Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dirty Girl Soap

Help is here!

*MJ buys a carton for Infomaniac*


  1. just a case? HA! Don't make me laugh.

    More like a pallets worth is needed.

  2. Spikey: Cheeky Canuck. How did you find me in the first place? I blame that American bitch Maidink.

    Maidy: Bitch. I'd slap you if you weren't preggers.

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  4. *holds hands up to head to look like a moose*

    Neener neener neeeeeeener


  5. Lookie everyone! SID is drinking ... again.

    Imagine, an Oirishman drinking.

    I'm floored.

  6. Spikey: Yep, and she's grown antlers so watch your step.

    FN: Bite-sized is great for washing out your mouth with soap. Just ask Spikey.

    Maidy: You're not supposed to be drinking.

    SID: We expect you to be drinking.

    I lek soap too. And Jamesons. But I don't mix them.

    Maidy: He's such a happy drunk. I love it when he's completely polaxed.

  7. I want some of that soap.

    You have now got so much credit in the clean bank - I dread to think what's going to happen on Friday!

  8. She can't catch me. Im not worried!

  9. And just what brought on all this new dedication to your own brand of cleanliness?

  10. Kaz: Hurry Friday! Bwaa haa haa!

    Spikey: Only because she's with child. She'll catch up with you when you least expect it.

    WW: Infomaniac's readers deserve a refreshingly clean break from the cesspool of filth you usually find here. It won't last long.

  11. I want some!!

    It's so darn cute!

    And after all, I am a 'dirty' girl...at least at heart.

    And NO snippy comebacks...k?

  12. I always knew we wer cool, MJ.

    Now iffin we can just off that piggy dude.

    I say let's place him in a pool of piss and see if he floats.

  13. wer mean were....too late at night and I so need to take my ass to bed with the hubster.

  14. Awa: And then there were two drunks on this blog.