Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tazzy and Piggy’s Glory Hole

Here we are in Penistone, a small market town on the edge of Yorkshire’s Pennine hills.

And what’s that on the lower left corner of the stone?

Yes, indeed, it’s a gloryhole!

And look who’s here…

Everyone’s favourite homosexuals, Tazzy and Piggy!

Here’s a couple of pics of Piggy and Tazzy waiting for the punters…



What’s that muck on Piggy’s wee shoe?


  1. Yay! Cunting first!


    Besides, that hole is much too smll for either of us big boys.

  2. Piggy: Smll?

    What is "smll"?

    big penis = small brain

  3. smll=small

    big penis = big brain, but sometimes unable to coordinate fingers.

    Unless forming a grip around big penis.

    Like mine.

  4. Piggy: Aha! So you ARE wanking solo!

  5. I often had to go through Penistone station on the train to Sheffield.
    It was years before I discovered it was pronounced 'Pennystone'.

    Now I will just grin as I think of Pig and Taz and their dicks.

  6. Nasty little feckers.

    Not you Tatty and Piggy. I was referring to Canucks.

  7. Big brain doesn't count when it's surrounded by fluid.

    Big penis doesn't count, when measuring in millimeters. 9 mm is not the same as 9 inches.

  8. This nasty little fecker is just sitting this one out...

  9. *imagines large penis stone inserted in Piggy, with room to spare*

  10. Kaz: Ta for the pronunciation lesson. Imagine this ignorant Canuck in Manchester asking, "when is the next bus to Penis-stone, please? You've spared me the shame.

    Maidy: Stay on your side of the border, bitch.

    Awa: Have ya'll gone metric?

    Spikey: Coward. Get back here.

    SID: Room to spare for the contents of a rock quarry, one would imagine.

  11. I reckon if you keep using a stone glory hole, ya dicks gonna get smaller with wear.

  12. I wouldn't want to advertize that as my glory hole. It looks more like a pencil sharpener.

  13. Tickers and Pru: Pencil dick, then?

  14. Forgive me for being so blunt, but...
    The mess on Pigsy's Status Quo official fan club trainer is what he wiped off his todger after a bit of dirty manlove with Tazzy. It was unfortunate that there was no curtain available to mop it up on, like there is next to their bed at home.
    Obviously the word 'penis', even thoogh disguised, was too much for the Northern cunts to bear and they got all flustered and aroused.

  15. Steve: You filthy mong. I'd missed you 'til now.

  16. She lies.

    She didn't miss you at all.

    Like the rest of us.

  17. the horror of it all! the horror!

    *runs and hides behind couch*