire’s finest poofs and Dorset’s finest fag hag and her sexually-confused husband…


Left to right: Carly, Tazzy and Piggy (somewhere in Dorset) on their way to the trough. Note that Tazzy’s massive package extends down his right trouserleg and into his pocket, which explains why he's leaning a little. Impressive.

Left to right: Piggy, Smunty, and unidentified dwarf.
Bizarre ancient Doresetian three-way sex ritual being played out.

Tazzy and Piggy and The Smunts are getting lumped together in this week’s Blogging Roundup. Why? Because they’ve been holed up together all week in a cabin in what has become known as “The Smuntyville Horror 2.”

Once again we are faced with a choice of believing Tazzy and Piggy’s version of events or The Smunts version.

Steve (Smunty) says of Piggy, “I have never known such a demanding drama queen in my entire life.” That quote alone is enough to convince me that Smunty’s version is the truth.

In fairness though, Smunty doesn’t come off looking the hero as he scratches his bollocks for the umpteenth time…

You be the judge. Many more pics on their blogs if you can stomach them.

And is it just me or do Smunty and Tazzy and Piggy grow to look more and more alike with each passing day?...

Can I get a witness?


Don’t break your wrist, hon.

IVD demonstrates his manly (snigger) manual labour skills and attempts (here) to bury The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts in the backyard.


FN relates “heart-stoppingly fabulous vacation tales” where she rides a vibrating 'Magic Fingers' massage bed.


A state of emergency has been declared in Dorset as the blight has claimed Frobi’s tomatoes.

*collective gasp*


Kaz returns home safely to Manchester and gets caught up in-flight on ancient episodes of 'Vicar of Dibley' and 'My Family'.


Everyone’s favourite psycho bitch took her nose out of her Harry Potter book long enough to return to posting after giving birth to a son…

And baby makes four


Sending out birthday wishes today to Canuckistan’s GoBetty.

Happy birthday, gal!


He’s been commenting here for a few months so he’s not so “new” anymore but he deserves an introduction nonetheless.

LOVES: Kylie Minogue (bordering on an obsession), David Beckham (he wants to have Becks’ baby), SHOES, observing people and bitching about them to his friends, Dynasty, Desperate Housewives, Ab Fab (basically all telly involving catty, fashion-conscious bitches ) and colourful girlie cocktails. Oh, did I mention shoes?

Let’s give a big Infomaniac welcome to Denmark’s Cyberpete!


  1. Yay! First!

    Is that it? A thousand and one blogs to plagiarise and this is all you could come up with, you lazy cunt.

    Smunty is full of shite. We speak the truth. Notice how he rushed to publish his diatribe first.

    Happy Burpday, GoBetty!

  2. That there Cyberpete should get over to Manchester.
    We've got the Kylie exhibition on at the moment and the best gay village outside of San Francisco.

  3. Books almost finished. Then it'll be back to blogging as usual.




  4. It was not an itch - I just felt the need to protect my manhood from the prying eyes, and fingers, of TazPig!

    And he knows I tell only the truth. He's a compulsive liar that bitter, twisted little poof.

  5. Kaz: I went to the exhibition when it was in London. Would like to see Manchester sometime.

    Also I would like to give a shout out to Frobis tomato plants and IDVs wrists. I sure hope they recover

  6. We saw Kylie in concert at Wembley last year.

    So there.

    Tazzy almost pee'd his pants when he found out we had them.

    On reflection, it might have been better to have flogged the tickets for a £750 when we had the chance.

  7. Oh, almost forgot...

    Manchester's shite.

  8. Just discovered your blog. You are crazy! Wasn't going to comment at first, in case I discover your wrath.

  9. P&T So did I. I was the crazy danish guy screaming at the top of his lungs in B2 making a complete fool of myself to much dismay of my mate and the horrible and overly large woman in front who kept turning around when I failed to hit yet another high note right into her ear.

    dx don't worry the canuck cunt won't bite (much)

  10. You've got such strange friends.

  11. Where is that worthless whorebag known as MJ?



  12. Looks like Steve didn't take my advice and take a flea dip. I mean, there is medication for that itchy burn.

  13. This is all a bit disturbing... is everyone you know quite mad??

  14. No. Manchester is more crap.

    It doesn't even have a casino, for fuck's sake. How olde worlde is that?


    *pulls Kaz' tampon string*

    Oh and I think MJ must be at her AA meeting. She'll be the one at the back with the meths bottle.

  15. *offers Mutley a monkey paw (fried) and invites him to sit next to me on the space hopper*

  16. BITCHES: I go away for one day and you all start flinging food around and messing your drawers.

    Piggy, don’t you dare pull Kaz’s tampon out unless you’re prepared to mop up.

    And what’s all this nonsense about “Manchester’s crap!” “No, Barnsley’s crap!” According to my research, Hull and Luton take first place for crap towns.

    You were all so wrapped up in your petty arguments that you didn’t notice that Awaiting is back. Hi gal! Or that another Scot (DX) has stumbled in. Or that that fella Joe from Vegas stopped by and he’s posted Kylie videos on his blog.

    All this kerfuffle has exhausted me. I need another day off.

  17. Yay! 19th!

    Did they get the same haircuts because of nits or because they are nits?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and ha.

  18. KNUDSEN: Stop making me laff. No. I mean it.

    In Smunty's case, the nits have migrated south.

  19. The Smunts are from the South.

    They kept the nits down south.

    Both in body and geographical locations.

    Personally, I'd have said they were fleas, not nits.