Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HobNobs and Hellfire

I’ve put on quite a few pounds thanks to you lot getting me hooked on HobNobs. And as you can see, I’ve had to take up smoking to curb my appetite.

In other news, a church group has contacted Infomaniac to inform us that we’re all a bunch of sinners in need of salvation. And they intend to pray for us at an Infomaniac Devotion on Friday, August 31st.

Why, just the thought of it has me speaking in tongues, rolling in the aisles and handling serpents. Especially handling serpents.

I’ll be away on business all day today and won’t be able to consult with you over this. So leave a comment and let me know if you think there’s any hope for our salvation or whether we’re all going straight to hell.

Though really, you’re all my sweet angels, aren’t you?


  1. Yay! First!


    Chop her legs off!

    Cement her crack!

  2. There is no hope of salvation for you


    As for the rest of us, we are all clean souls who were lured here under false prentences

  3. *caughs*

    What are 'false prentences'? Is that what she calls them?

    Fucking illiterate foreigners.

  4. Will you be able to blog from hell?
    if not I'm coming with you.

    Piggy - how do you caugh? Is it another little perversion of yours?

  5. I,m Back ! I,m going to Hell?Oh well, at least it's Warm.........

  6. 'Caughs'. I typed that while eating a chewy toffee.

    Pedantic cunt.

  7. I am not a foot fetishist!

  8. Aint it luverly and peaceful in here today without the Canuck cunt?

  9. If it wasn't because of MM telling us this place was hell, I'd say it was like heaven in here today Piggy

  10. MJ is preparing herself for the heat from the flames.

    That grey minge of hers is bound to burst into flames first.

    Followed by her moustache.

    Then her hairy starfish.

  11. To me "REPENT! REPENT!" always sounds like "Red pants! Red pants!"

    I don't have any red pants.

  12. I think it's only really Michael Jackson who actually has red pants

  13. I can concur with Piggy.

    She will spontaneously combust,the amount of alcohol she's consumed.

    *imagines MJ suckling on Satan's moobs*

  14. Praise da Lawd! Dem Mongs is so LINKED!

  15. Can't stop! I'm on a break. That bloody go-go dancing place only gives me 10 minutes...

    I've got a holiday home in Hell, actually. Just across the main square in the city of Pandemonium from those Mongs. Silly sods.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. MJ's going to Michigan?

    really. Hell is in Michigan.

    honestly, it's on google Maps. I looked. hell is in michigan.


  18. PIGGY: *rams Satan’s trident up Piggy’s gaping mansnatch*

    Oh, and that’s a nasty caugh you have there.

    CYBERSLAG: I see you’ve learned a new bad word in English.

    The MongMaster will not be pleased.

    TONY: Where were you? To Hell and back?

    KAZ: Since you’re our resident foot fetishist, Piggy’s been wondering where he can go to have his trotters filed.

    PIGGY & CYBERSLAG: You can expect another quiet day from me on Wednesday.

    Count your blessings. I'll have revenge once I'm back.

    PIGGY: Your ginger hair will blend in with Satan’s scaly red skin.

    BILLY: Maybe you’ll get some red pants for your birthday!

    SID: I’ve suckled Satan’s moobs and they taste of Jamesons.

    IVD: *inserts a coin in IVD’s tip slot*

    Hurry back. We miss you.

    BOCK: Dem Mongs is deranged.

    FN: I thought Flint, MI was Hell.

  19. I do not sin. I am sin-free.

    I am a good girl.


    Hell, I can't even convince my damn self!

  20. AWA: You’re not doing a very good job convincing us either!

  21. Can that poor fellow breath??

  22. MyTOES: I should certainly hope not. He wouldn't be getting his money's worth then.

    Where have you been, MyToes? Haven't heard from you in a long time.

  23. Summer is always a busy time for me. What happened to the sign, "No Fat Chicks?" I can't imagine the air is too sweet down there!

  24. MyToes: I'll bet you're too busy in the summer showing off your feet!

    Welcome back!