Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Gin Jacuzzi

Gin never touches Mistress MJ's lips but apparently there's a demand for the stuff from British Jon and Mr. DeVice (wherever he's got to) and Mistress Maddie and Mitzi.

Introducing The Gin Jacuzzi!

Watch as Jon does a back-flip off the diving board...

This begs the question...

Should we or should we not keep the Vodka Fountain plugged in?


  1. A back-flip with my mouth open. And a slice of lime in hand. Jx

  2. Please keep the Vodka Fountain! Boxer may return!

  3. I'm leaving you Bitches to fight it out.

    Could someone please keep an eye on Jon in my absence?

  4. Oh dear gawd, Jon's gone all Father Jack on us.

    *makes sign of the cross and exits*

  5. But before I go, I would like to mention that our British Jon is the creator of the Gin Jacuzzi.

    It seems he's filled a niche here on Infomaniac.

  6. Kabuki don't do gin joints. Kabuki shall be playing in the vodka fountain.

  7. A Gincuzzi???
    A very nice ADDITION to the vodka fountain!

    1. You're slurring your words already, Blazng Scarlet!

  8. Fizzy, bubbly, astringent and smelling of juniper...just like my douche...

  9. *sneaks in the front door* Did someone say GIN???? I'll take one and then a quick swim with the other gin blossom.

  10. A quick plunge into some gin is always lovely, but it can hardly replace daily ablutions in the vodka fountain...

  11. I'll stick to the vodka fountain, it makes a Black Russian come alive.

  12. Oh brother! First the Tequila Gun, then the Vodka Fountain (or did the fountain came before the gun??? HAHA! That's a good one!!!)

    Anyway... What's it gonna be next time? A Whisky Water Slide, I s'poze?

    Hay Waiter, bring me a.....

    *looks furtively around the gincuzzi*
    *signs waiter to come closer*
    *whispers in waiter's ear*

    Bring me a flask of milk, please!

  13. Gin Gin where do I begin
    Having you inside me
    Is like an old friend popping in.

    Debbie Doonan, Beautiful People.

  14. I've updated the post to add Mitzi to our list of Gin Blossoms.

    And you'll all be pleased to know that Infomaniac has space enough for both a Vodka Fountain AND a Gin Jacuzzi.

    Has British Jon run off with the pool boy or is he passed out in the cabana?

  15. Kabuki still prefers his bathtub of absinthe. Usurpers indeed!

  16. I'll stay with my crate of Silvaner, thank you.

  17. Vodka and gin are both crucial ingredients for a Long Island Iced Tea. Don't ever forget that.