Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Bitch at the Beach with a Book

If that bitch Maidy can take loads of time off to read, then surely I can take a day off with a book at the beach?

See you tomorrow.


  1. Top norks, not even a hint of silicone.

  2. I hope you keep your stilettos on

  3. Lazy cunt.

    You've already had half of this year off.

  4. I wish my tits looked that good. Hell, I'd fondle myself if that were the case.

  5. where do you get such nice photos of lovely weemen?

  6. She looks like a man with bosoms.
    Perhaps it's the horn-rimmed glasses...

    For gods sakes love, don't put the book down!

  7. Her tits look like Marty Feldman with his nose and mouth missing!

  8. KAZ: Nice to see that someone here sees beyond the body.

    GARFY: I spoke too soon. (see my comment to Kaz.)

    CYBERPETE: That’s not me in the pic but yes, you know the stilettos would stay on.

    Although I’m sure you’d be trying to pull them off me to wear on your big size 13s.

    PIGGY: That’s rich coming from you considering you were away all last week.

    MAIDY: Fondle yourself? And you expect us to believe you don’t already?

    RICH: The weemen are all Old Knudsen’s exes.

    IVD: I bet your muff is bigger than hers.

    PIGGY: Yes, that bulging look. I’m surprised you’re familiar with bulge considering you don’t have one.

    MAIDY: Oh ha ha ha.


  9. Beach, what beach? There aren't any real beaches over there.

    Hubba Hubba!
    Man oh Man that photo must have been taken in the late 50s-early 60s which means that doll has got to be one of them sexy Swedish Airline Stewardesses.
    Ain't she the livin' end Daddy-o!

    Great posture!

  10. Exactly!!!

    Vood yu liik a massage before vee go down!
    I'm not sure if you can hear the Swedish Chef from the Muppets narrating my comments..
    if you can you are in worse shape that I thought.